View Full Version : Steelers LB James Harrison sentenced to 5-10 years with Cincinnati Bengals

04-16-2008, 03:37 AM
Steelers linebacker James Harrison sentenced to 5-10 years with Cincinnati Bengals pending parole

CINCINNATI, OH ? Despite emotional pleas for leniency from his family, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison was sentenced to 5-10 years of hard labor with the Cincinnati Bengals after pleading guilty to assault charges stemming from a violent encounter with his girlfriend. The pro bowl linebacker will be eligible for parole from the Bengals in 2011.

?I had a momentary lapse of reason, and for that I truly apologize,? a tearful Harrison said, addressing the court. ?But I pray the judge has the wisdom and kindness of heart to reconsider my penalty. I?ve heard horror stories about that place.?

When asked about the reasons for so extreme a sentence, US District judge Ronald Swift cited the unrepentant nature of Harrison?s crimes. ?A crime this cold-blooded and vicious deserves the strongest punishment we can deliver ? being sent to a place reserved for society?s most brutal offenders.?

Outraged by the severity of his client?s sentence, Harrison?s lawyer has filed an appeal, claiming cruel and unusual punishment. It is hoped that with good behavior, Harrison?s sentence may be commuted to a less harsh term with The Miami Dolphins or Minnesota Vikings.


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04-16-2008, 04:34 AM
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