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Dino 6 Rings
02-25-2008, 11:51 AM
I wrote this in August of Last year. I sent it to my friends, but wanted to share it with all my knew Forum Friends. Enjoy.

Why I Love Football

1. 3rd and Inches. Everyone in the stadium knows that the big running back is going to get the ball and head straight up the middle. The little old lady with the foam finger who is at the game because its what her dead husband would have wanted, knows who's getting the ball. The hot dog vendor who hates football but is getting paid kind of good money to be there for a few hours once a week, knows who's getting the ball. The Cop standing on the upper deck, who has been to the last 37 home games as "security", knows who's getting the ball. The Defense knows, the offense knows and the 6 year old kid in the jersey 3 sizes too big that he'll "grow into", knows who's getting the ball. The ball is snapped, the big running back gets the ball, hits the line of scrimmage and suddenly, wham! breaks a tackle and the crowd roars as the 3rd and 1 turns into a foot race toward the endzone down the center of the field. The defensive backs, who knew who was getting the ball, look at each other as they try to chase down the big man. The crowd roars, standing as one with a jolt of electricity, the little old lady looks to heaven to see her husband smiling down, the hot dog vendor says out loud "these people are all nuts" but smiles as he looks at the television monitor and sees that big guy in home colors running down the middle of the field, the Cop smiles cause a win means less negative energy and less work for him and the 6 year old kid, who just watched his first live game, falls in love for the first time.

2. The go to guy. He's the tall fast guy lined up outside. He's the receiver that's been making big plays all day long. He's the guy that has made your defensive backs look like children for the last 50 minutes, and now with 10 minutes left, a 3rd and 25 from their own 10 yard line, guess who's going to make your guys look foolish again. That's right, the go to guy. He's the guy that has a replica of his own jersey in his closet at home, he's the guy that every other fan for every other team hates, but wishes they had. He's the guy that smiles all game long, but on this play is grinning ear to ear because this play, this impossible odds play, this never in a million years will they convert this play, is HIS entire reason for living. The ball is snapped, the go to guy smiles even wider and even says out loud to the corner back, "get ready" the safety comes over the top to help because they can't allow this go to guy to beat them on this play, not now, not this time, the QB looks right, but everyone knows he's faking, he looks left, and spots his man, after a quick stutter step, get around the cornerback. Then he sees the safety come over the top, for a fraction of a second he considers looking right again but instead, trusts his instincts and trusts his go to guy. The QB heaves the ball, 20 yards down field it happens, 3 men jump for the same ball at the same time, it comes down, and the go to guy's hands are that much stronger, his arms that much longer, his leap that much higher and he comes down with the ball. But that's not what makes him the go to guy. After he lands, he spins and faces up-field, the safety lays a hit on him, he shrugs it off, back peddles a step and steps forward twice. The Corner grabs the back of his jersey, pulling him, but the go to guy takes another step, lunges forward with the ball extended in his vice like hands and before his knee touches the ground has it past the marker. First down!

3. The hit that ends the game. It happens toward the end of every game. Whether a blow out or a close knuckle biter. There is the "Hit" that ends the game. It usually happens in a high pressure situation, a 3rd and long, a 4th and all or nothing. The defense has been put on the field to "win the game". Its up to them to finish the deal because the offense had to punt instead of killing the clock. The other team takes the field and thinks for a while they are going to score. They drive down the field, a screen pass here, a run there, a drag pattern over the middle here, and then it happens, just as the offense thinks its has a chance, and has the momentum back, the Hit comes. It can come from anywhere, it can be the blitzing line-backer from the outside crushing the QB from behind hitting him so hard his eyes splinter after a "look-out" block from a slow tackle sets his QB up for failure. It can come from the free safety who all game has been waiting for the post route that you beat him on earlier and there it is, the QB sends the ball down the middle of the field to his inside receiver who is looking back for the ball and doesn't see the FS bearing down on him like a killer shark toward a wounded seal. It can come from that corner back who is so tired of being ran on from the outside and having to battle pulling guards that he steps up and blitzes on the snap of the ball and meets the running back sweep in the backfield, head on just as the running back secures the ball into his chest and looks up to see the blazing eyes of hatred of the corner about to put him into a new level of pain. It can come from anywhere, and when it comes, everyone knows it. "SMACK!" that crack! that smashing sound, that crowd jarring, "oooohhhh holy crap" hit that ends the game. After that hit, everyone knows its time to just call it a day. Nobody wants hit like that again. Game over. Thanks for coming, here's a running play to run out the clock, or here's a pass play that no one will be going full speed on or heck, maybe the offense decides to be smart and just take a knee, because the "Hit" has come.

4. The Big Return. No one ever sees it coming. Everyone knows about, we all see the highlights of it, and we day dream every single time we see our guy back there take a punt or kick off, "take it to the house" but do we really believe it'll happen? It might not be called "Special Teams" if it did happen everytime. That's what makes it so awesome. Out of nowhere, people have gotten up to stretch during the change of possession. Maybe some have headed to the bathroom, maybe to the vendor, maybe just sitting down and talking about the play that lead to this special teams moment. The ball is in the air, the wedge is set, the wall takes shape, the wedge busters make contact, our guy doesn't fair catch and instead he plays the ball. Its on. First guy misses after a quick step to the left. The next guy goes for the big hit instead of a clean tackle and bounces off the shoulder, our guy stumbles but wait, he's still on his feet and heading up field. The crowd looks to the field as a hush falls over everyone paying attention, the tension for a split second is felt by everyone in the stadium, can he really do it? He heads left, or right, or down the middle but you see the lane! Everyone sees the lane! He sees the lane! Just get past that one guy! There he goes! 3 seconds after catching the ball he's into the lane. It happens that quick, but the crowd sees it now, and they stand as one and shout! He's down the lane, the kicker dives at him, gone, he's gone down the sideline! The safety was too slow, cut wrong at the 50 and now our guy is hoofing down the side line with the ball in hand, no flags! no flags! no flags! he's going to do it! The entire stadium erupts in a madness as they realize the Special play they have all just witnessed. He crosses the end zone, the fireworks go off, the crowd gets one decibel louder and the cheerleaders start doing back flips and cartwheels! The band kicks up the music and the guy who went to the bathroom knows what he missed as he hears the massive explosion of joy and swears to never leave his seat again in fear he'll miss it the next time that return gets taken to the house!

Dino 6 Rings
02-25-2008, 11:52 AM
5. The Upset. No one predicted it. No one even picked the game on their weekly sheets because it was going to be that bad. The big dog was going to wipe the field with the little guy and eat their lunch, steal their cheerleaders and knock down their stadium. The game was going to be over before kick-off, the other team shouldn't even bother to show up, that's how bad it is going to be. But then you notice it. On the ticker, on the bottom of your screen on tv, or on the ticker in the stadium of the other game your at, or maybe, maybe you're that one guy who even though you knew there was no point in going cause the little guy had zero chance, you went to the game live anyway. But you see it. Underdog 7, Favorite 0. You think, "well that won't last." and the games go on. Then later, it happens, a highlight, "fumble! the defense picks up the ball and runs it back to the house! Underdog 14, Favorite 7." you think, nah, it can't last, they really can't be the big dog...but you look for it on the tv anyway, do a search for Underdog and Favorite and there it is, on an obscure sports channel you forgot you received as part of that package you pay for. Interesting. You turn it on. Favorite drives down field and scores before the halve, ties it up 14 - 14. "See, it can't happen" and you go back to your game. Later you notice, Underdog 24 - Favorite 14, highlight "Takes the punt, turns left, up the side line! who knew they had someone this fast on their team at Underdog! There he goes Touchdown" 31 - 14! No freaking way, no way, that can't freaking happen! Favorite comes on late, scores 2 quick touchdowns, by now you've called everyone you know and told them, "Man, turn on Underdog vs Favorite, you won't believe this game!" 31-28 time winding down, favorite has the ball. They have to win, no way they can lose this came, it just can't happen, ball at their own 40, dive play, 3 yards, 2nd and 7. Screen pass, 6 yards, driving, 3rd and 1 ball at the 49. Hand-off, off tackle, stumble, hit in the back field! 4th down! 4th and 3! no way, can underdog do it? time out offense. That is Favorite's last time out! everyone back on the field. 4th and 3, this is the game, 45 seconds left. Favorite's QB drops back, looks left, fires the ball to his big receiver, just a little high, he leaps...off the finger tips incomplete!!! No Flags!!! They Did it! Little Guy Did it! Oh my goodness! The fans storm the field, take to the goal posts! They come down, the one guy who went to the game is riding higher than he's ever been in the moment of euphoria realizing in that one moment, for one day, for one game, they Underdog, were the champions of the world! Everyone the next day "watched that entire game" but you know that's just water cooler talk. However you did watch the 4th quarter. you did see that last drive and you did for one brief moment get to enjoy the moment with all the other underdogs.

02-25-2008, 12:57 PM
Great story line - but I think you have too much time on your hands (but then again some people think I do too).

Dino 6 Rings
02-28-2008, 08:03 PM
I wrote that right before last season when I was dying for football.