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Looks like a very interesting book on Art Rooney and his clan. I looked for a post on this and couldn't find one so I hope this is not a repeat.

Part memoir, part anecdotal historyof Pittsburgh 's North Side, where the author grew up, and part football book, "Ruanaidh" follows to its conclusion the extraordinary life of Art Rooney, Sr. - the Chief. The strange-looking title (pronounced Ru-ah-nee) is the Gaelic word for Rooney. Candid personality portraits of almost everybody in the Chief's wide orbit are mingled with tales from Art Rooney, Jr's own high school and college football-playing days, from his time as a failed drama student in New York, from his six months of boot camp training with the Marines, and from his subsequent career as personnel director of his father's football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Here are two of the many reviews concerning “Ruanaidh":
This is a thoughtful and interestingly detailed history of the Pittsburgh Steelers by Art Rooney, Jr., the team's vice president, who was the master mind of arguably the greatest player draft in NFL history, which resulted in four Super Bowl victories in six years.
— William Buchanan, Retired Boston Globe reporter
A terrific read! Funny stories, sad ones... a unique look back at the history of the Pittsburgh Steelers and their beloved patriarch."
—Tom Danyluk, Pro Football Weekly
“Ruanaidh" can be purchased in a soft bound paperback version for $21.00 with the hardcover edition selling for $30.00. You can purchase this book on the following website:
http://www.artrooneyjr.com/ (http://link.steelers.com/r/F7A7O4/J9O/02W5Z/ZOGD/8KX/PJ/h)
Also, you can read various excerpts from the book by clicking on the “Table of Contents” area at the top of the website.
Thank you Steelers Fans for this opportunity to bring you the "Ruanaidh" story.
http://cbimages.ed4.net/steelers/1253_231276.gif (http://link.steelers.com/r/F7A7O4/J9O/02W5Z/ZOGD/FSR/PJ/h) http://cbimages.ed4.net/steelers/2120_231275.jpg (http://link.steelers.com/r/F7A7O4/J9O/02W5Z/ZOGD/OLL/PJ/h)

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I saw this... i think when I finish Steel City Gridirons I may start this one.