View Full Version : 12/02/07 Steelers vs Bengals Poem

12-04-2007, 11:24 PM
Deja vu in Pittsburgh on Sunday night
On a rain soaked field ready for another fight

Cincinnati would travel north for our 2nd annual meeting
Look for another win they were very badly needing

It wasn't looking good for our Steelers from the start
And the final score isn't the whole story, only a part

The Bengals struck first as others have before
But that would prove to be their easiest score

Carson couldn't complete passes and TJ kept on whining
Especially as their chances of winning kept declining

Hines Ward made some catches like he does in every game
But now Steelers top receiver can be put behind his name

Steelers did well till Willie couldn't keep his hands on the ball
But our defense came up big - the whole game they stood tall

The Bengals had some chances as the game neared zero
Chad Johnson thought he was going to be their hero

On 4th and 17 Chad ran out of bounds
Hey Ocho Cinco there are no 5th downs

We won this game without some key players
But that still won't quiet the nay sayers

Next game could be when that begins
As we go to Foxboro to play a team that keeps getting wins

New England - your scores keep getting closer each week
We'd love to help you say goodbye to that perfect streak!