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05-07-2008, 04:04 PM
:coffee: Just had someone send me an email about this new form of Kidnapping.

This lady had came out of the mall up north somewhere, and when she got to her car one of her tires was flat. Well, she got out and started to change the tire when this nice young man in a business suit came up and offered to help change the tire for her. Well, as he changed her tire he talked about this and that just as nicely as any nice person would. Well, when he got done he put the flat tire in the trunk and his brief case and he shut the trunk. And then he asked her if she would give him a ride around the other side of the mall to his car. Well, she was kind of nervous about doing this, so she said sure but she had to go back in and get something that she forgot while she was in there. Well, she went in and told a security guard what had happened and when they went back out to the car the gentleman was gone. So, they opened the trunk to get his briefcase so she could maybe find some I.D. to get him his brief case back. Well, when they got the briefcase opened it had a couple knives and rope in there. I think that we all know what he had planned on doing, but no I.D.
This should be a warning to all... just think about things before you jump in...

05-07-2008, 04:16 PM
This is a hoax that is several years old:

The specifics vary but the basic plot is always the same: woman exits shopping mall to find her car has a flat tire; well-dressed, briefcase-carrying good samaritan insists on helping her, then asks for a ride to his own car; sensing there's something amiss, the woman flees; later, when she opens the briefcase left behind by the "good samaritan," she finds weapons, duct tape, rope, chloroform, etc. inside.

None of which is to say that such a thing couldn't possibly happen — it could, and certainly people have been kidnapped in shopping mall parking lots. This story is a fiction, however, and a well-documented one at that.