View Full Version : Blast Furnace Guidelines - Please Read

02-11-2008, 09:09 PM
There has been some confusion lately about what exactly is permissable in the Blast Furnace and what isn't, so the folks responsible for board management have conferred and come up with the following:

1. Excessive F-bombs are not permitted. Mild cursing is allowed, but the F-bombs have to stop as we have noticed that sort of language bleeding into the other forums recently.

2. No pornography and/or strongly sexually suggestive material (both photographic and animated).

3. No racist and/or hate speech material.

4. No threats of any kind.

5. No illegal content, including:

A. Material concerned with illegal drugs and drug use.

B. Material concerned with making weapons and explosives or committing crimes.

C. Pirated software, music, or other media, including modern commercial game emulation, file sharing networks and ways of circumventing copy protection.

Any member violating the above will immediately be infracted and repeat offenders will be issued a 30 day ban or if the situation warrants, a permanent ban.

6. Finally, we tend to let a bit more go in the Blast Furnace as far as debating and flaming are concerned, as long as nothing is over the line in regards to 1-5. We would appreciate everyone's understanding and cooperation in upholding these standards. Thank you.

Steelers Fever Management