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11-23-2007, 05:08 PM
I'm surprised to see OSU/UM this high from an organization based in the southeast (Rivals is based out of TN) with such a heavy SEC influence.

10. Clemson vs. South Carolina
In a nutshell, this is city slickers vs. country folk. Because there are no pro sports in the state, it gives fans a long time to brag to their neighbors about the win.
9. Texas vs. Texas A&M
There are some Longhorns who would rather beat the Aggies than the Sooners. But there isn't an Aggie alive who would rather beat anybody than Texas.
8. BYU vs. Utah
is a nasty one – on the field and in the stands – and one reason is the religious overtones. Heck, it's called "The Holy War."
7. Army vs. Navy
How can fans not get caught up in the tradition and pageantry? At the same time, the game hasn't really mattered to those who don't have a stake since the early 1960s.
6. California vs. Stanford
"The Big Game." Yeah, OK. Still, at its core, it's smart private-school kids vs. smart public-school kids. Thus, at its core, it's all about class struggle!
5. Florida State vs. Miami
This has lost some luster because both programs have faded. At the same time, they're in the same league now, so it's become even more important.
4. Florida vs. Florida State
This was huge – huge – in the '90s, when both teams annually were in the national title hunt. It has lost some luster, but is still incredibly fierce and nasty.
3. Oklahoma vs. Texas
One of two games involving Texas on our list. "The Red River Shootout" is one of the last neutral-site games remaining. The Texas State Fair atmosphere adds to the intrigue.
2. Michigan vs. Ohio State
Once again this season, it was the game in the Big Ten. These teams have won or tied for the Big Ten title 32 times in the past 39 seasons.
1. Alabama vs. Auburn
"The Iron Bowl." For nastiness, this takes the cake. There are no pro sports in Alabama to take the spotlight off these programs.

Kansas and Missouri is missing, but the game never means anything to anybody outside the states of Kansas and Missouri.

11-23-2007, 05:19 PM
I was surprised that Florida/Georgia was left off the list.
I guess it's the 3-14 record UGA has against the gators lately.