View Full Version : About the Denver and Jets game...

11-18-2007, 06:50 PM
Obviously the donkeys had our number by stacking the run and making Ben beat them which didn't work. The Jets obviously watched that game film and made our running game obsolete and unproductive.

Our Offense has to recognize that type of pressure, protect, and stop making weak defenses look like Super Bowl teams. Ben and Arians have to recognize it and make adjustments, take the short routes underneath, run the screens to back the LBs up (eventually), and then open up the run game!

In all the games we've lost, yes our team was flat and didn't perform up to our standards but credit has to be given to those teams for bringing out their A-game and playing for 60 minutes - something we haven't done for the last 3, make it 4 now, games.