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tony hipchest
05-23-2008, 02:26 PM

although the email was speculated to possibly be a hoax, as of 12:00 noon, friday the body count is 5 with 2 executions and 3 bodies found burning in cars plus 1 abduction. (as per local lunchtime newscast)

i dont think this stuff gets much national exposure, but its pretty nasty down there and many of our american border patrol agents are on the "inside" and actively enabling all these drugs to cross our borders. pretty scary stuff in this day and age of "homeland security".

As the death count in Juárez mounts, residents on both sides of the border now are wondering how seriously they should take an e-mail warning predicting that this weekend will be the "bloodiest and deadliest" in the city's history.

The e-mail, which spread on both sides of the border, caused Juárez police officials on Thursday to issue a call for residents to stay calm, and El Pasoans to cancel social plans across the border.

"We ask the community to maintain calm and exercise security measures for themselves and their family, but we ask that they do not panic," public safety secretary Roberto Orduña Cruz said in a statement.

Orduña said that the "threat" was being taken seriously but that residents should go about their regular business.

El Paso police are continuing to monitor the violence in Juárez, but don't think it will spread into El Paso, a department spokesman said.

Several versions of the e-mail were in circulation Thursday, including one with an English translation that warned residents to stay in their homes, stay out of nightclubs and avoid major streets if traveling during the day.

"There will be shootings and executions throughout the city in what is being called 'La Limpia' (the cleansing) in response to threats by the 'Juárez drug cartel' or 'La Linea,' " the e-mail stated in Spanish.
La Linea is reputed to be a "line" of corrupt police officers protecting drug traffickers. More than a dozen police officers have been among the more than 300 homicides in Juárez this year, killings that have included brazen daytime shootings on busy boulevards.

tony hipchest
05-23-2008, 02:37 PM

(from may 11- this stuff makes "Scarface" look like childsplay)

– The Juarez's police Chief Guillermo Preito announced his resignation from the Juarez Police Department within hours after his chief assistant, 54-year-old Juan Antonio Roman who was 2nd in command is assassinated and at least four other Jaurez police officers are slain and hundreds others are killed in what is being called the biggest internal drug war between the Mexican government and the rich and ruthless Mexican drug cartels in the history of Mexico.

Of the 12 police officials the drug cartels set out to execute, only four are still alive.
For related articles go to: www.lagunajournal.com

tony hipchest
05-23-2008, 02:50 PM
its still a mystery whether the 300+ bodies of young female factory workers found in the deserts around juarez/el paso over the past 10 or so years, is the results of a serial killer or corrupt police officials/ drug cartels. it is very possoble to be 1 in the same.


by Frontra NorteSur
Death threats against women’s rights activists and e-mails warning of mass carnage in Juarez mark the escalation of an already chaotic situation across the border.
Posted on May 23, 2008

Prominent women’s rights activists in the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua have reported receiving a new round of threats. Members of Ciudad Juarez’s Nuestras Hijas de Regreso a Casa (May our Daughters Return Home), a group of relatives of murdered women, canceled their participation in a screening of the Hollywood movie “Bordertown” scheduled for their hometown because of death threats received by e-mail and on cell phones. “Now the threat is more real,” said Marisela Ortiz, Nuestras Hijas spokeswoman.
Titled “Verdades que Matan” in Spanish, the film stars Jennifer Lopez as a US reporter who probes the Ciudad Juarez femicides. The movie also features Antonio Banderas, Martin Sheen, Kate de Castillo, and Maya Zapata. Directed by Gregory Nava, the film has not been released on the big screen in the U.S. and is only available on DVD. After years of production and delays in its release, “Bordertown” finally achieved a limited showing in some Mexican theaters last week. In Ciudad Juarez, unidentified journalists have also reportedly received threats warning them against promoting the film.

In a Mexico City press conference on May 12, Nava said the movie was possibly not released in the U.S. because of its critical portrayals of the North American Free Trade Agreement and the maquiladora industry. Nava also said that when “Bordertown’s” producers were in Ciudad Juarez a crew member was kidnapped and tortured into telling his tormentors the hotel where film material was stored. Local policemen then lifted the material, according to Nava. Many scenes in the movie were filmed in Nogales, Sonora, and Albuquerque, New Mexico, among other locations.

for those who havent seen "Boardertown" it is highly recommended.