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11-03-2005, 11:58 AM
This summer, Hines Ward missed 15 days of training camp to protest his contract. He's a four-time Pro Bowl player who would have earned $1.7 million in 2005 if the Steelers hadn't given him a new four-year deal worth $25.8 million six days before the regular-season opener. Depending on which list you consult, the $1.7 million would have ranked him somewhere between 11th and 35th among all NFL receivers.

Most reasonable people can agree that Ward is worth more over the course of a season than what Sean "Diddy" Combs pays Farnsworth Bentley to carry his parasol.

At various points last off-season, Javon Walker, Reuben Droughns, Antonio Gates, the annual subset of rookie first-round picks, and of course, Terrell Owens, dipped their toes in the holdout waters. All of them felt they were worth more than what they were either earning on an existing contract or what they were offered in a new deal. Only Gates was able to talk his employer into giving him a sizable salary bump, which leaves us with a lot of guys who will tell you they're underpaid when compared to their peers. And some of them probably have a legitimate gripe.

But thanks to the T.O. saga, these stories are more ubiquitous than the Geico commercials featuring Tony Little ("You can do it!"), and we won't revisit them here. Instead of looking at which players are worth more than what they're currently earning (or at least they think they're worth more), we decided to take a look at the 10 most overpaid players in the NFL.

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11-04-2005, 11:22 AM
Nice find BB2W, good reading