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04-05-2008, 10:38 PM
Apparently now some people have been claiming to their Boy/girlfriends are certain ages when they're really older then that. Might want to check to get a FULL Background check on who your kids are dating. They might just end up in this kind of a situation. I have to say I feel sorry for the mother and for the child in this case who had to deal with this. I hope they prosecute the guy to the fullest extent. This is absolutely ridiculous.


Amber Alert canceled - child found safe.
Pair found in Florida

Mirror staff reports

EVERETT ? The Amber Alert to find Crystal Ann Beck was canceled early Saturday after she was found safely.

Bedford police say Beck and Timothy Mock were "taken into custody" in Riviera Beach, Florida without incident.

Beck, 16, was last seen at her West Sixth Avenue home before 9 p.m. Thursday. While the girl was home alone, authorities said Friday she may have been taken from the area against her will.

State police didn't provide any further details, but said they will Saturday afternoon.
Timothy W. Mock II, 20, of Schellsburg, was paroled last week after serving jail time in two Bedford County burglary cases.

Charges of kidnapping, burglary, unlawful restraint, interference with the custody of children, criminal trespass and criminal mischief were filed against Mock Friday afternoon before Magisterial District Judge Kathy S. Calhoun.

??There?s nothing to indicate that she left on her own,?? District Attorney Bill Higgins said Friday. ??We anticipate that she did not.??

Crystal?s mother, Sherry Diehl said she came home from work Thursday and discovered her daughter missing.

??I came home only to find the window to the kitchen door cut out. The kitchen was ransacked. Her bedroom was ransacked, and Crystal was missing,?? Diehl said.
A nationwide Amber Alert was issued by state police at Bedford.

Mock?s attorney, Thomas M. Dickey of Altoona, said Friday he was made aware Friday of the situation by his client?s family.

Dickey said Crystal and Mock had been dating for about nine months.
Higgins would say only that they were at least acquaintances.
??They?re not strangers,?? he said.

Diehl said her daughter had been trying to break up with Mock for about six months. When the two started dating, Mock told Crystal and her family that he was 18.
After they found out his real age and background relating to his criminal record, Diehl refused to let him in the house.

??At first, when he said he was 18, he was kind, charming and pleasant. He was a nice guy you?d want your daughter to date. I?m not sure if he?s abusive, but he?s definitely controlling and dominant,?? Diehl said.

Mock got out of Bedford County Jail Sunday and tried unsuccessfully to pick up Crystal at her bus stop, Monday morning, said Diehl, who caught him at the stop.

04-06-2008, 09:09 AM
Regardless of whether he was 20 or 18, a 16 year old girl is still a minor.
His criminal record seemed to be the main problem with Mom, not his age.

Don't think for one moment that this 16 year old girl is innocent here. Just because she told her Mom that she was trying to break up with him for 6 months, doesn't mean that was the truth. There's something called restraining orders for creepy boyfriends or girlfriends that won't go away.

Man, I'm glad my teen years are long gone. :smile:

Edit: It was not my point to take up for this 20 year old hoodlum, but to state that the blame should probably be shared equally between the two.