View Full Version : A Dream Draft

Rhee Rhee
05-04-2008, 04:54 AM
imagine if the 49ers draft was our draft... I'm not saying I don't like ours I'm just saying that instead of luxury picks we could have gone a different route and picked by need instead of BAP. I think this was the kind of draft most of us were predicting/hoping for pre-draft day.

1. Kentwan Balmer DT/DE, UNC
Would've given us a solid 3-4 DE and added depth on the line. Also could have come in on obvious passing downs and played DT in a four-man rush.

2. Chilo Rachal OG, USC
Adresses the LG/RG vacancy and allows willie colon to stay at RT while moving starks to the left.

3. Reggie Smith CB/S, Oklahoma
Gives us insurance at both CB and FS if anthony smith were to falter or if deshea and mcfadden struggle.

4. Cody Wallace C, Texas A&M
Played guard early in his college career and could add depth at both G and C.

6. Josh Morgan WR, Virginia Tech
Not necessarily the tall WR Big Ben wanted but gives us a great posession guy to go over the middle and make the tough catch.

7. Larry Grant LB, Ohio State
Special Teams Ace who could turn out to be a decent pass-rushing option and gives added depth on the outside.