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11-18-2007, 08:58 AM
Hi all, just found this forum which looks great. I'm a UK Steelers fan from Newcastle upon Tyne, and have been a Pittsburgh fan since the mid 80's, having been one of those who got turned on to the game by the Channel 4 coverage from Super Bowl XX onwards.

I first got into the Steelers for no better reason than I liked the unusual helmet logo, but have since come to appreciate the team's great tradition and style of play. Mark Malone was QB when I first took an interest but I think the current team are the strongest I can remember. Roethlisberger certainly appears to be the best QB since Bradshaw and we have impressive strength across the roster. Have also been v impressed with Tomlin so far.

Being in the UK, I can get to see a handful of live games on Sky and Channel 5 (though Monday night games mean staying up to 5am!), and gratifyingly one of the main presenters on Sky, Nick Halling, is a Black and Gold fan. After years of watching us fall in the playoffs it was great to see us win the Super Bowl in Detroit on Sky - quite an emotional moment!

At present, I have to endure "watching" games that aren't shown in the UK by tracking play-by-play game progress on the NFL site, though I followed the last quarter against the Browns last week on here, which helped to get a better picture of what was going on in a very tight game!

I very much hope to get across to watch a game "in the flesh" some time soon - maybe next season - as the closest I've come to date was watching last season's game v Cincinatti in a sports bar in Manhattan. We lost but it was still great to watch the coverage in real time with a bunch of other Steelers fans and some beers!

Will be "watching" the Jets game on here tonight - let's go Steelers!

All the best!

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Cheers! :cheers: Welcome :tt02:

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Welcome to the board, gster! :cheers:

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Welcome home.

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Welcome to the SteelersFever family, gster.

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