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10-31-2005, 03:12 PM
and the "gap" is starting to widen (between the teams with a chance
to go to the playoffs and the teams going nowhere this year). I
spent some time this weekend watching other teams play and am
generally unimpressed.

Realizing that there's still a lot of football left (and there's
always the potential for injuries):

* What teams do you think are going "somewhere?"

* What teams are you "afraid of?" (What teams scare you the most
when you think of them - at this point of the season - playing the
Steelers in the post season?)

* What players have caught your eye?

Some random thoughts on what I saw today:

* Buffalo blew a great chance to win
* The Eagles have a lot of flaws and if anything else happens to
McNabb they're finished
* The Redskins looked very overrated
* Brett Favre should have hung up his cleats last year
* Culpepper's injury is unfortunate but that team was already DOA
* The Chargers looked like they could blow another one in the 4th
quarter (I believe they've taken leads into the 4th Qtr in every
game this year and they've lost 4 of them) - with LT as their RB why
does Marty have Breese throwing the ball so dang often?
* The Bengals looked very beatable - if only Favre didn't throw FIVE

Livinginthe past
10-31-2005, 03:56 PM
My post-season picks are (not in seeded order)


New England


NY Giants

Players who have caught my eye:

Robert Mathis (Colts) - twin threat with Dwight Freeney looks devastating - will it continue against proper opposition?

Carson Palmer (Bengals) - mostly composed in the pocket, making the right decisions (mostly) - looks like a young Bledsoe to me.

Willie Parker (Steelers) - Juggernaut start to the season, always capable of a breakway big run.

Jake Plummer (Broncos) - A previous posterboy for erratic QB play has been model of consistency so far this year

Eli Manning- Settled well in NY - still learning but looks the real deal.

Chicago Bears D - this whole unit has been playing tough all year and keeping an impotent offense in games long enough to compete.

Drew Bledsoe - reminds me of an old Carson Palmer......

Mike Vick - still cant pass worth a damn.

I like the Chargers - but if they choke this bad in the regular seson...what are they going to be like come playoff time? As it happens I dont think they will make it - tough schedule.


10-31-2005, 04:25 PM
Jake Plummer has caught my eye, as well as both backs in Denver. Denver actually scares me a bit.
I am not as impressed with the Colts as everyone else is. I believe thier defense is overrated, and they haven`t really played anyone yet. Also I hate to disagree, but I`m not so sure the "gap" is starting to widen. There are way to many teams caught in the middle. I do think that the Steelers are on the high side of the "gap" , my problem is that there are so many terrible teams, that I`m not sure who is good. Look at our schedule. In our last ten games we play, Balt- twice, cleve-twice, GB,Det, Minn,If we won just those sevn games, and no more, we would be 11-5. Would that make us good??? The so called parity in the NFL, is starting to fall apart. I think its because we have a watered down league, 32 teams is to much, and if we add more the league will suffer.
As Steelers fans we are lucky to have a great front office, with great scouts, and a great head coach. Be glad we are not cleve.

tony hipchest
10-31-2005, 07:38 PM
couldnt agree more on denver. pittsburgh doesnt need to see denver and indy get the bye weeks and homefield advantage. denver is really solid right now and it looks like plummer is buying into the roethlisberger formula. "just steer the ship"

11-01-2005, 04:13 AM
To go back to the "GAP" widening. Good example last night. We won, but I really don`t think that we widen the Gap.

11-01-2005, 08:35 AM
I'll got against the grain here...but Im not really worried about denver as much as everyone I guess. the ir defense is ok, but it can be exploited... and all you really need to do is put ur best guy one on one with rod smith and stack the line against the run...

other teams cant do it because they just dont have the horses to stop the run like we do. I just dont think denver is legit, just yet. they could be but we'll see..