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02-12-2008, 04:26 PM
it's on the nfl site, has some other news on other players as well. i guess this would be a site to keep up with offseason moves and rumors..


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Redskins' Offseason: Now It's On
REDSKINS NOTEBOOK: Players Just Pleased to Have Coach
Talking Points -- Feb. 11
Snyder and Cerrato are working to renegotiate a dozen or so contracts, with the team roughly $16 million over the salary cap. It's an annual ritual -- converting base salaries to bonuses for cap savings -- and undoubtedly the Redskins will be left with room under the salary cap to add players.

Numerous league sources, including some with direct knowledge of conversations between Snyder, Cerrato and recent head coaching candidates, have affirmed that the Redskins have interest in trading for Cincinnati wide receiver Chad Johnson, with two league sources saying Johnson is eager to land a hefty new contract from Washington.

Acquiring an elite receiver is Snyder's top priority, league sources said. The Bengals have said they have no intention of trading Johnson, but his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, is working quietly to broker a deal, the sources said.

The Redskins also are expected to again pursue Chicago linebacker Lance Briggs, another Rosenhaus client they attempted to trade for last offseason.

Most of the needs on defense -- particularly on the line -- will likely be addressed in the draft, which is what newly promoted defensive coordinator Greg Blache is pushing for, team sources said. Blache has also contacted several veterans -- cornerback Shawn Springs and tackle Cornelius Griffin among them, according to team sources -- to inform them they remain in his plans.

Some change is inevitable, though. Interviews with candidates for the Redskins' head coaching job, as well as with team and league sources, give a sense of the Redskins' preliminary plans.

02-12-2008, 04:38 PM
Leave it up to Daniel Snyder to sign this cancer. Then he wonders why he can't buy a Super Bowl.

Myron Cope put it best....

"If that boy billionaire [Daniel Snyder] thinks he can shut me up, he should stick his head in a can of paint." :tt02:

02-12-2008, 05:26 PM
Leave it up to Daniel Snyder to sign this cancer. Then he wonders why he can't buy a Super Bowl.

Myron Cope put it best....

"If that boy billionaire [Daniel Snyder] thinks he can shut me up, he should stick his head in a can of paint." :tt02:

:sofunny::sofunny::sofunny: Listen to Myron I say to Mr. Snyder.

02-12-2008, 06:59 PM
if the skins do get him where are they getting the money???/// they have so many big names on there team.. and they did just go out 2 yrs ago to get lloyd and randle el.

02-12-2008, 07:02 PM
Randle El has been all of the reciever that CJ has this past season for the Redskins. It would be a stupid idea to go after Chad, I don't see too much wrong with the way Snyder runs that team. It is his franchise after all, he can do what he wants and they are a pretty decent team. But they are like 20 Mil over the cap already lol.

02-12-2008, 07:02 PM
The Skins are in cap trouble already. I don't know how they are gonna be able to pay CJ what he wants.

That said I'd be thrilled to have him go to the Skins. That way I won't have to see his lame ass crap twice a year.

02-12-2008, 07:15 PM
That said I'd be thrilled to have him go to the Skins. That way I won't have to see his lame ass crap twice a year.

I would also be thrilled to see him flipping out on Jason Campbell and Joe Bugel while watching that team implode from the inside because they wanted to take a gamble on Chad Johnson becoming a born again.

Rhee Rhee
02-13-2008, 11:32 PM
good send him to the skins for a HUGE deal... just watch as he becomes the next in a line of many recievers to SUCK in washington... lloyd, randle el, moss

02-14-2008, 12:27 AM
Yeah, not gonna happen.

From Marvin Lewis:
"They can stop the presses, quit killing trees and move on to other things," Lewis said of the Johnson media orgy. "There is, at no point, anyone in the Bengals organization who has ever uttered anything about trading Chad Johnson. Nor will he be traded.

"Our player, we know, is very passionate about the game. He continues to play at a very, very high level. He's been very, very productive. We're conscious of that. He's been well compensated."

In the wake of Tuesday's Washington Post story that revealed the Redskins' interest in trading for Johnson, Lewis sent a message to old friend Dan Snyder, the Redskins owner, through the front door.

"There is no such thing as behind-the-door deals in the NFL," Lewis said. "That will not occur because the team in question is not willing to trade their player. Nor have they thought about trading their player. Nor have they discussed trading their player. Nor will they discuss trading their player."

Lewis hasn't personally spoken to Johnson since the final game of the season, but he said others from the club have. Assistant strength coach Ray Oliver, for instance, spent time with Johnson at last week's Pro Bowl.

Although he wouldn't elaborate on who, Lewis feels Johnson is feeling external pressures.

"It's unfortunate for Chad that he is being cast in this light. It's really not fair. So once again I will go on record in defense of him," Lewis said. "We've had a great relationship. All I want to do is see Chad continue to be a very, very productive NFL player and help us win a lot of football games. That's not going to change."

Lewis said he believes Johnson can come back into the locker room after going public with his trade demands and general overall unhappiness, and cited the case of Michael Strahan's holdout before he helped the Giants win the Super Bowl.

"I think everyone in the NFL realizes that contracts and these kind of things unfortunately can be a big part of what the game is all about," Lewis said. "What you have to do as a football team is you have to learn to put some of that aside and not really worry about those things and you go back to work as a football team and move forward. And that happens in how many cases?

"The Giants just won a Super Bowl with maybe their best defensive player who was contemplating supposedly retirement. He came back, he didn't get paid any more money and he just played. That's the way it is."

Lewis also denied a story in which a source close to Johnson said that Lewis stopped talking to him in the second half of the season. Even though media members saw Lewis at least talking to him on the field before practices.

"Any of you who have been around here knows differently because you watched it," he said. "Hell, there was a picture in the paper. That was in the second half of the season, right? When it was my fault because he does what he does."

Lewis said he went through a similar problem with perception when head coaching jobs opened up in places where he had previously coached, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Washington, and his name surfaced even though he signed a five-year contract after the 2005 season. Johnson is signed through 2011.

"I wish people would understand. It was the same thing with me," Lewis said. " 'You're going to Pittsburgh, you're going here, there.' I have a contract, and nobody is going anywhere. This is not pick up my Pixie sticks and move on. It doesn't work that way. With any of us ... it isn't that way (in the NFL), so I wish people would believe it wasn't that way."

02-16-2008, 11:02 AM
Apparently Tom Cruise is Daniel Snyder's "auditor"...


I guess when you blow millions on trying to buy a championship you will try anything? Daniel, good luck with travling along "the Bridge to Total Freedom".

02-16-2008, 05:21 PM
Let's see. So Chad is an ass and punches coaches when he WANTS to be a Bengal, and, now that he may very well NOT want to be a Bengal anymore, he's going to be a better team player and easier to get along with?

Holy Christ, how strong is the LSD they MUST be putting in the water supply down in Cincy, anyway?