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05-29-2008, 09:36 PM
Hey you guys. I just wanted 2 "show off" what I got when my older brother went 2 the states few weeks ago. :wink02: Most of them was ordered by me through a friend, & she kept them until my brother went the states on a work related trip.

I've finished with the both books. From Mr. Rooney's book I learned a lot. Got a huge admiration on the man, & almost decided 2 become a Catholic. :wink02: BUS's book was something, 2. My brother went 2 the store & saw BUS's book & bought it 4 me without knowing that I had it already purchased it. LOL.

Thanks, MOSCA. :hatsoff: I really liked the SI issue on the Steelers 75th ANN' issue. :hug:

America's Game DVD set was so cool. Since I wasn't around when the Steelers won the first 4 Superbowls, I didn't feel like I have much connection with them. Because of it I didn't buy any of the Steelers Legends figures (Harris, & Greene) from McFarlane. :banging: Now I'd kill 4 Harris figure or Chuck Noll's photo. Don't give me wrong, I've learned quite, after I joined this forum thanks 2 U Steelers & non-Steelers fans of this forum. & I did my homework 2, by going through other things 2 learn about the past. But listening 2 those old players talking & watching the game clips is really something.

Handwarmer was really nice. & the Cokes. Boy, I must tell U, the airport security gave my brother a chill. Right after when he landed home, he told me the Coca-Colas may have not made it here, because he saw the security guys pulled it out of his check-in luggage & were looking at it as if they were gonna take them away. But he couldn't saw what happened because another security guy saw my brother looking at them, told him that he shouldn't b there & 2 keep going. When I heard it I was like "Open your luggage right now!" I wouldn't even let him eat or enjoy few moments with his family. :chuckle: But thank GOD almighty, they didn't take them away. So if you guys know anyone who works at the security in D.C. Virginia airport, tell them THANKS 4 me, PLEASE.



tony hipchest
05-29-2008, 10:14 PM
now this is what steeler nation is all about. :cheers:
(i remember reading the thread Mosca said he would hook you up with that issue). :thumbsup:

while being a fan is a casual endeavour for many, SteelersMongols fandom shows the effort and devotion that people (such as myself) take for granted.

keep representing in the east 'Mongol! :horse: :tt02: :horse:

05-29-2008, 11:41 PM
Hey, now I'm jealous. I want a six pack of coke like that.

Looks like you made out pretty good.

06-01-2008, 09:02 PM
now this is what steeler nation is all about. :cheers:


keep representing in the east 'Mongol! :horse: :tt02: :horse:

Thanks, Tony.

Hey, now I'm jealous. I want a six pack of coke like that...

Not a huge fan of Coke, myself (I think Pepsi is way BETTER). But since it was devoted to the Steelers, i thought i should have them.