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02-05-2008, 03:15 PM
Hey Elvis, tried replying to your PM, but it says you have an option set to not recieve PM's from other users...so, here goes. Perhaps email would work better.

Hi Elvis,

http://www.gimptalk.com/ << That is one of the best sites out there for Gimpers.

I'm not sure what your experience level is for programs such as these, but "brushes" can be found here from Deviant:


There are many simple beginner tutorials on GimpTalk, so follow them to the letter first time around, and then as you get more comfortable with various tools and techniques, you can start to get creative. It's fun stuff!

Took me about 6 months to master it all, but I was pretty much on my own - didn't find GimpTalk and stuff till much later. Again, it's not easy, you'll probably be a bit overwhelmed at first, but stick to it and you'll enjoy it.

Tutorials are your friends. :wink02:

ANY questions at all, send me a message, and I'll try to help you out. I've developed a few tricks of my own trade over the year.

Good luck brother! Hope to see some of your creations soon.


02-14-2008, 09:07 AM
Thanks steelman.. I think that I fixed that with my not being able to accept emails. I hope so anyway.