View Full Version : Diary of a rookie - continued

10-19-2005, 05:22 PM
I have not posted for a few weeks, mainly because of shock, leaving my NO players in when they were so obviously under par was an awful decision. At least having 2 of the top defences in the league has been justified - Colts and Bears.

I have really tweaked my team a lot lately, desperately trying to find a WR and K who can score some points for me. Lelie, Burleson and Wayne have been a nightmare as for Nugent the less said........

Fitzgerald at Arizona has been ok but has only had 1 game where he has had enough passes thrown to him, coming off their bye week there is now debate as to who the QB will be. McCowan may be raw but at least he does not have his eyes watching for blitzes all day rather than attempting to comple a pass.

I'm now carryiong 3 QB's trying to determine the right games to maximise point potential and have been lucky enough to get Tatum Bell to replace McCallister. Gates has been a little weak with LT running a one man show for the Chargers.

Overall I have to be happy with a 5-1 record though......it is all downhill from here on in :rolleyes: