View Full Version : Who Here Went To The PIT-NE Game?

12-11-2007, 11:35 PM
If you went to the game, I had a few questions.
If you had a moment, would you mind answering?

1) Were there a lot of PIT fans there?
-How many, what % would you say were PIT fans?

2) Was this the normal amount?
-If, not what is?
-Was this more, or less?

3) How were the PIT fans?
-Loud or quiet?

4) How were the NE fans?

5) Most importantly, how did this compare to when PIT as at other places?
-Was this one of the lowest turnouts for PIT on the road?
-Compared to when PIT is at
-How was this turnout?
-Better than all, some?

6) How did this compare to when NE is at PIT?
-Did PIT bring a comparable amount of vocal fans to NE as NE has at PIT?
-Or does NE have a lot more fans in PIT with much better treatment there?

-How does Gillette compare to Heinz?
-Is NE very passionate and into or is more bandwagon, what is the experience and fans like compared?

7) On TV, I was shocked.
-It appeared there were A LOT of PIT fans.
-Not too big alone, but in the context way too many.
-I would have expected that PIT would have had a some fans, but not a lot of fans in NE given the Pats epic run.
-I would think with this record Pats tickets would be impossible to get with hardly any road fans, including PIT.
-While PIT is well traveling I would think this would limit any sizable amount they brought, and make it hard to tell if there any more than normal for a road club.

-After all, the Red Sox are on a tear, and you can?t find any, or much less than normal, amount of road fans.

-I would have thought this would have been the case for the Pats.
-Was this the case?
-If not, why?
-Is NE just not as passionate like it is for the Red Sox or PIT?

8) Lastly, do ALL PIT teams travel well in the BOS area?
-Or is this just Steelers?

-If so, why?
-Is PIT just a football town OR are there a lot PIT transplants in NE?