View Full Version : Attention all Pittsburgher?s

12-10-2007, 01:59 PM
Attention all Pittsburgher?s,

Your hometown girl needs your help. Kristie moved to the Washington area 13 years ago, but has always remained true to her Steelers and hometown. We get back often to visit. Our car is plastered with Steelers stuff and we even have a Steelers flag for the front of the house.

Anyway she needs your help. She entered a radio contest here in the DC area called the Hannah House.
Registration is a little complicated, but free. Logon, click on ?Watch Now?, and watch Kristie battle it out with other contestants. Vote for Kristie, drop her a blog, cheer for her on the chat sessions. Come on Pittsburgh, I know you can do it. Forward this link to everyone you know, and tell them to do the same. I?m not from the Burgh, but I?ve been there 100 times visiting in-laws and I know you are a friendly, and tight knit bunch. Vote for Kristie and send that link out!!! Thanks!!!!