View Full Version : Bad day for Big Ben?

11-23-2004, 04:37 AM
All over the television and internet I listen and read how people are saying Ben Roethlisberger had a horrible day.

Sure, he wasn't amazing... but he still managed to play fairly well despite 7 sacks.

He completed 15/21 for 138 yards, 1 TD and 0 INT. I wouldn't call that horrible.

I think the media is just waiting for something bad to happen just to give them a new story to report. It disgusts me. >:(

11-25-2004, 04:42 AM
a win is a win is a win..thats all that matters. most every other year, in the past, we would have gotten full of ourselves way before and just flopped in a game like this.

but ben kept on stickin with it, and the team stuck together.

good day or bad day..as long as we win baby! 8)