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02-27-2008, 10:30 AM
Living in Maryland I didn't know your name
But I loved the Steelers just the same
I took that 3 hour trip up the turnpike
To see that I team that you like

I didn't understand your voice
But I came to listen by meer choice
I learned a new language that day
You taught me all the 'Burgh things to say

But today there is no joy

02-27-2008, 10:41 AM
Re: RIP Myron cope 1929-2008


Ode to Myron

Looking towards the end zone, from a hundred yards away.
Did you know
so long ago
The role that you would play.

Each step would take you closer..across that hallowed green
To became a part
of Pittsburgh's heart
the likes we'd never unseen.

You walked with pride and knowledge, to the 50 yard midfield
and left behind
each word and line
your legacy would yield.

and finally ..the endzone....you reached the vaunted goal
The Steelers glory
contains your story...
...Not complete without your role

And now we'll miss your presence, and Pittsburgh's heart is torn.
The heavenly crown you hold
is black and gold..
we know...but still will mourn.

(Thanks stlrtruck)

02-27-2008, 10:43 AM
wow idk what to say. RIP myron. this is terrible

03-16-2008, 12:12 PM
This was emailed to me:

Ode To Myron
By Dave Crawley

Remember those plays from long ago days?
Which was your ultimate choice?
Those were the teams we'll remember in dreams.
And we'll always remember "The Voice."

Like gravel on grit. Yet, somehow it fit
A team that struggles and sweats.
In a city of steel that demands the real deal,
Myron Cope was as real as it gets.

"Okle dokle!" he cried, as Stallworth went wide.
He invented the name for "The Bus,"
And coined the "Steel Curtain." One thing is certain:
He always will be one of us.

"Yoi!" he would cry as Ben took to the sky.
"Double yoi!" as Hines made the catch.
For 35 years he led us in cheers,
With a towel that no team could match.

With electrified verve, he struck the right nerve
To elicit the passion we crave.
And as we go back on our memory track,
May that Terrible Towel yet wave.

We'll never forget that we owe a great debt
To the sportsman who brought us such joy.
Though we're not sure just when, we'll see you again.
But, until then, "Triple yoi!"