View Full Version : So how do you take the pressure off the offensive and defensive lines?

04-26-2008, 09:44 PM
Simple. You score every time you touch the freakin' ball.

NFL scoring record, look out. The 2008 Steelers are coming.

Take a look at our weaponry now! What was Roethlisberger missing last year? Why was he running around like crazy? (Aside from blocking, I mean.) One thing we were missing was a Wes Welker guy, someone to be open on the short route when the blitzers were all over the place. Mendenhall is going to be a great receiver out of the backfield, and Sweed is going to give us the best 1-2-3 receivers package in the AFC Central (a division we'll need to sweep, if we want to make the playoffs, with our schedule).

The box scores are going to look like basketball games, believe me. You thought last year's Pats were impressive? You ain't seen NOTHING yet.

First round linemen? Remember the stats... there are more Pro Bowl guys from rounds 4 and lower. And there is no such thing as a round 6 bust; you pick those guys late and let them develop, if they don't develop you lost a 6th. Lots of can't miss college line super stars are great technique guys, but when they get to the pros the technique can't hide a lack of strength, quickness, or speed. I'd much rather have those guys who have great skills, but were overlooked because they weren't properly coached. You get those guys in a good pro environment, with good teachers, and their natural talent will smoke the good technique/poor skills guys. Remember: Tony Mandarich.

The New NFL is all about points, and lots of them. Our boys are gonna freak some people out.

Black@Gold Forever32
04-26-2008, 09:55 PM
Nice post......I have been screaming for a more wide open potent offense for years...Thats why I wanted Big Ben 04.....Thats why I wanted both Miller and Holmes in their respective drafts.....Thats why I like going to a more pass oriented offense but still run the ball at the same time....I think both picks of Mendenhall and Sweed were great picks and this will help the OL with the points you just made.....

El-Gonzo Jackson
04-26-2008, 10:33 PM
I still think this was a case of taking the best player available and the best linemen were gone.

It all starts up front and you dont throw linemen in to start right away unless they are top 10 picks, so there is no depth at either lines, which can hurt in 2009 if :

Smith signs elsewhere
Starks cant play LT
Colon doesnt get better at RT
Kemo cant succeed at LG

Next years thread will be :So how do you take pressure off of the QB and CB's????

Black@Gold Forever32
04-26-2008, 10:51 PM
Willie Colon will move to OG which he is better suited for...........I think Hartwig is an upgrade over Mahan....The center class is stronger next year anyway.....The team still needs a true LT in my opinion.....But Smith is fine if healthy....I don't count on Starks being the LT...He was inconsistent as a RT.....I'm not convinced with his few starts at LT last year when Smith was out...He was aided by poor field conditions......But I'm hoping he improves his game and just nails the RT spot down...Then if Smith leaves next year look for a LT........

I disagree that rookie OL can only play right away if only their top 10 picks...Situations led to Marcus McNeil and Tony Ugoh playing right away for their respective clubs.....But they still showed they could play and contribute in their rookie year....The trick is finding the right player....I'm still hoping the Steelers find a gem or two for the OL and DL this year.....Let them sit for a year and groom them....

Anthony Collins, Barry Richardson and Carl Nicks are all quality OL still out there...There is also a couple of small school OL I like.....Kendall Langford or Dre Moore should be considered in the 3rd round also for the DL.....

04-27-2008, 08:58 AM
You have as much chance of getting the next 11 year O-line starter from round 7 as you do from round 1. Remember, a lot of round 1 guys AND round 7 guys are busts, but there are a lot more O-line guys left in round 7. There are 5 O-line guys for every running back; there are 5 O-line guys for every 2 wideouts.

A guy can be coached to round 1 level in college, but once he puts the Sunday pads on, talent wins out every time. If the talent isn't there, a guy can't be coached to deal with DeMarcus Ware. Again: I'd rather find a guy with great potential on day 2, than a guy who has already reached his max potential in the Orange Bowl.

El-Gonzo Jackson
04-27-2008, 11:21 AM
I disagree that rookie OL can only play right away if only their top 10 picks...Situations led to Marcus McNeil and Tony Ugoh playing right away for their respective clubs.....But they still showed they could play and contribute in their rookie year......

Anybody can play their rookie year if they HAD to. That's what happened with Ugoh and McNeil and they were top picks at their position. Same happened with faneca and Simmons having to play their rookie seasons because of injury.

I've been around the horn on this topic and wont go on any further, but I'm still disappointed we have not addressed the O line when Ben got sacked 53 times last season and 4 of the Steelers top 7 linemen's contracts end this season.

04-27-2008, 03:33 PM
We also have a lineman whom everyone seems down on who started on a SB OL. And we proved with Ben that YOUNG performers will get paid. And the fact that we drafted exactly one OL either means that the FO is filled with idiots who aren't aware of the OL situation, or they actually know much more than any of us and were able to draft great value, playmakers, guys who can come in and make an immediate impact.

We've seen this before. We've seen a bad Steelers OL made into a dominant OL with just a little tweaking. New OL coach, new OC, new scheme, too much tinkering...all these contributed last year. The OL will be better this year, and the weapons we added will have an immediate impact.

tony hipchest
04-27-2008, 06:28 PM
ben needs to work on his dropback. when he has 4 seconds, he has one of the most beautiful, dropback, plant, and releases in the league (as seen in the TD bomb he threw in the 1st game against the browns last season).

however, nobody has 4 seconds for every throw. as nice as ben is, sometimes his dropback looks labored. perhaps casual and relaxed is the word.

whereas brady and manning almost always seem to have a phrenetic one with a quick pitter patter of the feet.

strange that ben is twice as mobile (and atheletic) as the both of them.

maybe bens qb coaches arent used to playing (or teaching about) the DE's of this generation, who are fast, explosive, and this eras prime players. definitely not players like m. williams, d. freeney, or j. peppers.

but ben is ben, and we cant ask him to change too much. after all, not everybody is gonna have a quick release like marino.

just an area that can possibly be improved on though. ben is still 1 of the best throwers on the run.

04-28-2008, 02:23 PM
NFL scoring record, look out. The 2008 Steelers are coming.

As much as I'd like to ballyhoo your enthusiasm I just dont see that happening. The potential is there on paper but are the Steelers thinking they could copy the Patsies "impressive" 2007 season? I hope not. Their super O hid their average (at best) old D and it got exposed by most everyone down the stretch. Offense may sell tickets but defense wins the big games i.e. NY Giants in this past SB. If the O can make enough plays to grab a 2 or 3 score lead early then there is no pressure on the D. So Tomlin cant turn down the O like he did so many times last year in the 2nd half and expect it to keep working. If the talent of Moore along with the development of Mendenhall and Sweed proves true then it could be a beautiful season to behold. Lord knows with the murderous 2008 schedule, any uptick on offense is needed.