View Full Version : Did anyone hear Colbert on Jim Rome today

04-28-2008, 04:27 PM
i was listening to jim rome today in the car and he said that colbert was going to be on but i missed it.

04-28-2008, 11:41 PM
I did!

Great segment.

Really hyped up the Mendenhall & Sweed picks!

Rome mentioned how 6 of the past 8 #1 picks are starters.....didn't go on to mention the lower selections (nice gloss job), but a good segment anyways.

04-29-2008, 10:57 AM
Colbert was really up to the challenge this year this is one of our best drafts in recent years, I think with hartwig added to the line, the line will be better by itself.

06-22-2008, 10:47 PM
i share the Colberts' enthusiasm.

if mendenhall doesnt produce it will be such a let-down.