View Full Version : Jamaican fireman!!!

06-08-2008, 12:20 AM
A Jamaican fireman came home from work one day and said to his wife:
'You know sumpin, we have a wonderful new system at de fire station.
Bell 1 rings - we put on our jackets.
Bell2 rings - we slide down de pole.
Bell3 rings - we jump in de ingine and we's ready to go.
From now on, when I says
'Bell 1' i want you to strip naked.
When i say 'Bell 2' you jump in de bed.
When i say 'Bell3' we's gonna mek love all tru de night.
The next night he came home and shouted
'Bell 1' and she stripped naked
'Bell 2' and she jumped on the bed
'Bell 3' and they started to make love.

After a few minutes the wife yelled 'Bell4'
'What de hell is 'Bell4'?'
She replied: 'Roll out more hose , man, you aint nowhere near de fire'