View Full Version : 12.20.07 Steelers vs Rams

12-21-2007, 09:59 AM
On a night where we played in the Edward Jones Dome
So much black and gold you might have thought we were at home

Was it really St Louis? Or Pittsburgh, Missouri?
Wherever we were we needed a win in a hurry

The Steelers struck first then the Rams took their turn
This was a win the Steelers would have to earn

They lost Willie Parker early on in the night
But Najeh Davenport proved he was ready for this fight

Not much later Daniel Sepulveda shocked us all
A 32 yard pass proves he can also throw a ball

A perfect passer rating for our punter and our quarterback
And after several weeks our defense even got a sack

Our defense wasn?t perfect but they still got it done
Ike Taylor returned an interception to help ensure that we won

With 10 days off and no football to play
We will all become Bengals fans this coming Sunday

So, as Ben said ?Carson win it for me?
That will help determine where our playoff spot will be

Steelers must now focus on going to Baltimore
After earlier this season the Ravens want to even the score

A Steelers win ensures a playoff seed is theirs to keep
And an added bonus is an AFC North sweep!

12-21-2007, 10:04 AM
Nice work SGTN7.