View Full Version : My 1st YouTube Video... Willies TD against the Bills

Hammer Of The GODS
07-25-2008, 01:59 AM
We were in the very last row in the nose bleeds, right where the beer drinkin' crazies are! I'm the beer drinkin crazy that's holding the camera. The season is right around the corner and it's time to get nuts again! I will be at the home opener against the texans and this time I'll be close enough for the texans players to hear me!

Thats the farthest away from the field I've ever sat and I can honestly say that there aint a bad seat in the house! :thumbsup:

I don't live around the Burgh anymore and it's harder to get to the games and it costs a small fortune but it's worth it!


Galax Steeler
07-25-2008, 03:33 AM
Sounds like you and your friends had a great time I will be at the philliy game hope to see you around.

Hammer Of The GODS
07-25-2008, 09:32 AM
Right now the only game I am planning on is the opener. But I might be able to bookend it with the final game against the clowns!

El-Gonzo Jackson
07-25-2008, 05:45 PM
Nice Vid.

Never been to a game, just been a long distance fan for almost 30 years and gonna make the pilgrimage next year for my 40th birthday.

Beer Drinkin Crazy's are fan-tastic!!!!

07-25-2008, 11:01 PM
I'm thinking about trying to make it to the Browns-Steelers game. Either week 2 or week 17.