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12-02-2007, 04:11 PM
I plan on coming down from toronto to catch a Pitt bball game on dec 15th and then watching a steelers game the next day against jacksonville. But i'm not sure how many of us are going and won't know till a couple days before, so i'm wondering if you guys have any insight on how much it would cost me to buy a couple tickets together from scalpers for the Jville game?

I heard steelers tix are some of the most expensive in the league, so what do you figure is the cheapest i could get for that game? And do you think maybe i should wait till kickoff to get a significant discount from scalpers?


12-03-2007, 01:20 AM
Sorry, Mate

The Code of Conduct:

7. No illegal content.

Discussing the implications, ethics and other theoretical aspects of these subjects is acceptable, but promoting, advocating or providing specific details is not.

Unfortunately providing specific details would certainly entail giving price estimates on non-taxable tickets. Hate to be a prude, but thems the rules.

In Pennsylvania, ticket scalping is illegal to a certain extent

Prohibits resale of a ticket greater than its face value by anyone who is not properly licensed. Resale may not exceed 25% of face value, or $5 over face value, whichever is greater, for all entertainment events held in the state.


So I'd say expect to pay face value... anything else would be illegal :smile:

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