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11-25-2007, 09:16 AM
Perfect = Best? it doesn't necessarily work that way.
Sunday, November 25, 2007
By Ed Bouchette, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

If the New England Patriots do finish 16-0 and then sweep three in the postseason with another Super Bowl victory, do they go down as the best NFL team ever?

The debate rages and some believe the mere fact they won every game should be reason enough to declare them the greatest team of all time. With that kind of thinking, can we declare the University of Hawaii the greatest college football team of all time if the Rainbows finish this season unbeaten?

It's not a black-and-white thing. You can argue for the Patriots being the best of all time without merely looking at their won-loss record. I would not agree with you, but you could try.

Personally, I think any of the Steelers' first four Super Bowl teams would squish the Patriots like ripe pumpkins. Also, these Patriots won't come close to putting nine players plus their coach into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. They may have one, Tom Brady.

The Patriots also play in a division where two teams, the Dolphins and Jets, have a combined record of 2-18 and the only other team, Buffalo, is 5-5.

Mike Tomlin is among those who think a team can win all of its games in one season.

"I believe it can be done," said Tomlin, whose team plays the Patriots in New England Dec. 9. "One thing this profession has taught me is that anything is possible. Somewhere in the back of my mind I'd like to dream about that being us one day."

The Patriots can clinch the AFC East Division championship with a victory over the Eagles tonight, which would make them 11-0.

Many think the Steelers have the best chance to derail New England's perfect season, but the New York Giants may have a better chance. The Giants play the Patriots in the final game of the season. That game will be played on Saturday at Giants Stadium.

New York likely will still have something to play for that day, either the NFC East title or a playoff spot or positioning in the post season. The Patriots will have everything wrapped up by then except a perfect season.

The question will be whether a perfect season will mean that much to Bill Belichick to keep his starters, especially quarterback Tom Brady, in the game long. Under almost similar circumstances, Bill Cowher rested starters and played others only briefly when he took his team to Buffalo for the finale in 2004. At 14-1, the Steelers had a chance to become the first AFC team in history to win 15 games. Many starters rested, and they still won.

11-25-2007, 10:34 AM
no way in hell they are better than the 70s steelers, 80s 49ers or maybe even the 90s cowboys. they just dont have the super stars at as many positions like those 3 teams did. brady and the belichick are the only shoo-in HOFers. moss is well on his way, but has been there only one season during their "dynasty". all the media will jump on and say they are, but they also benefited from playing in a pass friendly league. imagine swann and stallworth running down field without the defenders being allowed to lay a hand on them. plus they are the lease disrespected team out of all those teams. nobody outside of the media likes them one bit. people respected and enjoyed watching the steelers, 49ers and cowboys.

steel striker
11-25-2007, 05:48 PM
Well for one the pats don't run the ball well at all and, I know the way they are passing the ball why bother with the run. A good defense could make them one dementiional and, there defense is not as good as advertsied. Any of the steelers teams of the 70's were better. That fort niner team in 80's would give them something to think about as well. Plus I think Dallas had pretty good team as well in the 90's and trust me it is hard for me to admit that being a part of steelers nation. Again they are not the greatest team of all time there still is a lot of parity here in the nfl.