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02-05-2008, 12:34 AM
If you can get a chance watch channel 620 (CSNE) on Direct TV "Road to Perfection" (It's on now) It's a replay of last nights broadcast from NE's camp.The beauty is 98% of the interviews are with the Cheatriots players, they all have the same look on their face.

This is going to haunt this team for a long time and you know that really breaks my heart. :toofunny:

Question to Randy Moss:

Q: When you do look back what are your best memories of this past season?

MOSS: after a lonnnnnnnnnnng pause "I don't really know"

Q: There's no good memories even though you went 18-0

MOSS: "Nothing happened in the regular season that even mattered man cause we didn't finish it up so basically nothing really matters."

They were taking about how this SB and the Rams/NE SB parallel each other. When NE went in and smacked around the Rams. The only difference is that walk through was video taped and this one wasn't.

Good thing the Cheatriots and the Red Sox's didn't try to patent the term"City of Champions!" Kraft is going to save a bundle.

Don't know if yinz have heard that the Giants arrived at the stadium in black on black suits and I guess it had a lot of people puzzled. Last night one of the Giant's players told the NE broadcaster they were dressed for a funeral.... GOOD ONE!!