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03-07-2008, 09:48 PM
I'm in my 8th year of franchise and the last 2 years of my team were amazing.
My team was really good and I had great seasons, but the problem is that my players are getting too good, too fast.
Too good.
They all starting holding out on me so what I did was try and resign some of my players to 7 year contracts in order to free up some cap room.
These guys that I resigned wanted more money because they were so much better, so for that year I was fine.

But then all the sudden, next year at the beginning of the offseason, I have -29 mill cap room.

At first I was just like- wtf you serious man?
And then I realized it was because I resigned so many players, and their salary for each year goes up each year a little bit.

So in my 5th year of franchise I had ridiculously good players- in every position I had the BEST in the league, but then I couldn't afford them anymore and it's become a cycle where I can't even draft anymore! (I have no cap room so I trade my draft picks for players)

What can I do about this to stop the cycle?


03-07-2008, 09:51 PM
cut ppl... lol

03-08-2008, 07:46 AM
cut ppl... lol

Ya, basically that's all you can do.

From the sounds of it you're pretty good at the game, so losing some high rated guys probably won't kill you.

What I would do is cut my losses with some of those guys and replace them with mid-level free agents or draft picks.

What you want to do is find guys who don't necessarily have a high overall rating, but are rated high in the stat areas where they are going to do what you need from them.

If you like to blitz with the OLBs then look for guys with some decent speed and acceleration. Maybe a guy with a DECENT finesse or power move rating. You're probably not going to get guys with a ranking so high they have a "weapon."

For example, Paul Poz from PSU is fitting in NICELY at ROLB for me. He doesn't cost a lot but gets off the edge quick. He's only an 80 overall in my game, but he is, for some reason, an INT and sack machine.

I'd love to have a Merriman, but hey... sometimes guys who are a lot worse fill in nicely.

Depending on what kind of system you run, you don't need SUPERSTARS to be successful at certain positions. If you are running a 3-4, you don't need All Pros in the front 7. Take a huge guy at DT with good strength and guys at DE who are sound tacklers. You don't need your DEs to get sacks.. just to suck up linemen and stop the run.

Let your linebackers get the sacks, so get some guys who are young and quick. I'm leading the league in run defense with Pozluzny, Demeco Ryans, some 3rd round pick that's a 75, and Boss Bailey.

Think of some of your positions as positions. A lot of guys can fill the hole... and a lot of those guys don't cost a lot.

You're gonna take some cap damage for releasing guys or trading them, but the overall longevity of the team will be in MUCH better shape.

The Duke
03-08-2008, 12:53 PM
For example, Paul Poz from PSU is fitting in NICELY at ROLB for me.

I got Poz for the same reason , he was cheap and replaced harrison, he and woodley were both sack machines

and if you really need cap space then hire coaches and training staffs that are bad lol, works sometimes . and don't waste money upgrading your stadium

but yeah, cut people, you don't need stars on every position, i made william gay(who was like a 72 overall) and a mr irrelevant corner I drafted into very good cbs

03-08-2008, 04:43 PM
u could always go play online...