View Full Version : Talent wins my friends

11-20-2007, 02:05 AM
In this era of coaching and strategy and all the media bullcrap that feeds are brain, talent always stands out fellas. After talent is momentum. When you have those two things, you win games. What is killing our team this year is talent on our coverage and offensive line. Two areas that can burn you so badly that it doesn't matter how good your O or D is.

It is plain and simple that we are very thin on the o-line. Our line has completely disintegrated as the year has gone on. I was watching the Pats game and no one touches Tom Brady, ever. And when he has no one to throw to, he had 10 yards of free area, the basic game plan isnt hard. execute and play well. Our line isnt talented enough to do so. Mahan isnt Hartings, and our RT position is extremely weak. And once one position on that line is out of sink, it trickles down. And we have two spots on there that is really bad.

Coverage, I dont need to explain. Our coverage and special teams in general the last 2 year has cost us 5 games. That is absolutely horrifying. The old adage is SP is 1/3 of the game. That is a dumb adage to say the least. Special teams usually are 8 secs were usuage on average. so if you have 5 kickoffs, and 5 returns and 2 FGs for you and 2 FGs for the other team during a game, thats a little less then two min for special teams a game, which leaves 58 min for offense and defense. Special teams are what they are, special. They should never dictate an ENTIRE game just those few seconds.

The Steelers will have to finsh up the next 6 games like gang busters. Win out and we more then likely get the second seed. If we lose to the likes of the dolphins and rams, I would rather not waste my time watching them get bounced in the playoffs in the first round and just not make it and have them get a good draft pick for an OL. Then again, the Steelers lost, its gloom and doom and then after next week when we win, its "their the greatest team ever" haha