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12-18-2007, 08:46 AM
Tomlin's Take: Press conference quotes
By The Tribune-Review
Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tomlin on ...

Whether the Steelers' last two games take on a greater importance because of playoff implications.

"It's funny to me how people put a different emphasis on these games because the playoffs pictures become clearer. That would be mental weakness if you ask me. You need to feel the same urgency in week two because those games are factors in where we are right now and that's what I've said repeatedly over the course of the year and I mean what I say. We play 16 games that are all very important. We've got to live in the moment."

I agree...the Cardinals, Broncos and Jets were all big games and they blew it it. Win just 1 of those games and the division is pretty much a guarantee coach.

What positives the Steelers can take out of their 29-22 loss to the Jaguars.

"I'm not really searching for positives in that we need a pick-me-up. I expect these guys to be more mentally tough than that. It's a black-and-white business, it's a bottom-line business. There were positives in the game and we all know that. But there are no moral victories in regards to (rallying from a 15-point, fourth-quarter deficit)."

Good. No delusions there.

Where the Steelers stand after back-to-back losses.

"Do we feel good about where we are right now? Absolutely not. Would we feel better if we maybe started the season 1-4 as opposed to 4-1 and we're sitting here at 9-5? We probably would. That is the mental toughness element of this game, and that's why you've just got to singularly focus and live in a tunnel, if you will. We cannot ride that emotional roller-coaster."

Although some emotion would be good...actually any at all would be appreciated.

How Troy Polamalu, who had 10 tackles against the Jaguars, played Sunday.

"Troy was active, he really was. He made some plays. We saw some of the things you miss when you don't have a guy like him. When (Jaguars quarterback David) Garrard broke out of the pocket and was seemingly going to scramble for a first down, Troy came across the field and tackled him just short of the first down. He's capable of plays like that. We expect him to get better and better as he continues to play."

Imagine how pathetic the D would have been without him on Sunday. Scary.

Whether the Steelers would have fared better against the run Sunday had they had defensive end Aaron Smith, who is out for the rest of the season because of an arm injury.

"Every team that we compete against deals with the same things we do. We can sit here and talk about the unavailability of Aaron Smith, but (Jacksonville) played without (defensive tackle Marcus) Stroud, they played without (linebacker Mike) Peterson on their defense."

Good again. No excuses for the swiss cheese D.

tony hipchest
12-18-2007, 09:06 AM
Good again. No excuses for the swiss cheese D.


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