View Full Version : 9 days left, lets get down to buisness.

04-16-2008, 04:50 PM
We are getting closer now so lets see some of your final players.
Not thinking about a trade till one happens, so using our picks,

1st / Quinton Groves OLB
I think the BAP at the 23rd pick. Would help bring a more consistant pass rush without giving up a bunch in run defence. As stong as Harvey, but a little quicker. I think would play a lot next year.

2nd / Dre Moore DL
At 305 big, quick, and strong. One of the best DLs aginst the run, but can collapse the pocket making life much harder on the QBs. 6'4" with a vertical of 34" would make him difficult to throw over. I think he starts for us next year. I know I will take a beating for not taking a OL but the defensive disaster at the end of last year scared me to death.

3rd / Kirk Barton OT
I was playing with taking John Greco because he can play most of the spots on the line, but Bartons size, strength, and the fact the he plays in the Big 10 won me over.

4th / Marcus Monk WR
Some will hate this pick, some will love it. But I still remember the Monk I watched last year, and if he is health, and it looks pretty good up to now, we would be getting a 2nd round pick in the 4th. 6'4". 222 lb. and a 4.41 at his pro day. And he has great hand.

5th / Tyvon Branch CB
I may be getting a little optimistic, he may not be there at this point because of his speed. He ran a 4.31 at the combine, has a vertical of 38", and the game I watched seemed to have a pretty good noise for the ball. If he is gone check out Orland Scandrick CB from Boise St. about here.

6th / Fernando Velasco OC
Really big for a OC, but has pretty quick feet. Not someone that will play for a year of 2 but could pan out to be a very good pro. Has played OG as well