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07-25-2008, 10:01 PM
A while back, I sent Steelers Mongol the SI Steelers Anniversary issue. it was cool, I read it and liked it, and he could have it.

It took a while to get to him, because I sent it to his brother in VA, who then carried it to Mongolia... but, eventually, it got there.

In return, the other day I got this cool package from Steelers Mongol...

1) A really cool huge Steelers helmet decal,

2) A set of postcards of Mongolia, those are a keepsake;

3) This really really COOL tapestry of Chinggis Khan!


Thanks, Bat!

07-26-2008, 02:44 AM
You finally got it. Nice. I was beginning to worry.

Fan of the Millennium? Why did you have to do that? You're actually embarrassing me very much. This is not right. That title actually belong to you, because when I was asking for favor, you did what many people wouldn't have done. Buying & sending something with your own money to someone that you hardly know. I was just trying to show my appreciation. :thumbsup:

1. It's hard to get any Steelers stuff around here, even anything that has to do with American football. :laughing: So that the Steelers helmet decal was something I had printed at some local company before. I knew you're into cars stuff, but I couldn't get anything that could suit your interest. So ... :wink02:

2. Key chain with colt, you probably know how Mongols worship horses as they consider it human's best friend.

3. Writing on the bottom is the seal of Genghis himself. It says "By the power of eternal Heavens, I, universal Khan of the great Mongol state, command that whoever receives this must respect and stand in awe of it."

Thank you again, Mr. Mosca. You're the best.

07-26-2008, 05:18 AM
After reading that I second your nomination Mosca.

SteelersMongol Fan of the Millenium - Sounds fine by me.

If only there were more people on this planet like the two of you. One of the better reads I have seen on this forum in a long long while.


The Duke
07-26-2008, 10:42 AM
actually, both of you are fans of the millenium.

you two represent steeler nation very well!! :tt02:

07-27-2008, 03:14 PM
Bat & Tom - you are the best! :drink: What great gestures by both of you! :tt03:

Bat - have you decided yet what you want to do with the t-shirts? PM me, please, and let me know. Thanks! :hug:s to the kids!