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04-16-2008, 11:10 PM
So as I see it, we have four options in the 1st two rounds.

1. Package our first and second pick (760+360=1120) and trade with the Panthers who want to draft a QB early but 13 is too early for the 2nd best QB) This would allow us to either get a premier OL(Albert, Otah, Williams or Clady) a premier DB (Cromartie, Phillips, or Jenkins) or Harvey. Obvious problem is that this is an expensive option both in guaranteed $ and in picks. Not sure we?re willing to pay the price. Alternatively we could package our 1st and 3rd(760+145=905) and trade with the Cardinals at 16 if one of those guys falls that far.
2. Stay where we are and reach for Cherilus, King or Cason.
3. Swap our 1st and 3rd for the 49ers 1st and 3rd OR swap our 1st with the 49ers and pick up their 4th. Take Cherilus King or Cason at the bottom of the 1st which is much less of a reach. Moving up in the third probably allows us to take Dejuan Morgan early in the 3rd. Alternatively if we got the 49ers 4th we could package our two 4th round picks (4.99=100+4.119=54 for a total of 154) and move back up into the middle of the 3rd(3.86/87)
4. Swap our 1st and 2nd (1120) for Atlanta?s 2.34 from Oakland(550) and 2.37(520). We could still get King or Cason with the first 2nd, and Collins, or Nicks with the later 2nd.

Let the debate begin?..which scenario would you like to see?

04-17-2008, 12:29 AM
This is going to be a very interesting draft, and it's all going to start at the top. Depending on who Miami can come to terms with pre draft, be it J. Long, C. Long or Gholston, is going to have dramatic implications right off the bat. The Steelers at # 23 could fall victim to having to reach for somebody, or hopefully, if things pan out our way, someone could fall right into our laps. The former most likely. But they always somehow manage to "get their man".
A trade up is unlikely with their cap issues and other BIG contracts. I am not one for trading down to aquire another pick or two. So, in my humble and modest oppinion, I feel they will stick to their guns at # 23 and suprise everyone by taking the likes of a Kentwan Balmer, Limas Sweed, Phillips, Stewart or Cherilus.

Whatever happens, it will be interesting to watch. I just hope the Steelers find someone that can be plugged in and make an immediate impact...this team is very close to having a good run over the course of several years and it would be a shame to be a puzzle piece or two from putting it all together.

:drink: Here is to 5 more rings on the other hand!

Rhee Rhee
04-17-2008, 02:19 AM
if there's a scenario where we get someone's first round next year i'm all ears..

but other than that we've never been known to trade for a player unless we really, really want them and they are the top ranked player at their position (a la santonio holmes)

i say stay where we are see what value comes if all else fails groves will be there..