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08-15-2008, 04:29 PM
I was thinking about a post I made the other week where I asked anyone and everyone who is playing this year to keep us updated on how your team is doing each week.

What about posting even if you do not play? It would be a great way to learn about different teams (@ any level, not just HS I guess) from all over! Kinda like a weekly team report and/or a game night report. I think it would be kinda fun to watch how teams do going into the playoffs and tracking possible prospects.

Who else thinks this is a good idea? I'd really like to do a report for my HS team as I am faculty (well, elementary faculty) and attend the games and know the players and coaches well enough. I think we need some more exposure somewhere!

Chime in! Who's willing! Who likes the idea? Who thinks I'm blowing smoke (on this topic... not everything else I say!)

08-15-2008, 05:32 PM
I'm up for this...I'm close enough to the cradle of football to report on some damned good NE Ohio football teams (Massillon/Canton McKinley/ Cleveland Glenville, et al).

Could be fun...

08-15-2008, 08:37 PM
Nice! We have our first scrimmage tomorrow @ home @ 10:00am!

08-15-2008, 08:51 PM
I have a Scrimmage at 10:00am vs. Altoona tomorrow(Play for Hollidaysburg)

08-15-2008, 10:59 PM
I have a Scrimmage at 10:00am vs. Altoona tomorrow(Play for Hollidaysburg)

Good luck and stay safe! We played you guys one time about 6-7 years ago.

08-15-2008, 11:31 PM
Shamokin Area Indians
2008 Football Season
Brought to you by millwalldavey

Head Coach: Dave Zielinskie (Entering year 2 of his second stint @ Shamokin)
Classification: AA
Confrence: Heartland D2

Coach Z comes into year two with a few new items in the offense, quite a few talented returnees and a VERY positive outlook. We should grow on the 1-9 season last year.

Coach Z built a power @ the AAA level with Shamokin in the 90's, with a few near misses @ state title chances and a few regular season #1 state rankings. Politics pushed him out and the program took a bit of a dive for a bit, save a few good seasons under recent coaches. Many in the community feel the right man for the job is back where he belongs and it wont be long now!

2008 Schedule: (all games 7:00pm)
We generally have one of the toughest schedules in the East.

Sat 08/16/08 Scrimmage - Susquehanna Township
Fri 08/22/08 @ *Scrimmage - Bellefonte Area H. S.
Sat 08/30/08 @ SOUTHERN COLUMBIA H. S.
Fri 09/12/08 @ Central Columbia
Fri 10/17/08 Warrior Run
Fri 10/24/08 @ Mifflinburg Area
Fri 10/31/08 Loyalsock Twp

Entering the newly formed Heartland confrence, this looks like it could be a rough season for a 1-9 team last year. In fact, we are 7-22 since beating defending State Champion Southern Columbia Tigers in the opening game 3 years ago....I still expect some surprises this season!

The schedule is unforgiving with an opener @ Southern for the 2nd year in a row. Down from past years, but certainly still a force to be reckoned with.

This is followed up by the resurgent powerhouse and ARCH-ENEMY Mt. Carmel Red Tornadoes in week 2. Mt. Carmel owns this rivalry for the last 11 seasons, but survied near misses the last 4. (I'm proud to say I'm a mamber of the only graduating class @ Shamokin never to have lost to them!). Mt. Carmel is supposed to be LOADED this year.

Week 3 sees a new regular season foe, Central Columbia Blue Jays. We beat them in the playoffs about 4 years ago, but I cannot remember facing them in the regular season...

Next up is the Shikellamy Braves. Our only win came last seaon against this team who has not beaten us for 20 years. Interesting fact: @ 0-9 last year, we were the only winless team in PA history not to be mercy ruled. We put Shik in the mercy rule in the FIRST HALF!

The Danville Ironmen are another new team on the schedule. They have a high-power passing attack. Between his stints @ Shamokin, Coach Z was the head man here for a few years.

The Selinsgrove Seals are a major force in PA the last several seasons. They modelled their program after our Shamokin teams of the 90's, and now have one of Coach Z's assistants as a head man. You may remember them being knocked out by Thomas Jefferson a few years in a row (I think...) Tough team...

Next is Montoursville Warriors. This was a big playoff rivalry in the 90's, where we always prevailed (only to get beat by Berwick and Ron Pawlus soon after usually...), but this is a strong team who has our number. We had them on the ropes last year in week 2, but we ran out of gas.

The Warrior Run Defenders are another new one for us. I don't know much about them, but they always give Southern Columbia fits and have knocked them off in the last 3 years.

The Mifflinburg Wildcats have had a solid running game the last few seasons, but I think the good RB's are all gone. Beat us in a squeaker last year, running a kickoff back for a score after we pulled within 1.

Finally we finish up with a game against the Loyalsock Lancers, another new team. These guys were 1 game away from having the honor of being shelled by Terrelle Pryor in the state finals.

This is a brutal schedule. a .500 season in year two of Coach Z's return would be a blessing. We are a year older and wiser, 50 players strong (more than last year) and the defense is TOUGH.

I'm going to go ahead and call this an optimistic 6-4 year. If we can split the first two games, we can easily be 4-1 off the bat. I can see another 2-3 wins in the second half.

Reports to come after every game! Rosters and stats and other goodies as well.

Hope you enjoy and share your thoughts and your teams progress this year!

08-16-2008, 07:54 AM
Good luck and stay safe! We played you guys one time about 6-7 years ago.

Thanks and I have a feeling this one will be a blood bath type of battle. These guys we're scrimmaging were on our schedule for the longest time.

08-16-2008, 07:56 AM
We play Bellefonte in the regular season. Those guys had a great offense last year. We just beat them 35-33 in one of our closest games.

08-16-2008, 08:40 AM
We play Bellefonte in the regular season. Those guys had a great offense last year. We just beat them 35-33 in one of our closest games.

Anything to pass on that can share about them? I know its a scrimmage, but the coaches need practice too!

Shame I hafta miss that one... I have plans and although I'd normally break them, thats about a 1.5, 2 hour haul for me.

08-16-2008, 08:44 AM
Let us know how you end up!

08-16-2008, 09:41 AM
I had a scrimmigae last night, I play for Camel H.S. in Indiana we are ranked #22 in the nation, defending state champs and are going to be playing live on espn saturday the 23!

08-16-2008, 12:10 PM
I had a scrimmigae last night, I play for Camel H.S. in Indiana we are ranked #22 in the nation, defending state champs and are going to be playing live on espn saturday the 23!

AWESOME! Make sure when the time gets closer you post a reminder to watch the game!

08-16-2008, 12:31 PM
Sat 08/16/08 Scrimmage - Susquehanna Township

Didnt know it, but this one became a Tri-Scrimmage, with Susquehanna Twp. and Cenral Mountain.


Overall, the Indians looked a lot better than a lot of us were expecting! Again, a pre-season scrimmage is a tough predictor of success in the regular season.

Offense: Each of the first posessions against each defense was and overall success. The ground game ripped off 4 - 5 yards a carry, highlighted by a 25 yard run by future Big 33 and DI prospect, junior Brent Forbes. The halfback position is up in the air right now. Junior Tyler DiRenzo, who has been slightly ill since last season sat out today. He would truly be the lightning from the backfiled this season and is figuring to be ready to go! Lets hope! Sophomore Jared Montgomery played admirably today as starting tailback. A few decent runs, I think with some more time in this offense he could really blossom.

The passing game was very solid with new starting Quarteback Eric Taylor (replacing a 4-year starter) completing the better part of the passes he threw; mostly short, but 3 or 4 nice looks downfield. On the opening posession he threw a TD pass and on the second posession had a tipped pass intercepted on the goal line.

Defense: No team will run on this Shamokin line. Each offense opened with first downs on runs on first and second down. After the feeling out was done, the runs were stuffed. Impressive especially vs. Townships high speed option attack. Forbes and Josh Krah played well from the DE spots, Krah was especially a surprise... he seemed in on every play with 3 tackles for losses and a sack.

Not too analytical... these scrimmages become a big community BS session to follow too closely... its a nice atmosphere. Beautiful day to cheer on the boys and see some friends and shoot the crap! Overall, they looked a lot better than I thought they would be.

08-16-2008, 02:39 PM
Anything to pass on that can share about them? I know its a scrimmage, but the coaches need practice too!

Shame I hafta miss that one... I have plans and although I'd normally break them, thats about a 1.5, 2 hour haul for me.

They've got a few guys who are scrappers and also they can be balanced. However it may end up changing. They changed coaches last year. I don't know if he wants to toy things around a bit. Very easily they could be in title contention with us this year.

08-16-2008, 02:49 PM
Since I know some people would like to know how we are doing, I guess I'll update through this thread. I also play for them

Hollidaysburg Golden Tigers
Conference:Mountain Athletic Football Conference-Seven Mountains Division
Last Year: 9-3 and Lost in the District 6 AAA Final 7-0 against Indian Valley

2008 Season Schedule(All Games start at 7:00 unless otherwise noted)
August 16th Altoona (Scrimmage Completed) 10:00 am
August 22nd @ Huntingdon (Scrimmage) 6:00 pm
August 29th State College
September 5th South Western
September 12th H.D. Woodson(DC)
September 19th @ Bellefonte
September 26th Indian Valley
October 3rd @ Central Mountain
October 10th @ Woodrow Wilson(DC)
October 17th Cedar Cliff
October 24th Williamsport
October 31st @ DuBois

Recap of our Scrimmage vs. Altoona:
Offense: We did pretty well. There were occasions that the Line could have done better, but again it's a good thing we still have time left to go before game 1. Our skill guys had a great day. Overall though, we still have work left

Defense: Pretty Solid. We still need to be stronger with breaking through holes. Line did what they should have done and so did our skill guys. Our Rookies also tried to make a good name for themselves today as well.

I still have to get a better look at the film though.

08-16-2008, 06:46 PM
October 3rd @ Central Mountain

This was part of our tri-scrimmage today. Never saw them before... are they a decent team?

Nice to hear that your scrimmage went well! Break down that film!

08-16-2008, 07:01 PM
AWESOME! Make sure when the time gets closer you post a reminder to watch the game!

Ok will do

08-16-2008, 11:43 PM
This was part of our tri-scrimmage today. Never saw them before... are they a decent team?

Nice to hear that your scrimmage went well! Break down that film!

They like to play dirty. Occasionally you'll see them take a lot of cheap shots, etc. They haven't had a really good team since they started playing us, took a break, and played us again. Since 2000 when we started playing them we have had 4-2 record against them and won last year 31-10. However, during the 2007 season they just missed making the District Playoffs by a few points. They'll have a better shot making the post-season with all of the changes happening in the PIAA Playoffs this season.

08-17-2008, 10:56 AM
They like to play dirty. Occasionally you'll see them take a lot of cheap shots, etc. They haven't had a really good team since they started playing us, took a break, and played us again. Since 2000 when we started playing them we have had 4-2 record against them and won last year 31-10. However, during the 2007 season they just missed making the District Playoffs by a few points. They'll have a better shot making the post-season with all of the changes happening in the PIAA Playoffs this season.

Thanx! I had never even heard of them. Some have told me they have a decent basketball team. I couldn't beleive the amount of players on that team. It looked like abouit 70 - 80. We actually have 50 this year and thats a good number for us... down from the 90's when we would have 65 or so.

08-17-2008, 11:07 AM
Thanx! I had never even heard of them. Some have told me they have a decent basketball team. I couldn't beleive the amount of players on that team. It looked like abouit 70 - 80. We actually have 50 this year and thats a good number for us... down from the 90's when we would have 65 or so.

Wow, my team has 120+ players and that isnt much more than many of the schools we play

08-17-2008, 08:19 PM
Wow, my team has 120+ players and that isnt much more than many of the schools we play

My team has less than 1/2 of that. We have 45 players

08-18-2008, 10:46 AM
What class do you gentelman play at?

We are a big AA. We were a medium AAA 10 years ago, untill reclassification and our town going to crap... not many kids come out, but there is a bit of an upswing...

08-18-2008, 12:38 PM
What class do you gentelman play at?

We are a big AA. We were a medium AAA 10 years ago, untill reclassification and our town going to crap... not many kids come out, but there is a bit of an upswing...

We're one of the bigger AAA schools. We have a team that is about Medium in size. We have about 45 out this year.

08-18-2008, 08:11 PM
My school is 5A

08-18-2008, 10:46 PM
We're one of the bigger AAA schools. We have a team that is about Medium in size. We have about 45 out this year.

I found out today we are 1 under being AAA!

08-21-2008, 11:43 PM
I found out today we are 1 under being AAA!

Sorry for the late response, but there could be a shot one day we could play you guys.

Anyway, our 2nd and final scrimmage is tomorrow against Huntingdon. They dropped to AA.

08-22-2008, 09:47 AM
Sorry for the late response, but there could be a shot one day we could play you guys.

Anyway, our 2nd and final scrimmage is tomorrow against Huntingdon. They dropped to AA.

We did come out there a few years back.... I cant remember the year, I was in college at the time and not following my team as closely. I think we may have gotten a W,

We have our last tonight in Bellfonte, but I can't get to it, They have already scrimmaged Selinsgrove, so hopefully they can scout them a bit for us,

08-22-2008, 02:46 PM
We did come out there a few years back.... I cant remember the year, I was in college at the time and not following my team as closely. I think we may have gotten a W,

We have our last tonight in Bellfonte, but I can't get to it, They have already scrimmaged Selinsgrove, so hopefully they can scout them a bit for us,

According to our record book Gridiron Glory, we(Hollidaysburg) won both games

08-23-2008, 08:01 AM
Carmel High School will be playing on ESPN at noon today!!!!

08-23-2008, 09:51 AM
According to our record book Gridiron Glory, we(Hollidaysburg) won both games

Oh ok... I might be thinking of someone else then. I thought we played once... That was a period where my studied kept me from following them much, if at all. I know I wasn't at that game, I think I missed them all for like 2-3 years.

08-23-2008, 09:52 AM
Carmel High School will be playing on ESPN at noon today!!!!

I better get to see some of that!!!!!! I have a stinking wedding to go to.

LOL... they just showed us a documenatry with Carmel students @ my in-service day on Friday.

08-24-2008, 12:14 PM

08-28-2008, 05:49 PM
Hollidaysburg Football Preview for game number 1 against State College from the Altoona Mirror.


Like the old days
Tigers open with rival State College
By John Hartsock, jhartsock@altoonamirror.com

The first night of the high school football season provides a built-in adrenaline rush for players, coaches and fans alike.

Add a matchup between two archrivals into the mix, and the excitement becomes all the more palpable.

That will be the case for Hollidaysburg Friday night, when the Golden Tigers kick off their 2008 season with a 7 p.m. game against State College at Tiger Stadium.

"It's kind of like the old days when we opened the season against Altoona,'' Hollidaysburg coach John Barton said of kicking off the season with State College. "This is a game the kids get excited about, and we're looking forward to it.''

It's also a series that, unlike the Hollidaysburg-Altoona series, has shown no indication of being discontinued - in spite of the fact that the Golden Tigers are no longer a part of the Mid-Penn Conference and dropped a classification level in football from Class AAAA to AAA a couple years back.

"[State College coach] Al Wolski thinks [the Hollidaysburg-State College game] is a great game, and he wants to keep it on the schedule,'' Barton said. "And to my knowledge, [State College athletic director Ron] Pavlechko feels the same way. Now that we no longer play Altoona, [State College] is probably our biggest rivalry.''

Wolski, whose team returns three offensive starters and four defensive starters from last year's 6-5 team that lost to Governor Mifflin in the opening round of the District 3-6 Class AAAA playoffs, appreciates Hollidaysburg's annual competitiveness on the football field.

"They're a good test for us,'' Wolski said of the Golden Tigers. "They play as hard as any team that we play, and they've always been that kind of a team. It's an old coaches' cliche, but they play to the whistle, and they're always well-coached.''

State returns a big offensive threat in junior Alex Kenney, a speedster who lines up at a variety of positions in the backfield for the Little Lions. Barton got a look at Kenney in last year's game with State College, won by the Little Lions, 28-12.

"He's an impressive athlete, he can run, and he's very elusive,'' Barton said of Kenney. "He's a very, very good player. We must eliminate the number of opportunities their playermakers like him get.''

Hollidaysburg returns a decent nucleus, including most of its offensive line, from last season's 9-3 team that lost to Indian Valley in the District 6-AAA championship game.

"We have a good group back,'' Barton said. "But in order to be successful Friday, we have to play sound football, take care of the football, and eliminate things like mistakes and penalties.''

And Barton said that, win or lose Friday, he's stressing to his players that the State College game is only one game.

"It's a big game, and winning it would be a great morale-booster for us, but two years ago, we lost the first game of the season to Altoona, and we ended up winning the District 6 championship,'' Barton said. "[Friday's game] is a big rivalry game, and we want to win it, but we still have nine more games to play.''

08-30-2008, 09:14 AM
Opening Night didn't go well, but hey, at least it's only week 1.
Tigers blanked by SC
By John Hartsock jhartsock@altoonamirror.com
POSTED: August 30, 2008

HOLLIDAYSBURG - The 2008 football season couldn't have started any better for State College.

Or any worse for Hollidaysburg.

The Little Lions scored on their first four offensive possessions Friday night, while building a 28-0 halftime lead en route to a 37-0 whipping of the Golden Tigers at Tiger Stadium.

"I don't think it could have [started worse],'' Hollidaysburg coach John Barton said. "Our kids battled, but [State College] did a good job on both sides of the line of scrimmage, and it was hard to mimic the team speed they have.''

State College dominated both sides of the line of scrimmage, bolting to a 14-0 first-quarter lead on Rob Stupar's 3-yard run to cap a 53-yard drive, and Jake Reeder's 9-yard touchdown pass from senior quarterback James Avedesian following an interception by Avedesian's twin brother, Dan, at the Tigers' 20.

In the second quarter, James Avedesian ran 11 yards for a touchdown to wrap a 75-yard drive, and the Little Lions marched 56 yards the next time they got the ball, with halfback Brian Miller running the final 3 for the fourth touchdown.

"We knew that with the excellent football team that Hollidaysburg has, it would be important to take it to them at the beginning of the game, and we did,'' State College coach Al Wolski said.

James Avedesian, who rushed for 93 yards on 14 carries to spark a State College ground attack that produced 302 yards, also thought the quick start was important.

"Coach [Wolski] preached all week how important it was to come out strong,'' Avedesian said. "We're pleased.''

As if things weren't bad enough for Hollidaysburg, senior quarterback Brandyn Ott left the game with a shoulder injury after being tackled late in the second quarter and did not return.

"It's not a season-ending thing. It's a bruised shoulder, a possible sprain,'' Barton said. "He could be all right in a week. But we're going to have to wait and see.''

James Muir and Barton's son, Chad, split the team's quarterbacking duties in the second half.

"We figured we'd give them both a shot, and see how they reacted to the pressure,'' Coach Barton said.

Game notes: Hollidaysburg got a blocked punt from Muir and a recovery on the same play from Colt Edwards in the fourth quarter ... Conor Brinkhoff and Devon Diehl also recovered fumbles for the Tigers, who host South Western next Friday night.


State College14 14 0 9 - 37

Hollidaysburg0 0 0 0 - 0

First quarter

SC-Stupar 3 run (Khyat kick), 8:25.

SC-Reeder 9 pass from J. Avedesian (Khyat kick), 7:02.

Second quarter

SC-J. Avedesian 11 run (Khyat kick), 11:16.

SC-Miller 3 run (Khyat kick), 3:38.

Fourth quarter

SC-Smack 6 pass from Mills (Khyat kick), 1:45.

SC-Safety (Hollidaysburg player tackled in end zone), 1:17.


RUSHING: State College-J. Avedesian 14-93, Stupar 5-51, Belinda 4-45, Miller 8-36, Kenney 6-28, Mills 4-25, Smack 1-14, Schmidt 1-7, Albro 1-3. Hollidaysburg-Gildea 6-29, Rhodes 6-29, Hammond 8-16, Ott 4-15, Muir 6-15, Hargis 2-4, Barton 1-(-10), Team 2-(-19).

PASSING: State College-J. Avedesian 5-9-0-95, Mills 3-5-0-31. Hollidaysburg-Ott 3-4-0-18, Muir 2-3-0-43, Barton 0-1-0-0.

RECEIVING: State College-Reeder 3-56, Smack 3-31, Kenney 1-20, Vanderlinden 1-19. Hollidaysburg-Ott 3-4-1-18, Muir 2-3-0-43.

INTERCEPTIONS: State College 1-D. Avedesian.


First downs199

Yards rushing44-30235-79

Passing (comp.-att.-int.)8-14-05-8-1

Yards passing12661

Total yards448140

Fumbles lost4-21-0



08-30-2008, 03:32 PM
Carmel is now 2-0 after beating Lebenon 52-0!

08-31-2008, 07:02 AM
My son played in his first high school game last night....They have a kid on the team that had..... 156 rushing yards...2 rushing TD's....1 punt return TD...2 inteceptions..and 10 solo tackles

.........IN ONE HALF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

08-31-2008, 09:45 AM
Southern Columbia - 35
Shamokin Area -22

The score was MUCH closer than this. Shamokin was down 14-8 in the middle of the 3rd quarter. A 78 yard TD run broke the back of the defense, who was on the field all night.

Too many missed opportunities. 4 turnovers by Southern resulted in 7 pts.

A pass to take a 15-14 lead went off of a recievers hand in the end zone.

The defense looked fabulous until the 3rd. Fatigue and cramps began to set in.

The Indians passing attack started to take effect in the 4th quarter. After a first half marred by near miss incompletions, accuracy began to take effect. The pleasant part was the fact that it was againt the starting defense. Two PERFECT TD passes answered each Southern score.

Just not enough in the tank tonight.

Wait until this team gels. Next week is arch enemy (as if we don't hate Southern the same) Mt. Carmel Area. This will be a test.

09-02-2008, 09:01 PM
My school is a small AA school way back in Eastern PA called Pen Argyl. We got about 60 guys out this year.

09-03-2008, 06:47 AM
My school is a small AA school way back in Eastern PA called Pen Argyl. We got about 60 guys out this year.

I know them. Never played them, but I know them.

Mt. Carmel this week!

09-06-2008, 11:25 AM
What they said before the game
SOURCE:Altoona Mirror
Hollidaysburg, meanwhile, was expected to be one of the top teams in District 6 regardless of class. But, while the Golden Tigers' first-game loss to State College wasn't a complete surprise, the 37-0 count by which they took it on the chin was.

Hollidaysburg will try to right itself tonight when 1-0 South Western comes to Tiger Stadium. Both games are scheduled to start at 7 p.m.

Hollidaysburg coach John Barton wasn't putting too much stock in his team's first-week result as it also prepared to play a team from the southern part of District 3.

''I still think we're going to be OK,'' Barton said. ''We still have some things we need to get better at. I'm not worried that we can get better.''

State College piled up 302 yards rushing and 428 yards total against the Tigers. It was Hollidaysburg's most one-sided loss since the opening game of 2006 vs. Altoona.

Such a game could produce a hangover. Barton, though, didn't feel that would be the case.

''It's always tough to play a game like that, but I think our kids understand what we need to do,'' Barton said. ''We've just got to be more consistent. We had too many breakdowns in responsibility. We got caught up in the flow of the game.''

South Western is no stranger to Hollidaysburg - the teams played four fairly high-scoring games earlier in this decade, three of which were won by the Tigers.

The Mustangs opened their season with a 33-6 thrashing of Gettysburg behind J.R. Mummert's 90 yards rushing and Dave Sager's three touchdown passes. Gettysburg also committed eight turnovers, losing six of eight fumbles.

''They're always good. They're coached well. They play hard. They've got some good skill kids,'' Barton said.

Barton was unsure of the status of Tiger starting quarterback Brandyn Ott, who was injured against State College. If Ott can't play, James Muir will get the start under center, but Barton said there'd probably be a rotation at the position.

09-06-2008, 11:29 AM
WE WIN!!!!!!! Next Game:September 12 vs. H.D. Woodson(DC)
Drive propels Tigers
By John Hartsock jhartsock@altoonamirror.com
POSTED: September 6, 2008

HOLLIDAYSBURG - South Western coach Don Seidenstricker described his team's non-conference game with Hollidaysburg at Tiger Stadium Friday night as an offensive chess match.

And, thanks to a commanding, clock-eating drive that ate up most of the fourth quarter, the Golden Tigers were able to call a checkmate.

Clinging tenuously to a 21-19 lead early in the fourth quarter, Hollidaysburg mounted a 66-yard, 18-play drive that consumed nearly 10 minutes and culminated in bullish sophomore fullback Luke Rhodes' third touchdown run of the night.

It was a 6-yard burst with just 1:19 left that clinched Hollidaysburg's hard-fought 28-19 victory.

Led by the power bucking of the 6-foot-2, 200-pound Rhodes, the elusive athleticism of senior quarterback Brandyn Ott, and an offensive line surge that was spearheaded by tackles Ryan McGrath and Colt Edwards, guards Casey Castellucci and Jake Walls, center Connor Brinkhoff, and tight ends Jake Bickley and Devon Diehl, Hollidaysburg preserved the victory to even its record at 1-1.

"That was a big one,'' Hollidaysburg coach John Barton said of the clinching drive, which started at the Tigers' 34 and consumed 9:42 of the game clock. "Our linemen rose to the occasion again and again.''

So did Ott, apparently fully recovered from a shoulder injury sustained in last week's season-opening loss to State College, and Rhodes, who rushed for 87 yards on 21 carries.

Along with completing seven of 11 passes for 115 yards and a touchdown, Ott rushed for 85 yards on 20 carries, including 31 on six carries during the final march. Rhodes, who also scored on a 38-yard burst off right tackle in the first quarter and a 4-yard blast in the third quarter, gained 26 yards on 10 carries in the game-ending march.

"Our line got the job done,'' Ott said. "And Luke Rhodes did a heck of a job picking up key first-down plays.''

Rhodes felt the momentum of the game turn on the drive, in which Hollidaysburg picked up five first downs.

"We had the tempo, and our line kept driving,'' he said. "We never gave up.''

That was an important factor in an offensive donnybrook in which the two teams combined for 647 yards in total offense - with South Western picking up 337.

"It was an offensive chess match tonight, but we need to correct some of our defensive ills,'' Seidenstricker said. "Their skill position players are a little faster than ours, but at times, our defense let [Hollidaysburg's] offense get out of the bag in manageable-down situations.''

The lead pinballed in the first half, with South Western (1-1) enjoying an early 12-7 advantage on David Sager's 31-yard scoring pass to Drew Sneeringer and J.R. Mummert's 32-yard run, both in the first quarter. Mummert, a slick junior halfback, gained 118 yards on 19 carries.

Rhodes used a McGrath block to race into the open field for his first touchdown, in the first quarter, and Ott hit Justin Gildea on a 4-yard rollout 16 seconds before intermission to give the Tigers a 13-12 halftime lead.

In the third quarter, Ott rolled left with the Tigers facing a third-and-20 from their own 10 and clicked on a 59-yard pass down the left sideline to Ben Pramuk that paved the way for Rhodes' 4-yard scoring run that gave the Tigers a 21-12 lead.

"I saw [Pramuk] was in man[-to-man] coverage and I rolled out and threw it deep,'' Ott said. "My shoulder was a little stiff at the start of the game, but it kept getting better and better as the game went on.''

South Western responded with a 70-yard drive that Jeb Shipley ended with a 9-yard, second-effort touchdown run, closing the Tigers' lead to 21-19 before Hollidaysburg's ball-control magic iced the outcome.

"That was a huge, huge drive,'' Barton said of the game-ender. "And I told our kids afterward how proud I was of them.''

Game notes: Jake Bickley had an interception right before the final buzzer for Hollidaysburg, which hosts H.D. Woodson of Washington, D.C. next Friday night.


South Western12 0 0 7 - 19

Hollidaysburg7 6 8 7 - 28

First quarter

SW-Sneeringer 31 pass from Sager (kick failed), 9:31.

H-L. Rhodes 38 run (Boland kick), 6:16.

SW-Mummert 32 run (pass failed), 2:54.

Second quarter

H-Gildea 3 pass from Ott (run failed), 0:16.

Third quarter

H-L. Rhodes 4 run (Boland pass from Ott), 6:32.

Fourth quarter

SW-Shipley 9 run (Kruger kick), 11:07.

H-L. Rhodes 6 run (Boland kick), 1:19.


RUSHING: South Western-Mummert 19-118, Helwig 5-34, Shipley 4-17, Sager 2-11, Scott 3-8, Team 1-(-0). Hollidaysburg-L. Rhodes 21-87, Ott 20-85, Gildea 3-9, Hammond 5-14.

PASSING: South Western-Sager 9-18-1-149. Hollidaysburg-Ott 7-11-0-115.

RECEIVING: South Western-Berwanger 2-41, Sneeringer 2-37, Helwig 1-42, Mahorney 3-17, Shipley 1-12. Hollidaysburg-Pramuk 2-66, Gildea 2-34, Hammond 1-10, Boland 1-4, L. Rhodes 1-1.

INTERCEPTIONS: Hollidaysburg 1-Bickley.


First downs17-16

Yards rushing34-188-49-195

Passing (comp.-att.-int.)9-18-1-7-11-0

Yards passing149115

Total yards337-310

Fumbles lost0-0-1-0



09-06-2008, 11:47 AM
September 6, 2008

Crazy bounce helps Carmel triumph

Last-minute fumble recovery leads to TD, 2-point conversion

By Michael Pointer

GREENWOOD, Ind. -- After nearly 48 minutes of brilliant football, the battle of the state's top high school squads came down to a fumble that bounced off several players on both teams.

Carmel's Nick Logan looked down and saw the ball roll right to his feet.

"It was just sitting on the ground," the junior wide receiver said, "and I picked it up and ran for my life."

Logan scooped up teammate Morgan Newton's fumble and ran 8 yards for a touchdown with 33 seconds remaining.

Newton followed that by hitting Eric Ardaiolo with a 2-point conversion pass to give the visiting Greyhounds, ranked No. 1 in Class 5A, a 33-32 victory over No. 2 Center Grove in front of a crowd of 6,493 fans. The vast majority went home stunned as Carmel rallied from a 12-point fourth-quarter deficit.

In the end, the Greyhounds could thank some nice bounces and an alert play by Logan for the victory.

"We worked on that a little bit this week in practice," Carmel coach Mo Moriarty said jokingly.

The Greyhounds (3-0, 1-0 Metropolitan) faced fourth-and-1 from the Center Grove 6-yard line and were out of timeouts. Newton took the snap out of the shotgun and went for the first down over the right side.

Center Grove's Anthony Elias and Keith Dietel hit Newton, who fumbled. The ball bounced off several players and Center Grove appeared to fall on it at one point.

Instead, the ball rolled out to Logan, who picked it up and ran untouched down the sideline into the end zone.

"I thought we had it," Center Grove coach Eric Moore said. "That's strange. A credit to their kid for picking it up. Everyone was in the scrum of it and there was one guy that wasn't and it popped out to him. It looked like (video game) football or something."

It appeared Moriarty was going to have Carmel kick the extra point and force overtime. Center Grove called timeout to regroup, and Moriarty decided to go for two instead.

"Last year, they got us on a play that was very similar," said Moriarity, referring to Center Grove scoring on a 2-point conversion in 32-31 victory at Carmel last season. "When they called timeout, it gave us a chance to say, 'Hey, let's go for the win.' "

They wouldn't have been in that position without the University of Kentucky-bound Newton, who rushed for 232 yards on 27 carries and scored three touchdowns. He was 12-for-17 passing for 145 yards and two scores.

"It's a big deal to win this game," Newton said. "But this isn't our season. We wanted to win here, but our ultimate goal is to win a state championship."

Carmel took a 25-24 lead on Newton's 6-yard run with 4:03 remaining.

Center Grove (2-1, 0-1) came back on its next possession. Tanner Riley's 67-yard run put the ball on the Greyhounds 5-yard line, and quarterback Jordan Luallen scored on a bootleg on the next play. The 2-point conversion gave the Trojans a 32-25 lead with 3:02 left.

Carmel converted twice on third down on the ensuing drive, setting up the crazy ending. It recovered a fumble on the Trojans' first play after the kickoff to seal the victory.

Carmel and Center Grove will not play again unless they reach the state championship game, a fact that wasn't lost on Moore when he shook Moriarity's hands afterward.

"We'll see you in (Lucas Oil Stadium) and we'll do it again," he said.

|Center Grove|14|3|7|8|--|32|
[end chart]

CG -- Tanner Riley 4 run (Mike Wood kick)

C -- Eric Courter 6 pass from Morgan Newton (kick failed)

CG -- Jordan Luallen 1 run (Neylon kick)

CG --- FG Wood 38

C -- Newton 71 run (run failed)

CG -- Garrett Mack 22 pass from Luallen (Wood kick)

C -- Jon Schmidt 2 pass from Newton (Jordan Babprofanityfilterprofanityfilterprofanityfilterpr ofanityfilter kick)

C -- Newton 6 run (pass failed)

CG -- Luallen 5 run (Riley pass from Luallen)

C -- Nick Logan 8 fumble recovery (Eric Aradailo pass from Newton)

|First Downs|17|16|
|Passing Yards|145|89|
[end chart]

Rushing -- Carmel: Newton 27-232, Kurt Freytag 13-53, Logan 1-8, Evan Bergman 1-0. Center Grove: Riley 17-117, Luallen 12-96, Luke Swift 13-67, Nolan Weidman 3-4.

Passing -- Carmel: Newtown 12-17-1 145. Center Grove: Luallen 6-10-0 89.

Receiving -- Carmel: Logan 2-89, Schmidt 5-22, Troy Stratford 3-22, Courter 1-6, Tyler Cates 1-5. Center Grove: Wood 1-32, Mack 1-22, Michael Hole 1-18, Swift 2-11, Riley 1-5.

Missed Field Goals -- Carmel: None. Center Grove: None.


09-06-2008, 12:05 PM

Published: Saturday, September 6, 2008 10:23 AM EDT
COAL TOWNSHIP — The Coal Bucket will spend another year in Mount Carmel Area’s trophy case.

For anyone who’s followed what used to be this area’s greatest football rivalry, that shouldn’t come as a big surprise.

Shamokin Area hasn’t claimed possession of the old, black bucket that signifies supremacy among these backyard rivals in a baker’s dozen tries.

And, after the Red Tornadoes’ 47-7 thrashing Friday night at Kemp Memorial Stadium, it doesn’t appear they’re getting any closer.

“I’ll take this one,” a dejected Indians’ coach Dave Zielinsie said in his team’s locker room after the game. “I thought we were ready to play, but obviously we were not as ready as we should have been coming off that Southern Columbia loss.”

The Indians’ biggest problem most of the night, and conversely, Mount Carmel Area’s biggest asset, was field position.

The Red Tornadoes started eight of their 13 possessions in Shamokin Area’s offensive end.

Some of that field position was due to outstanding special teams play — both kick and punt coverage and returns — some was due to in-your-face defense and some can be traced to Shamokin Area’s inability to get much going on the offensive side.

No matter how you look at it, Mount Carmel Area turned those eight good starting spots into six touchdowns. Only one scoring drive, the one that led to the night’s final touchdown, started deeper than midfield.

When the smoke cleared, Tornadoes’ senior quarterback Marcus Wasilewski fired touchdown passes of 16 yards to Matt Moroz and 12 yards to Matt Koveleski, while five different backs — Justin Pellowski, Julius Demetrius, Dave DeMarco, Tyler Karycki and Eddy Stewart — ran for a touchdown apiece.

Shamokin Area was only able to counter all that with a 44-yard Ed Taylor-to-Tim Bousson hookup that resulted in the Indians’ only score.

And for everything the Red Tornadoes did well in a rivalry game that followed an emotional victory over Selinsgrove last week, head coach Mike Brennan feels his team still might not be as good as it can get.

“I don’t know that we’re there yet,” Brennan said. “I don’t know that we’ve hit our stride yet.

“We knew we had a chance to be 2-0 at this point, and obviously we’re glad to be there and be relatively healthy, but we have to keep getting better every day and every week.”

What they may have most is the type of offensive balance that’s good enough to keep any team in defensive limbo. No back rushed for more than 58 yards, although as a team the Tornadoes turned 38 rushes into 221 yards. No receiver caught more than two balls for 39 yards, although Wasilewski’s eight completions were spread among six different players and accounted for another 141 yards and two scores.

Shamokin Area’s offensive output was less than half Mount Carmel Area’s — a meager 55 on the ground and 102 through the air. There wasn’t enough there to put the kind of pressure on the Tornado defense that the Indians’ defense felt all night.

“We’re not getting any kind of consistency, and that’s on me,” Zielinskie said. “We have to figure out how to stop people, and we have to figure out how to move the ball.

“It wasn’t a good night.”

0-2 to start.

09-13-2008, 11:08 AM
What they said BEFORE the game
Barton’s Tigers will need to control Woodson’s speed
By Philip Cmor,pcmor@altoonamirror.com
POSTED: September 12, 2008

After getting handled by State College in its opener, then bouncing back to dispatch South Western in the second half last week, the Hollidaysburg Area High School football team finishes its trifecta of home games to open the season tonight at 7 p.m. with 0-2 H.D. Woodson of Washington, D.C.

Don't let Woodson's record fool you. This team will keep the Golden Tigers hands full.

''They've got a lot of athletes that have speed,'' Tiger coach John Barton said. ''They played two really tough teams, so they're one of the best 0-2 teams around.''

Indeed, the nickname of Steeler backup quarterback Byron Leftwich's alma mater might as well be the ''Road Warriors'' instead of the Warriors for the first month of the season and has been taking on all comers. The District of Columbia Interscholastic Athletic Association East Division champion from last year opened the season with two games in Ohio, meeting national powerhouse Cleveland St. Edward last week after facing Lancaster in its opener.

After the Hollidaysburg game, Woodson will be headed to Widener to play Cardinal O'Hara.

Barton said Woodson had speed comparable to that of State College, which gave his team difficulties. In its high school football preview, the Washington Post wrote that quarterback Ricardo White, receiver Joelil Thrash and running back Kayvone Spriggs gave the Warriors the potential for a prolific offense. Thrash has committed to Illinois, while fellow wideout Jerrard Hunter has a verbal scholarship offer from Maryland.

It doesn't end there.

''The line is gigantic. I haven't added them all up, but the average has got to be 300 pounds,'' Barton said.

The Tigers, though, have some talent, too. Last week, Luke Rhodes and quarterback Brandyn Ott both ran for 80 yards behind a strong performance from the Tiger offensive line.

''The biggest thing we improved is we took steps up front,'' Barton said. ''The offensive line still needs to be more consistent.''

Hollidaysburg played Woodson before, losing 26-6 in 2006. Barton's hopeful there won't be a repeat of that game or the 37-0 loss to State College that opened the season.

''The difference I think that works in our favor is against State College you have to be very assignment-oriented and disciplined,'' Barton said, ''where Woodson just lets their athletes loose.''

09-13-2008, 11:53 AM
WE WIN!!!!!!!!! NEXT WEEK: Next Friday at Bellefonte
Golden Tigers explode past D.C. school
By John Hartsock jhartsock@altoonamirror.com
POSTED: September 13, 2008

HOLLIDAYSBURG - An electrical problem at Tiger Stadium rendered the scoreboard non-functional for the entire four quarters of Hollidaysburg's non-conference football game with H.D. Woodson of Washington, D.C. Friday night.

But the Golden Tigers still lit up the board figuratively if not literally.

Hollidaysburg racked up 368 yards in total offense, 316 of which came on the ground, and doubled up Woodson, 44-22 on an evening in which steady rain was a factor for the first three quarters.

Ahead only 24-22 after Woodson's Nigel Rios returned a kickoff 85 yards for a touchdown midway through the third quarter, Hollidaysburg mounted a 73-yard, 15-play drive that senior quarterback Brandyn Ott capped with his third touchdown run of the night, a 5-yard burst before the end of the third period. Jason Boland's kick gave Hollidaysburg a 31-22 lead entering the fourth quarter.

Hollidaysburg coach John Barton, whose team improved to 2-1, thought the third-quarter drive was pivotal.

"That was an outstanding drive in the third quarter, and I think we wore them down a little bit there,'' Barton said. "It was frustrating playing without the scoreboard clock working, but the officials did an excellent job keeping the time on the field. And I was real pleased with what we did offensively.''

Senior defensive back Joe Hargis and senior linebacker Adam Bettwy teamed on a big defensive play with 1:09 left in the third quarter that paved the way for Hollidaysburg to open a 37-22 fourth-quarter spread.

With Woodson facing a fourth-and-one from its own 36, the Warriors elected to run fullback Marcus Phelps off a quick snap out of punt formation. But Hargis, who was all over the field defensively for the Tigers all night long, wrapped up Phelps short of the first down with Bettwy's help.

"We had an idea they were going to go for it, and Bettwy and I made the play there,'' Hargis said.

The stop gave Hollidaysburg the ball at the Woodson 34, and six plays later, senior flanker Justin Gildea ran a misdirection 8 yards into the end zone for the Tigers' 37-22 fourth-quarter lead.

"I thought our [offensive] line did a great job tonight,'' said Hollidaysburg senior halfback Scott Hammond, who rushed for 51 yards on 10 carries, scored a first-quarter touchdown on a 3-yard run, and set up Ott's 1-foot goal line sneak in the second quarter with a 29-yard run. "Tonight was an all-around effort. Everybody made plays for us.''

Sophomore fullback Luke Rhodes made his share of big plays for the second straight week, pacing the Tigers' rushing attack with 109 yards on 16 carries and scoring runs of 7 yards in the third quarter and 15 in the fourth.

"They whipped our butts tonight,'' said Woodson coach Greg Fuller, whose team dropped to 0-3 despite Rios' big kick return and University of Illinois-bound Joelil Thrash's 69-yard catch-and-run touchdown play off a throw from Terrance Bridgers to open the night's scoring. "[Hollidaysburg] is very well-coached and well-disciplined. They did a [great] job of executing.''

Game notes: Sophomore T.J. Keefer recovered a fumbled Woodson punt to set up Ott's 16-yard second-quarter touchdown run for Hollidaysburg, which visits Bellefonte for a Mountain Conference, Seven Mountains Division matchup next Friday.


H.D. Woodson7 7 8 0 - 22

Hollidaysburg6 12 13 13 - 44

First quarter

HDW-Thrash 69 pass from Bridgers (Douglas kick).

HOL-Hammond 3 run (kick failed), Time.

Second quarter

HDW-Hunter 8 pass from Bridgers (Douglas kick).

HOL-Ott 16 run (pass failed).

HOL-Ott 1 run (run failed).

Third quarter

HOL-L. Rhodes 7 run (pass failed).

HDW-Rios 85 kickoff return (Thrash run).

HOL-Ott 5 run (Boland kick).

Fourth quarter

HOL-Gildea 8 run (kick failed).

HOL-L. Rhodes 15 run (Boland kick).


RUSHING: H.D. Woodson-Spriggs 11-54, Young 3-(-17), Rios 1-(-3), Phelps 1-(-2). Hollidaysburg-L. Rhodes 16-109, Ott 10-81, Hammond 10-51, Gildea 8-50, Bettwy 3-11, Muir 1-9, Griffith 1-5.

PASSING: H.D. Woodson-Bridgers 7-11-0-133, Young 4-8-0-58. Hollidaysburg-Ott 7-8-0-52.

RECEIVING: H.D. Woodson-Rios 5-50, Hunter 3-38, Thrash 2-92, Spriggs 1-11. Hollidaysburg-Gildea 4-31, Hammond 2-12, Pramuk 1-9.



First downs6-22

Yards rushing16-32-49-316

Passing (comp.-att.-int.)11-19-0-7-8-0

Yards passing19-152

Total yards223-368

Fumbles lost1-1-3-0



09-13-2008, 03:22 PM
The Class 5A No. 1 Greyhounds (4-0, 2-0) shut out the host Braves (2-2) by rushing for 265 yards on 42 carries. Kurt Freytag scored on runs of 2, 20 and 52 yards and Tyler Evancic tacked on another two in the fourth quarter for the Greyhounds.

Morgan Newton accounted for 161 yards and two touchdowns as Carmel scored 21 points in the fourth. The Greyhounds forced four turnovers and had 8 penalties totalling 76 yards.

09-13-2008, 08:14 PM
Central Columbia - 34
Shamokin Area - 27

(Indians blow 19-0 lead in first half en route to 0-3 start)

ALMEDIA — Shamokin Area found an offense Friday night.

Trouble is, the defense is still AWOL.

The Indians, using a variety of backs, took a 19-0 lead on Central Columbia in the first 16 minutes of their Heartland Conference Division II game at Central, and averaged about 10.6 yards per offensive play in the first half.

But the Blue Jays have a senior quarterback named Adam Diltz, four very good receivers, a tough junior running back named Jake Machinski, and an offense that literally doesn’t care what the down and distance is.

Diltz, coming off a 376-yard passing game in a win over Danville last week, completed 16-of-27 passes for 289 yards and three touchdowns. Four different receivers caught at least three passes, and Machinski chipped in 106 yards and a score on the ground as the Jays stormed past the Indians for the lead and fought off a last-minute threat for a 34-27 win.

“We’ve been playing this (Bloomsburg University’s sprint draw) offense for four years, and we’re seniors now,” said Diltz. “Experience is a big factor. We weren’t concerned when they got the lead.”

“I have complete confidence in these kids,” said Central coach Joe Kelchner. “Adam is playing very well and we have a stable of receivers. You just can’t pick one out and try to stop him. I don’t want this to come out the wrong way, but not at all (was he worried about the deficit).”

The Blue Jays (2-1, 1-1) scored three touchdowns in the final eight minutes of the first half to take a 21-19 lead. Diltz completed 13-of-19 passes in the half for 173 yards. His 33-yard touchdown pass to Matt Groshek cut the lead to 19-7 just 43 seconds after the Indians took a 19-0 lead on a 47-yard touchdown run by Brent Forbes.

Shamokin (0-3, 0-3), finally utilizing senior Nick Domanski’s speed (Domanski ran for 142 yards, scoring three touchdowns, including an 89-yarder) almost regained the three-touchdown margin when Forbes passed to Domanski out of punt formation on the next series and he went 61 yards for an apparent score, but the play was whistled back because the Indians had too many receivers downfield.

That was probably the game’s real

turning point. After a short punt, the Jays engineered a five-play, 49-yard drive, with Machinski scoring on a seven-yard run.

Central finally forced the Indians into a three-and-out, and Diltz went to work. He completed passes of 13 yards to Matt Faux, 19 yards to Eric Justick, and after three incompletes, threw 43 yards to Mark Fulton (four catches, 158 yards) for a fourth-and-10 touchdown with 35 seconds left in the half.

Compounding the problem, the Jays got the ball to start the second half because they deferred on the first-half kickoff. After an illegal procedure and a one-yard run, Diltz and Fulton hooked up again, this time for 64 yards and another touchdown.

Shamokin got back into the game by taking advantage of Central’s daring. Figuring the Indians hadn’t stopped them yet, Central went for it on fourth-and-16 from the Shamokin 48-yard line. Forbes sacked Diltz for a 13-yard loss, and the Indians scored on a seven-play drive, with Domanski scoring from a yard out.

“Like I said, I have complete confidence in these kids,” Kelchner said. “I got yelled at last week for making those kind of calls, but I think we converted four or five fourth downs in that game.”

The teams then traded turnovers. Diltz made his only bad read and was intercepted by Bryon Chowka, giving Shamokin the ball at the Central 29. But the Indians fumbled the ball away on the next play and Mashinski picked it up and returned it 47 yards. Although Shamokin had a defensive stop, the Jays’ Kolby Fedder recovered another Indian fumble, and the Jays went 41 yards in five plays for an insurance score.

Quarterback Eddie Taylor and Domanski connected on an 18-yard pass to the Central 17 with just over a minute to play, but Central forced three incompletions and Ben Emmett clinched the game with an end-zone interception.

“We’re just not stopping anyone on defense,” Shamokin coach Dave Zielinskie said. “It didn’t matter what their offense was, we can’t stop anyone. It doesn’t matter if we have 600 yards if we can’t stop people. We need a win. We’re really hurting for a win.”

Next week is Shikelamy. Odds on our side... we havent lost to them since 1983.

09-20-2008, 07:38 PM
What was said before the game
Tigers on road

Hollidaysburg coach John Barton had to deal with similar questions to the ones now facing Phil Riccio when his Golden Tigers lost to State College in their opener, 37-0.

Since then, the Tigers have answered all of them with wins over Hanover South Western and Washington, D.C., H.D. Woodson.

''I think we're a better team now, but I think State College is a pretty good team, as evidenced by their being 3-0,'' Barton said. ''It was not one of those things where we were going to live and die with one game. We'd been there before two years ago when we got spanked by Altoona in the first game and turned out all right.

''The biggest thing I'm excited about now is I see improvement.''

The Tigers finally get into Mountain Conference Seven Mountains Division play this week at Rogers Stadium in Bellefonte against a Red Raider team that's also 2-1.

Barton said he'd already talked to the team about the significance of playing a divisional game, as well as playing a team Hollidaysburg could see again in the District 6 Class A playoffs.

''That's what you look forward to,'' Barton said.

Luke Rhodes and Brandyn Ott have been two of Hollidaysburg's biggest keys the last two games, each surpassing 80 yards rushing in both contests. Ott also has 185 yards passing, completing 17 of 23 throws.

Bellefonte is coming off a 19-0 loss at Central, but the Red Raiders have looked better than their graduation losses from last season would have seemed to dictate they be. The Raiders are allowing less than 200 yards per game.

Bellefonte also has a couple of threats in its passing attack - receiver Dave Radziak and big tight end Chris Irwin have combined for 16 receptions already.

Hollidaysburg won last year's meeting at Tiger Stadium, 35-33.

''Wetold our kids 'You really have to be ready,''' Barton said. ''It was a shootout last year, and it left a bad taste in their mouth.''

09-20-2008, 07:43 PM
WE WIN!!!!!!!! NEXT WEEK: Next Friday at home against Indian Valley
Gildea, Golden Tigers dominate Raiders
By Todd Irwin, tirwin@altoonamirror.com
POSTED: September 20, 2008

BELLEFONTE - Hollidaysburg senior Justin Gildea was modest when he was asked to assess how he played Friday night at Bellefonte's Rogers Stadium.

"I don't know, sometimes you just get lucky, I guess," Gildea said.

If he were to boast about his performance in the Golden Tigers' 53-7 blowout win, here are some of the things he would pound his chest about:

n He scored four touchdowns, which is a career high, including three in the first 14:43 of the game.

n He returned two interceptions for touchdowns, including a 97-yard return. Gildea had never returned a pick for a score.

"That's pretty sweet," he said.

n He caught two touchdown passes from quarterback Brandyn Ott, whose 38-yard connection with Gildea in the second quarter was a thing of beauty.

n He caught three passes for 54 yards and ran for 46 yards on five carries in the Golden Tigers' 288-yard rushing effort.

"Justin's a pretty special player," Hollidaysburg coach John Barton said after his team improved to 3-1. "We've known that all along. We looked at the first couple games, and we said as a [coaching] staff we have to get him more opportunities to touch the football.

"I thought we did a better job last week, and I thought we did a better job this week, obviously. Justin's a playmaker, and he can do some big things."

As a receiver Gildea loves the no-huddle, hurry-up spread offense that the Red Raiders couldn't stop.

"Every year, we've been in the huddle," Gildea said, "and this is different, but it's fun."

While the passing game is the focus in the no-huddle offense, Hollidaysburg's rushing attack was on from the first carry. Sophomore Luke Rhodes ran for 98 yards on nine carries, including a 36-yarder on the first series, and later a 27-yarder for his second touchdown. Two plays later, Ott scored from the 3.

Ott can run, but he's a much better passer. The 6-foot-2, 195-pound senior, who completed 7-of-11 for 130 yards, connected with Jason Boland for 55 yards on the first play of the Tigers' next series. He connected with Ben Pramuk for 9, and then hit Gildea for 14 and a TD.

"I'm always proud of Brandyn," Barton said. "He's a special kid. He understands the offense very, very well."

The Raiders were driving for a touchdown late in the first quarter, but Gildea stepped in front of a Kode Plank pass at the Tiger 3, bounced to the Raider sideline, stayed inbounds and went the rest of the way.

"I was just reading the quarterback's eyes," Gildea said, "so I broke on it and caught it. I was real close to the sideline, and there was one defender there. Joseph Hargis was in front of me, and he gave me a couple good blocks."

"I thought it was interesting that they chose to pick on him," Barton said, "because he's not a good guy to pick on."

With the Tigers up 20-0, Raider fullback Jim Watson fumbled and Hargis recovered the Bellefonte 4. Rhodes then took it in from there with 44 seconds left in the quarter.

Thirty seconds later, Plank, who completed 15-of-29 passes for 210 yards, hit Torin Miller for 76 yards and a score. The Raiders (2-2) got close to the end zone at other times, but the Tigers turned them back.

Ott hit Gildea for 38 yards early in the second quarter, and Gildea returned his second pick 19 yards for a TD in the third quarter. The starters got one more series, and Rhodes scored from 27.

"I didn't expect that," Barton said of the rout. "I thought we could do well. I felt good about how we were progressing offensively. Our kids really played well tonight."

Game notes: Hollidaysburg was flagged nine times for 95 yards, incurring four unsportsmanlike conduct penalties and a pass interference call. "They bug me," Barton said, "but I want to see the tape before I get too carried away." ... Bellefonte had one penalty for 1 yard. ... Bellefonte's Trea Van Buren, a 4-foot-11, 81-pound sophomore, got in late in the game.


Hollidaysburg26 6 14 7-53

Bellefonte 7 0 0 0- 7

First Quarter

H-Ott 3 run (kick failed), 9:31.

H-Gildea 14 pass from Ott (Ott run), 5:32.

H-Gildea 97 interception return (kick failed), 1:39.

H-Rhodes 4 run (pass failed), :44.

B-Miller 76 pass from Plank (Watson kick), :14.

Second quarter

H-Gildea 38 pass from Ott (kick failed), 9:17..

Third quarter

H-Gildea 19 interception return (Boland kick), 11:05.

H-Rhodes 27 run (Boland kick), 5:31.

Fourth quarter

H-Jackson 1 run (Boland kick), 6:24.


RUSHING: Hollidaysburg-Rhodes 8-98, Gildea 5-46, Muir 3-33, Ott 4-32, Jackson 4-28, Bettwy 4-27, Hammond 4-12, Rentz 1-8, Glunt 1-4. Bellefonte-Musser 9-26, Jones 7-14, Struble 1-0, Plank 4-(-3), Watson 1-(-9), Tressler 2-(-19).

PASSING: Hollidaysburg-Ott 7-11-0-130. Bellefonte-Plank 15-29-3-210, Tressler 0-4-0-0, TEAM 0-1-0-0.

RECEIVING: Hollidaysburg-Boland 2-64, Gildea 3-54, Pramuk 1-9, Hammond 1-3. Bellefonte-Miller 3-93, Irwin 5-44, Radziak 3-36, Musser 1-15, James 2-14, Florey 1-8.

Interceptions: Hollidaysburg-Gildea 2, Boland.


First downs18-16

Rushing yards34-288-23-9

Passing (comp.-att.-int)7-11-0 15-34-3

Passing yards130-210

Total yards418-219

Fumbles lost1-1-2-1



09-20-2008, 08:45 PM

Indians earn first victory

SUNBURY — For the second year in a row, Shamokin Area celebrated its first win of the season on Shikellamy’s home field.

This year’s victory, a 12-7 nail biter, came decidedly earlier on the calendar than last year’s week 10 blowout in favor of the Indians.

The defense needed to step up this year as opposed to the offense putting the game out of reach.

In the fourth quarter with a slim five-point lead, Shamokin’s Bryon Chowka, who’d already had a stellar game with double-digit tackles, picked off Shikellamy quarterback Garrett Pope on the six-yard line to preserve the Indians’ first win of the season.

“It’s amazing compared to last year,” Chowka said. “We all worked so hard in the winter and it’s great to come up with a win early.”

Chowka’s pick was exactly what a reeling Indians’ defense needed. They’d been on the field for more than 16 minutes in the second half and had been giving up chunks of yards on the ground to Shikellamy running backs T.J. Hertzog and Dominick Wolfe.

But when Pope reared back to throw Chowka, who is also the Indians’ starting center, got his hands on the ball and never let go.

“I saw the quarterback rolling out, I read his eyes and he threw the ball right to me,” Chowka said. “I just picked it off. I have to thank my d-line for that. They caused the pressure. The secondary had great coverage. They played a heck of a game tonight.”

“Bryon Chowka played an awesome game at linebacker,” Shamokin head coach Dave Zielinskie said. “He made a load of tackles, and came up with a big interception.”

Shamokin’s offense put the defense in a position to win the game with a fourth-quarter drive to retake the lead after Shikellamy relied on a run-heavy drive to steal the lead in the beginning of the final frame, 7-6.

The Indian’s running game stuttered most of the game, but came up big on the final scoring drive.

Nick Domanski carried the ball twice for 27 yards and the Indians moved up another 15 yards after a late hit on the second run.

Tyler Scicchitano scored from five yards out to make the game 12-7.

“That showed a lot of character, that last drive,” Zielinskie said. “Our attitude has been super all season long and this ought to pick it up even more.”

The tandem of quarterback Ed Taylor to wideout Leo Mirolli made up most of the fireworks for the Indians’ offense in the first three quarters.

Tim Bousson, Shamokin’s leading receiver, out with an injury, so with the spotlight shined directly on him, Mirolli stepped up.

“Taylor and Mirolli lit it up,” Zielinskie said. “We thought we could run the ball more on them. They took the run away and we were able to pick up some things passing.”

A 41-yard pass and catch between the two preceded a pass to Jared Montgomery, who had two catches for 34 yards, to set up Shamokin’s first score of the night at the 8:29 mark in the second quarter.

Taylor found an open Justin Krah in the end zone for the Indians’ first score.

Hertzog, Wolfe and Pope combined for 189 yards on the ground for Shikellamy, and seemed to wear out the Indians’ defensive line down the stretch. But when the Braves needed points, they oddly went to the air.

“We kept changing our fronts and the clock definitely helped us,” Zielinskie said. “They got to a situation where they tried to run the ball in on two plays and they got to the point where they had to pass. Other than the long pass on that drive we controlled their passing game.”

Still the taste of victory is sweet for the Indians, and might propel them for the rest of the season.

“The first one is never easy,” Zielinskie said. “Both teams played hard. We both had chances to throw it away, we both had chances to pick up a victory. I’m so happy for these kids that we picked up the victory. They played hard all game, as did the Braves, but only one team can walk away winners.”

09-27-2008, 08:34 AM

Big first half leads to victory


COAL TOWNSHIP — Shamokin Area played a flawless first half in its Heartland Conference matchup with Danville Friday night at Kemp Memorial Stadium.

In the second half, the Indians hung on.

And in the end, that was enough.

With a 21-14 victory over the Ironmen, the Indians (2-3) notched their first conference victory — their second consecutive win overall — and, more importantly, made a statement that they will be a factor in the District 4 Class AA playoff race.

Credit for the victory can be split equally between a brilliant first-half offensive performance, and a defensive effort that beat up standout Danville quarterback Andrew Shoop all night and allowed the Ironmen offense only one visit into the end zone.

Danville’s first score was a defensive effort and came when William Strodell blocked a Brent Forbes punt, and Michael Smith fell on it in the end zone.

“We beat a quality team,” Shamokin coach Dave Zielinskie said. “This is a big step.

“Now we have Selinsgrove and Montoursville coming up, and this gives our kids a lot of confidence.”

The Indians first half was as effective as it was flawless.

Forbes rushed for 143 of his game-high 161 yards, finding the end zone once, as the Indians’ offense punished the Ironmen (2-3) and, more importantly, kept the ball out of Shoop’s hands.

Forbes’ touchdown run, a 7-yarder in the first quarter, followed a 34-yard Eddie Taylor-to-Tim Bousson scoring hookup earlier in the quarter

and gave Shamokin a 14-0 advantage.

Midway through the second quarter, Tyler Scicchitano, seeing extensive action in the offensive backfield, made it 21-0 when he blasted in from two yards out.

Through Shamokin’s entire first-half onslaught, Danville managed only 47 total offensive yards and two first downs. For the most part, the Indians kept the ball away from Danville, and stuffed the Ironmen when they did get an opportunity.

“The first half was awesome,” Zielinskie said. “I can’t say enough about our defense. They did everything they were asked.

“But when you play a good team, you’re not going to go the entire game and hold them down.”

And Danville did make things interesting.

Smith’s recovery of the blocked punt made it 21-7. A 3-yard scoring run by Mikeal Wright-Owens early in the fourth quarter cut that deficit to 21-14.

Despite two more opportunities, Danville couldn’t punch in the potential tying score.

With three minutes left in the game, the Ironmen drove to the Indians’ 18 before Shoop, who passed for 110 second-half yards after being limited to just five in the first half, lost a fumble that was recovered by Shamokin’s Patrick Shinskie.

Later, inside the final minute, the Ironmen got to the Indians’ 30, however four straight incompletions gave the ball back to Shamokin with 21 seconds left.

“We didn’t like our defense much up until today,” Zielinskie said. “We shut them down pretty good.”

09-27-2008, 12:42 PM
What was said before the game
IV coach has high praise for Ott
By Philip Cmor,pcmor@altoonamirror.com
POSTED: September 25, 2008

It didn't take first-year Indian Valley High School football coach Tom Shearer long to answer when he's asked what impressed him most about upcoming opponent Hollidaysburg.

''They're very talented in that spread offense,'' Shearer said of the Golden Tigers. ''That quarterback does a nice job of running it, similar to the Clearfield kid [Jarrin Campman].

It's pretty high praise for ''that quarterback,'' otherwise known as Brandyn Ott. The Tiger offense has enjoyed the kind of success it has not in years, though, and Ott's emergence has been a big reason why.

''It all starts with the quarterback in this offense. He's really embraced learning it,'' said Hollidaysburg coach John Barton, whose Golden Tigers host Indian Valley on Friday in a rematch of last year's District 6 Class AAA championship game. ''He's the keystone of the offense.''

After being shut out in their opener, the Tigers have regrouped to average 41.7 points in the last three games, all victories. The 53 points Hollidaysburg hung on Bellefonte last week were the first time a Golden Tiger team has reached the 50-point plateau since 1999, when they did it twice with Tyler Piper at the controls of the wishbone offense Barton employed in his first year at the helm.

Ott hasn't played a caretaker's role in this team's offensive success. He's second on the team in rushing with 213 yards and has scored four touchdowns.

Where the senior has really opened eyes, though, is with his arm. Ott has only thrown 10 incompletions - and no interceptions - in 34 attempts. He's passed for 315 yards and three touchdowns.

While known for being a very good athlete, Ott was a bit of a question mark as a quarterback to outsiders going into the season. He played sparingly at the position behind Patrick Smith last year, seeing some time when Smith got hurt in a regular-season meeting with the Warriors. He only threw 13 passes and ran for 158 yards.

Barton, though, knew what he had, and he liked it.

''I think he really worked hard putting in time in the offseason. What I saw in the summer made me think he'd do pretty well,'' Barton said. ''If you asked me a year ago, my expectations might have been different.''

As Ott has gotten more comfortable as the starter, it seems like the Tigers have followed suit. Trailing after one quarter, they came back to beat South Western in Week 2, then scored double digits in each of the last three quarters of a 44-22 win over Washington power H.D. Woodson before crushing Bellefonte last week.

''Woodson was a big win, so I was not sure if we would come out flat or prepared to play,'' Barton said. ''I think we're going a good job with our passing game, our line is understanding what it needs to do, our defensive line has done a good job against the run, and our special teams has played well.''

Barton, though, isn't quite sure what to expect from Indian Valley. The Warriors are 2-2, but snapped a two-game losing streak last week with a surprising 19-14 win over DuBois.

Shearer is new as head coach, but he's not new to the Warrior sidelines. He's spent 20 years as an assistant to three coaches at IV before finally taking over the top spot when Gawen Stoker retired.

Shearer inherited just two returning starters from the team that inflicted two of Hollidaysburg's three losses last year. He said this year's team is a work in progress.

''We did some good things in the first three games, but we weren't consistent. We pulled together and pulled it out this past week,'' Shearer said. ''It's part of our growing process. We're taking it one step at a time.''

Although much of his lineup will be different from a year ago, Shearer expects the veteran Golden Tigers to remember the Warriors' two seven-point wins and be looking forward to a rematch.

''I'm sure they are. I've talked to people I know from Hollidaysburg, and they said it when they heard I took the job,'' Shearer said.

Barton didn't seem too eager to downplay the revenge factor.

''Teenage kids are hard to understand,'' Barton said, ''but I think they're excited to get the opportunity to play Indian Valley.''

Nice to see you again

Game: Indian Valley Warriors (2-2) vs. Hollidaysburg Golden Tigers (3-1)

Place: Tiger Stadium, Hollidaysburg

Time: Friday, 7 p.m.

Coaches: Indian Valley - Tom Shearer (2-2, first year). Hollidaysburg - John Barton (74-80-1, 14th year)

All-time series: Hollidaysburg, 5-2

Last meeting: Indian Valley, 7-0 (2007 District 6 Class AAA championship)

09-27-2008, 01:06 PM
WE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hollidaysburg Golden Tigers are 4-1 Next Week: @ Central Mt.
Tigers dominate in all phases
By Scott Franco, sfranco@altoonamirror.com
POSTED: September 27, 2008

HOLLIDAYSBURG - Hollidaysburg coach John Barton believes you can never be satisfied with what you did the week before.

The Golden Tigers were coming off a 53-7 victory over Bellefonte, and by looking at the final score Friday night against Indian Valley, apparently the Golden Tigers were not.

Quarterback Brandyn Ott rushed for two scores, threw for another, and a sturdy defense pitched a shutout for three quarters and scored a touchdown in a 49-7 win over the Warriors.

That means the Tigers' spread offense has been doing just fine since a week one loss to State College.

"Clearfield ran it [the spread] well, but they run it really well," said IV coach Tom Shearer, whose club was coming off a win over DuBois. "They are good, and you can't play back on your heels against them."

After Indian Valley's 10-play drive ended in a punt to start the game, Hollidaysburg (4-1) put on its show. Ott engineered a drive down to the 4-yard line where Luke Rhodes capped things off with a touchdown run.

On the Tigers' next drive, the team went 81 yards in seven plays, scoring on a 1-yard run by Justin Gildea. The two-point conversion made it 14-0 after one.

"We made great strides [with the spread] going into the South Western game, and the real test was how we handled Woodson, but I see us getting better and better, but we are going to be tested next week against Central Mountain," Barton said.

There was no test for the Tigers in the second quarter as Indian Valley gave up 21 more points for a 35-0 halftime lead. Scott Hammond returned a pick 38 yards for one score, while Ott hit Gildea for a 33-yard pass for another score. Ott then took one in from 4 yards out for another touchdown.

"I watched [Indian Valley] on tape and watched them against DuBois. I thought they looked really good," he said. "As a coach you don't ever go into a game expecting to blow someone out, but our kids played well."

The Tiger first-teamers got one more score in the third before being pulled. The four-play, 69-yard drive took just four plays, as Ott scored on a 47-yard run to make it 42-0.

Indian Valley got its lone score to start the fourth when Aaron Reed caught a 29-yard touchdown pass from Jacob Strohecker. Backup quarterback James Muir scored on a 25-yard keeper around the left end for the Tigers' final touchdown later in the quarter.

The Warrior score was the only blemish for the Tiger defense, which gave up just 187 yards. Defensive back Joe Hargis was a Golden Tiger who was seemingly in on every tackle on the night.

"He's gotten to the point where he is savvy at his position and is really starting to understand things," Barton said of the senior. "He really has been playing some great football for us."


Indian Valley0 0 0 7 - 7

Hollidaysburg14 21 7 7 - 49

First quarter

H-Rhodes 4 run, 5:22 (kick failed)

H-Gildea 1 run, :23 (Gildea pass from Ott)

Second quarter

H-Hammond 38 interception return, 11:01 (Boland kick)

H-Gildea 33 pass from Ott, 10:06 (kick failed)

H-Ott 4 run, 3:21 (Hammond run)

Third quarter

H-Ott 47 run,8:59 (Boland kick)

Fourth quarter

IV-Reed 29 pass from Strohecker, 7:07

H-Muir 25 run, 3:00 (Boland kick)


RUSHING: Indian Valley-Battista 6-23, Myers 7-35, Wilt 5-12, Fultz 5-19, Long 6-1, Hassinger 2-7, Zapetti 2-10. Hollidaysburg-Ott 6-98, Gildea 5-35, Rhodes 9-58, Hammond 2-12, Jackson 3-8, Muir 2-34, Hargis 2-8, Keefer 1-8, Glunt 3-8, Barton 3-(-16).

PASSING: Indian Valley-Long 4-9-1-43, Zapetti 1-2-0-8, Strohecker 1-1-0-29. Hollidaysburg-Ott 10-13-0-123.

RECEIVING: Indian Valley-Battista 2-15, Fultz 1-12, Myers 1-16, Reed 1-29, Hassinger 1-8. Hollidaysburg-Pramuk 2-10, Hammond 3-45, Gildea 4-54, Boland 1-14.

INTERCEPTIONS: Indian Valley-None. Hollidaysburg-Hammond.


First downs10-21

Yards rushing33-107-36-253

Passing (comp.-att.-int.)6-12-1-10-13-0

Yards passing80-123

Total yards187-376

Fumbles lost2-2-1-1



09-27-2008, 01:20 PM
Derry High School WINS!!! Keeping playoffs hope alive Record:2-3
* DA Dominic Hoffman 33 run (Josh George kick)
* DA Jay Whittaker 48 run (George kick)
* DA Hoffman 17 run (kick failed)
* DA Scott Dixon 57 run (kick failed)
* S Michael Stokes 3 run (Jeremy Hixson kick)
* DA Shawn McCoy 49 run (run failed)

Rushing leaders:

* Dominic Hoffman (Derry Area), 16 carries for 131 yards.
* Michael Stokes (Southmoreland), 31 carries for 203 yards.

1 2 3 4 F
Derry Area 14 6 6 6 32
Southmoreland 0 0 0 7

09-27-2008, 07:56 PM
Carmel wins again!

Class 5A No. 1 Carmel (6-0, 4-0) pummeled visiting North Central (0-6, 0-4) in this match-up between north-side Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference foes which featured eight turnovers.

The Greyhounds turned two Panther miscues into two touchdowns in the first quarter on a 40 yard Chase Varndell interception return and a 38 yard Ty Stetson fumble return to put the game out of reach.

Both Kurt Freytag and Morgan Newton ran for over 100 yards for the Hounds.

09-28-2008, 05:35 PM

I follow Wilmington Area High. We are 5-0, and play our rival Sharon on friday night.

Blonde Bomber
10-02-2008, 07:21 AM
Ok I have mainly followed high school wrestling, because my son wrestled, and one of my bosses is a big time St. Eds follower, but here is the most recent football poll here in Ohio.


ssociated Press, September 30, 2008 8:19 a.m.


1. Cin. Colerain (18) 6-0 255
2. Cle. Glenville (5) 6-0 228
3. Pickerington Cent. (1) 6-0 214
4. Hilliard Davidson (1) 6-0 136
5. Dublin Coffman 6-0 135
6. Brunswick 6-0 123
7. Cin. Elder 5-1 113
8. Cle. St. Ignatius (2) 5-1 88
9. Amherst Steele 6-0 35
10. Huber Hts. Wayne 5-1 28

Others receiving 12 or more points: 11 (tie), Can. GlenOak, Youngs. Boardman 21. 13, Lakewood St. Edward 19. 14, Harrison 16.


1. Cols. DeSales (15) 6-0 254
2. Louisville (8) 6-0 225
3. Tol. Cent. Cath. 6-0 188
4. Logan (1) 6-0 154
5. Cin. Turpin (1) 6-0 145
6. Lexington 6-0 127
7. Sylvania Southview (2) 6-0 104
8. New Carlisle Tecumseh 6-0 61
9. E. Cle. Shaw 5-0 54
10. Dresden Tri-Valley 6-0 32

Others receiving 12 or more points: 11, Medina Highland 27. 12, Mayfield 22. 13 (tie), Cols. Beechcroft, Cols. Marion-Franklin 18. 15, Cin. Winton Woods 17. 16, Lewis Center Olentangy 15.


1. Poland Seminary (14) 6-0 250
2. St. Marys Memorial (5) 6-0 206
3. Thornville Sheridan (2) 6-0 189
4. Tipp City Tippecanoe (1) 6-0 174
5. Youngs. Liberty (1) 6-0 124
6. Circleville Logan Elm (1) 6-0 94
7. Cuyahoga Falls Walsh Jesuit (2) 4-1 87
8. Canal Fulton NW 5-1 72
9. Canal Winchester 6-0 60
10. Defiance 5-1 35

Others receiving 12 or more points: 11, Avon (1) 33. 12, New Philadelphia 27. 13, Cols. Eastmoor 25. 14, Newark Licking Valley 21. 15, Chagrin Falls 20. 16, Germantown Valley View 19. 17, Bellevue 14.


1. Coldwater (19) 6-0 258
2. Steubenville (4) 6-0 213
3. Fostoria (2) 6-0 177
4. Youngs. Mooney 5-1 168
5. Kettering Alter (1) 4-2 119
6. New Lexington 6-0 106
7. Massillon Tuslaw 6-0 104
8. Plain City Jonathan Alder (1) 6-0 85
9. Clarksville Clinton-Massie 6-0 76
10. Genoa Area 6-0 58

And here is the Plain Dealer top 25 poll ( this a cleveland area poll )


Last week's rankings in parentheses

1. Glenville, 6-0 (1): Hosts John Marshall on Friday.

2. St. Ignatius, 5-1 (2): Plays Warren Harding at Byers Field on Saturday night.

3. St. Edward, 5-1 (3): At Erie Cathedral Prep on Friday night.

4. St. Vincent-St. Mary, 5-1 (4): Hosts No. 6 Walsh Jesuit on Friday night.

5. Strongsville, 5-1 (6): At Lakewood on Friday night.

6. Walsh Jesuit, 4-1 (5): At No. 4 St. Vincent-St. Mary on Friday night.

7. Mentor, 4-2 (7): Hosts Shaker Heights on Friday night.

8. Brunswick, 6-0 (10): Hosts No. 14 Solon on Thursday night.

9. Highland, 6-0 (8): Hosts Barberton on Friday night.

10. Padua, 4-2 (11): Hosts Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin on Friday night.

11. Mayfield, 5-1 (12): At Stow on Friday night.

12. Euclid, 4-2 (9): Hosts Cleveland Heights on Friday.

13. Amherst, 6-0 (13): Hosts Berea on Friday night.

14. Solon, 4-2 (14): At No. 8 Brunswick on Thursday night.

15. Avon, 6-0 (15): Hosts Midview on Friday night.

16. Nordonia, 5-1 (16): At Hudson on Friday night.

17. Archbishop Hoban, 4-2 (17): At Elyria Catholic on Friday night.

18. Wadsworth, 5-1 (19): At Tallmadge on Friday night.

19. Shaw, 5-0 (20): Hosts Bedford on Friday night.

20. Cloverleaf, 6-0 (22): At Revere on Friday night.

21. Twinsburg, 4-2 (24): Hosts Valley Forge on Friday night.

22. Ravenna, 5-1 (-): At Kent Roosevelt on Friday night.

23. Chagrin Falls, 5-1 (23): Hosts Wickliffe on Friday night.

24. Akron Garfield, 4-2 (25): Plays Ellet at the Rubber Bowl on Friday night.

25. Clearview, 6-0 (-): At Lutheran West on Friday night.

My nephew plays on #15 Avon, here is a link to him in pursuit.


10-02-2008, 10:15 PM
I just got done watching Brunswick and Solon on FSC. Good game! Hell of a FG at the end!

Trinity and Fossil Ridge on now! Dont be shocked but Trinity is rolling!

Selinsgrove tomorrow! GO PURPLE!

10-04-2008, 11:41 AM
What was said before the game
Tigers’ ‘D’ gaining notice
By Philip Cmor,pcmor@altoonamirror.com
POSTED: October 2, 2008

When your offense is regularly scoring more than 40 points, it's hard to get anyone to notice the defense.

In the background, though, the Hollidaysburg Area High School football team's defense has quietly becoming more and more of a force of its own.

''They've done a nice job,'' Golden Tigers coach John Barton said. ''We've bent, but we haven't broken. They've gotten turnovers and big stops.''

Hollidaysburg has only given up 31 points in the second half this season. Bellefonte and Indian Valley only scored seven points apiece against the Tigers in the last two weeks.

The defensive performance might be more pivotal on Friday night than it was in those two lopsided contests. This week's opponent - Central Mountain - has a defense Barton believes capable of slowing down his offense and some playmakers with the ball who can point plenty of points on the board themselves.

''It's a big Friday,'' Barton said, ''because they're going to be challenged.''

The Tiger defense has risen to the challenge the last few weeks. First, they kept a Woodson team with several Division I college prospects at the skill positions in check with 22 points, allowing just 32 yards on the ground. Hollidaysburg has only allowed 142 yards rushing in the last three weeks while coming up with nine turnovers.

More importantly, the Tiger secondary has shown signs of improvement. After surrendering more than 125 yards passing in each of the last four weeks, Hollidaysburg only gave up 80 to Indian Valley and followed up a three-interception effort against Bellefonte by picking off two more passes.

Barton employs essentially a nickel defense - a scheme with three linemen and five defensive backs that is becoming more and more in vogue in the high school ranks.

Cornerback Justin Gildea leads the Tigers with 41 tackles and three interceptions, while Joe Hargis, one of two strong safeties played in Barton's defense, has 37 tackles and a team-high four sacks.

Fittingly, though, for a unit that is flying under the radar, one of the most important players is the most unsung.

''It starts in the center; Jake Walls is playing very well at nose tackle. That's been the key,'' Barton said. ''In this defense, you have to have a lot of guys going to the ball, so you have to be able to control the center with only three linemen.''

Central Mountain could present some problems for the Tigers. Matt Overdorf has more than 600 yards rushing and eight receptions for another 173. Meanwhile, fellow running back Scott Zuback has 271 yards rushing on just 25 carries and leads the Wildcats with 15 receptions.

Quarterback Cody Dolan, who was shaken up in last week's lost at DuBois but is expected to play, is completing more than 50 percent of his passes for 492 yards.

Still, that isn't what has most of Barton's attention.

''This is the best defense we'll face,'' Barton said.

Central Mountain has posted two shutouts and held Tyrone to six points. The Wildcats' defensive coordinator is Jerry Sandusky, who filled the same role on the Penn State coaching staff. Barton said Central Mountain uses an attacking defense that sends as many as seven players from a variety of angles.

Wildcat coach Steve Turchetta thinks his defense will have to play the game of the year.

''With the athletic ability they have, they score in a lot of different ways. They spread you out and make you make plays,'' Turchetta said. ''Let's face it. You're looking at a talented team. Against a very potent offense, your defense has to step up. The question is can we control the ball and can we stop them.''

Central Mountain is also coming off a 24-14 loss to DuBois that dropped the Wildcats to 3-2 overall and 0-1 in the Mountain Conference Seven Mountains Division. Hollidaysburg is 4-1 and 2-0.

''It was a tough game, a tough loss. We've got to move on,'' Turchetta said. ''We can't afford to sit and dwell on last Friday.''

10-04-2008, 11:50 AM
WE WIN!!!!!!!! Hollidaysburg Golden Tigers are now 5-1 as mentioned NEXT WEEK: Woodrow Wilson High School of Washington(DC)
5-1 Golden Tigers surge past Wildcats
By Tom Fox, For the Mirror
POSTED: October 4, 2008

LOCK HAVEN - John Barton got what he wanted on Friday.

After rolling through two consecutive weeks - games that Hollidaysburg won by huge margins - Barton's Golden Tigers were tied 7-7 with a gusty and gritty Central Mountain squad.

Justin Gildea changed all of that in the final 24 minutes.

The 6-foot, 180-pound senior back broke the tie with a 29-yard run between the tackles and gave Hollidaysburg a two-score cushion with a 15-yard touchdown with 10:44 remaining.

In the end, the Golden Tigers left Lock Haven University's Hubert Jack Stadium with a 28-7 win over the Wildcats in Seven Mountains Division play of the MAFC.

It was Hollidaysburg's fifth consecutive win since a shutout loss to State College in the opening week. For the Wildcats, it's their third loss in the last four games.

Using a balanced attack, the Triple-A school rushed for 228 yards, and senior quarterback Brandyn Ott threw for 102 yards on 8-of-11 passing and one touchdown - a 48-yard pass to Jason Boland in the first quarter.

"Facing Central Mountain, we knew this was going to be a tough game because they are a Quad-A school," Ott said. "We knew this was going to be the toughest defense we were facing since State College in Week 1. They were going to come out strong, blitzing all over the place. The line did a great job blocking up front, opening up some holes for big runs in the second half. I think our line was wearing them down, and driving them back. Gildea was hitting the holes really good. When he saw them, he was able to get through them pretty quick."

After exchanging punts to start the second half, Hollidaysburg put together a nine-play drive, all on the ground. The key play - a second-down, 16-yard Ott quarterback keeper put the Golden Tigers near the Wildcat red zone. Two plays later, Gildea broke through the middle and sprinted down the left sideline, breaking the 7-all tie.

"I don't know if we wore them down or not. Maybe we did because we didn't have the success running the football in the first half as we did in the second half," Barton said. "Credit Central Mountain because they were tough kids, and this was going to be a tough game. We said to the line that they needed to get it done in the second half and shoulder the weight."

The Wildcats (3-3) were thin up front defensively, missing normal starters Matt Bower and Jacob Shade, plus reserve Jimmy Bechdel. In addition, athlete Scott Zuback left in the second half because of an injury he sustained.

While the new line held up in the first half, the Golden Tigers' front continued to pound the ball.

In fact, Hollidaysburg (5-1) rarely threw the ball in the second half and relied on the ground game of Gildea, Ott and bruising back Luke Rhodes - who combined for 195 of the team's 220 yards on the ground.

"We just keep getting hammered with injuries, and we were forced to move some people around to new positions," CM coach Steve Turchetta said. "The defense did a good job and held them down. We just didn't make some plays when we needed to.

"That's a tough offense to stop. It's like when a team runs the option. You can't simulate the quarterback. You can kind of put them in places, but the speed and the athleticism is tough. Our scout team did a great job this week, but you can't simulate Ott. He's a great athlete. We knew they were going to be athletic, but I thought our kids fought hard. That's almost a 7-7 ballgame through three quarters. We had some opportunities, but it didn't happen."

Down 14-7, Central Mountain fumbled the football around midfield, and once again, the opportunistic Golden Tigers responded.

This time, it was an 11-play, 56-yard drive - capped off by Gildea's second touchdown, a 15-yard counter where he circled the left side and outran two Wildcats to the pylon.

"Justin is a special player," Barton said. "He's a big-time kid. He can make plays, and basically, he willed that second-to-last score that got us to 21.

"This game was a battle, and we needed that. We had to find something out about ourselves and our team. That's the biggest thing that I am proud of our kids for."

Out of Central Mountain's 227 yards, senior back Matt Overdorf accounted for 101 of those.

He scored the team's lone touchdown on a 42-yard sweep, knotting the game at 7 with 10:23 left in the first half.

Overdorf has rushed for more than 100 yards in three consecutive games, finishing with 101 Friday night.

Returning back from an injury sustained against DuBois, junior quarterback Cody Dolan was 9-of-17 for 58 yards and two interceptions, while linebacker Logan Houtz led the team in tackles with 12.

"I was proud of the kids," Turchetta said. "If we could take that next step now, and continue on our road, we are going to be in good shape come the end of the season. We just have to get some people healthy.


Hollidaysburg7 0 7 14 - 28

Central Mountain0 7 0 0 - 7

Scoring Summary

First quarter

H-Boland 48 pass from Ott (Boland kick), 1:15

Second quarter

CM-Overdorf 42 run (Conway kick), 10:23

Third quarter

H-Gildea 29 run (Boland kick), 3:43

Fourth quarter

H-Gildea 15 run (Boland kick), 10:44

H-Ott 1 run (Boland kick), 1:47

Individual Statistics

RUSHING: Hollidaysburg-Rhodes 18-76, Gildea 12-76, Ott 11-43, Hammond 8-33. Central Mountaind-Overdorf 16-101, Dolan 11-47, Zuback 6-21.

PASSING: Hollidaysburg-Ott 8-11-0-102. Central Mountain-Dolan 9-17-2-58, Overdorf 0-1-1-0.

RECEIVING: Hollidaysburg-Boland, 2-60, Gildea 4-38, Hammond 2-4. Central Mountain-Phillips 1-17, Corl 1-12, Boone 3-12, Zuback 2-12, Houtz 1-11, Overdorf 1-(-6).

INTERCEPTIONS: Hollidaysburg-Gildea, Shrift, Boland.


First Downs17-10


Yards Passing102-58


Total Yards330-227




10-05-2008, 11:01 AM
October 4, 2008

Newton keys Carmel's winning rally

By Mark Ambrogi

On Friday night, Warren Central High School first-year football coach John Hart got his first look at trying to stop Carmel quarterback Morgan Newton.

It was much more than he wanted to see.

Newton rallied the visiting Class 5A No. 1 Greyhounds from a 10-point deficit to a 31-17 victory over the 5A No. 2 Warriors before an estimated 7,000 fans.

Newton rushed for 159 yards on 26 carries, including a 7-yard touchdown run to give the Greyhounds (7-0 overall, 5-0 Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference) a 24-17 lead early in the fourth quarter. His 26-yard scoring pass to Eric Ardaiolo had tied the score in the third quarter.

"The reason he's a great player is he's proved as the game gets tougher, they have someone they can point to and say, 'You carry the load for us,' " Hart said. "That's what he's done. In the three close games he's had -- Cathedral, Center Grove and us -- when the ballgame is tight, he made the difference. He made a lot of plays that weren't there because he's that good."

Newton, a University of Kentucky recruit, had several big runs on the final drive that was capped by senior running back Kurt Freytag's 1-yard score.

Newton said it's always tough to play at Warren.

"Our guys kept their composure and they played really well," he said. "It's nice to beat Warren, but we got to come back next week and get better."

The Warriors dropped to 5-2, 4-1, but it was their first loss on the field. Earlier in the day the school confirmed it had to forfeit a 42-0 season-opening rout of Merrillville for using an ineligible player.

Carmel coach Mo Moriarity was pleased with his team's second-half showing.

"I'm proud of our kids, they don't have any quit in them," he said. "I don't care how bad it gets. There were some questionable calls and it seemed like we were fighting all the obstacles. But in the end we came through and got it done."

A 79-yard run by Freytag set up a Carmel touchdown on the game's first possession, a 2-yard pass from Newton to Billy Davis on fourth down.

After the Warriors scored 17 consecutive points, Carmel's Jordan Babprofanityfilterprofanityfilterprofanityfilterpr ofanityfilter kicked a field goal as time expired in the first half.

Warren was hampered by five turnovers, all in the second half, including three interceptions.

"The first three turnovers were unacceptable," Hart said. "After that, we were forcing the ball. That's not part of us.

"Obviously, that was a key part but us getting whipped up front was even bigger than that because it caused us to do some things and had unforced errors. They played with five guys (up front defensively) and no one has been able to do that to us."

George Cheesebourough led the Warriors with 135 yards on 16 carries.

Carmel 31, Warren Central 17

|Warren Central|0|17|0|0|--|17|
[end chart]

C -- Billy Davis 2 pass from Morgan Newton (Jordan Babprofanityfilterprofanityfilterprofanityfilterpr ofanityfilter kick)

WC -- FG Tommy Martin 21

WC -- Eric Williams 2 run (Martin kick)

WC-- George Cheesebourough 3 run (Martin kick)

C -- FG Babprofanityfilterprofanityfilterprofanityfilterpr ofanityfilter 28

C -- Eric Ardaiolo 26 pass from Newton (Martin kick)

C -- Newton 7 run (Babprofanityfilterprofanityfilterprofanityfilterp rofanityfilter kick)

C -- Kurt Freytag 1 run (Babprofanityfilterprofanityfilterprofanityfilterp rofanityfilter kick)

|First Downs|18|14|
|Passing Yards|109|16|
[end chart]

Rushing -- Carmel: Newton 26-159, Freytag 16-103, Evan Bergman 4-11, Taylor Wagner 2-12. Warren Central: Cheesebourough 16-135, Williams 18-110, Derek Hart 1-(-1) Shakir Bell 1-(-4).

Passing -- Carmel: Newton 12-21-0 109. Warren Central: Hart 4-12-3 16, Williams 0-1-0.

Receiving -- Carmel: Ardaiolo 3-42, Wagner 3-29, Nick Logan 2-29, Jon Schmidt 1-6, Davis 1-2, Freytag 2-1. Warren Central: Anthony Freeman 2-17, Bell 2-3.

10-11-2008, 09:37 PM
What was said before the game
Tigers in D.C.

Hollidaysburg will also be on the road tonight. But the 5-1 Golden Tigers have an even longer trip, heading to Washington, D.C. to meet up with Woodrow Wilson at 7 p.m.

''We try to break trips like this up and keep the kids moving,'' said Hollidaysburg coach John Barton, whose team is scheduled to leave the school at 10:30 a.m. ''Then we have the double whammy with there being no school [for an in-service day], so the kids want to stay in bed.''

An even bigger whammy could be the status of Tiger quarterback Brandyn Ott. Ott, who has 894 yards of total offense, was shaken up in last week's win at Central Mountain. Barton termed his status ''questionable.''

Wilson holds a 4-2 record, although one of those wins was by forfeit. Barton said Wilson - also nicknamed the Tigers - are at a similar level of talent to the H.D. Woodson team from Washington that Hollidaysburg beat in the third game of the season.

Quarterback Jubar Knight is the focal point for Wilson. A 6-foot-1 junior, he has thrown for 677 yards this year and run for 131.

''He's more of a passer. He can run, but when he scrambles he looks to throw,'' Barton said. ''We're going to have to do a good job on defense of eliminating big plays. We also have to win the battle on special teams, because I think we have an advantage there.''

10-11-2008, 09:39 PM
WE WIN!!!!!!!Hollidaysburg Golden Tigers Are Now 6-1 NEXT WEEK: Next Friday at Home against Cedar Cliff
Tigers deliver on road
By Robert Fulton, For the Mirror

Washington, D.C. - The wins just keep coming for the Hollidaysburg Area High School football team.

With a convincing 33-7 performance against Wilson on Friday, the Golden Tigers notched their sixth consecutive victory.

"It's something we take a great deal of pride in,'' Hollidaysburg coach John Barton said. "They played pretty well.''

Hollidaysburg's domination came as a result of a steady ground attack and a bend-but-not-break defense. The Golden Tigers rushed for 186 yards, led by Justin Gildea. The senior ran for 76 yards and three touchdowns on nine carries. He also caught a pass for 41 yards.

Sophomore Luke Rhodes added 74 yards on the ground and a touchdown. He also found the end zone on the defensive side of the ball, returning an interception 29 yards for a score. It was one of two interceptions for Hollidaysburg as it held Wilson (4-3) to 125 total yards.

"We started off strong,'' Rhodes said. "Our defense has stepped up.''

The Tigers were without starting quarterback Brandyn Ott, who was out with an injured shoulder. Barton indicated that Ott could have played if necessary, but felt it wiser to give Ott a week to heal and split time between junior James Muir and sophomore Chad Barton. The pair combined to go 3-of-6 for 55 yards,

"To [Wilson's] credit, they did something that made throwing a little difficult,'' coach Barton said. "We relied on the run because, A, we had two inexperienced quarterbacks, and, B, they were doing a good job defending the pass.''

It was the second victory against a D.C. team this season for the Tigers, who defeated Woodson, 44-22, at home earlier in the year.

It was all Hollidaysburg (6-1) early on. Gidea's first touchdown and Rhodes' interception return made the score 14-0 after one period, and Rhodes increased that lead to 20-0 with a 22-yard-run for a touchdown early in the second. Wilson tried to make a game of it late in the second period when Jubar Knight ran it in from 2 yards out, making the score 20-7 headed into halftime.

After a scoreless third period, Gildea went back to work with touchdown runs of 23 and 7 yards.

Late in the game, things got heated between the two teams and a number of personal fouls were called.

"I told coach that I knew they were beyond fundamentally sound,'' Wilson coach Horace Fleming said. "They played football a little bit beyond the whistle, which is good football. We're not use to that. It's a good lesson.''

Glover led the way for Wilson with 52 yards on 13 carries. Though held to seven points, the team did manage 10 first downs.


Hollidaysburg14 6 0 13 - 33

Wilson0 7 0 0 - 7

First quarter

H-Gildea 1 run (kick failed), 4:25.

H-L. Rhodes 29 interception return (Hammond run), 3:26.

Second quarter

H-L. Rhodes 22 run (kick failed), 8:00.

W-Knight 2 run (Zabaloieff kick), 2:46.

Fourth quarter

H -Gildea 23 run (pass failed), 10:50.

H-Gildea 7 run (Boland kick), 5:32.


RUSHING: Hollidaysburg-Gildea 9-76, L. Rhodes 10-74, Hammond 5-17, Muir 2-15, Jackson 2-10, Barton 2-(-6). Wilson-Glover 13-52, Johnson 10-33, Knight 12-21, Balman 1-15.

PASSING: Hollidaysburg-Barton 2-4-45-0-0, Muir 1-2-10-0-0. Wilson-Knight 2-15-4-0-2.

RECEIVING: Hollidaysburg-Gildea 1-41, Pramuk 1-10, Hammond 1-4. Wilson-Butler 1-3, Woodson 1-1.

INTERCEPTIONS: Hollidaysburg-L. Rhodes.


First downs09-10



Yards passing4-54

Total yards231-125




10-18-2008, 05:20 PM
What was said before the game.
Tigers trying to focus
By Philip Cmor,pcmor@altoonamirror.com

Football fans look forward to homecoming and the celebrating that comes with it.

Some coaches, though, wouldn't mind skipping it, especially when your team is on a six-game winning streak.

''There are plenty of distractions this week. They have the skit thing and all the stuff like that,'' Hollidaysburg Area High School coach John Barton said. ''That's one of the reasons I struggle with homecoming.

''We don't look ahead on our schedule and set up a patsy for homecoming, either.''

Some people might have thought that when Cedar Cliff, which hasn't had a winning season since 2000, turned out to be the Golden Tigers' opponent for homecoming, but it certainly hasn't turned out that way. The Colts bring a 4-3 record to Blair County on Friday, fresh off a 24-7 victory against Altoona that was their fourth in five weeks.

Barton thinks his team will have its hands full and the fans will get their money's worth.

''Cedar Cliff's tough,'' Barton said.

It's been awhile since someone could say that and be taken seriously. If the District 3 Class AAAA playoffs started today, however, the Colts would be in them.

At the heart of the Colts' turnaround is the offseason hiring of Jim Cantafio to be their coach. Cantafio arrived in Camp Hill with more than 200 career wins in 24 years at Conestoga Valley, Wyoming Valley West and Wilson-West Lawn, but had been out of coaching after being dismissed from the Reading-area school in 2006.

''I had been out of coaching for a couple of years and missed it. I was looking for a program that was down,'' Cantafio said. ''I talked to people. They were serious about turning the program around.''

Cantafio was so serious about getting back on the sidelines that he spends his weeks in the Harrisburg area rooming with a friend. His permanent residence is still in Reading, which is roughly an hour drive from Cedar Cliff.

Cantafio admitted that he wasn't sure what to expect.

''I didn't know the players. I knew it was a major uphill battle. I never coached in the area before,'' Cantafio said. ''I told the seniors my goal was for them to be able to graduate feeling good about themselves. We should be 5-2. I'm very happy with where we are.''

Looking at the statistics, you might think Cantafio has done it with smoke and mirrors. His team doesn't have a 200-yard rusher, and starting quarterback Jake Troutman was lost three weeks ago to a knee injury. The Colts needed overtime to beat Chambersburg and gave up 93 points in losses to Bishop McDevitt and State College.

Barton, though, knows full well that a team can't be judged by a loss to State College - the Tigers' lone defeat this year came to the Little Lions, 37-0, in the first game. He has a fairly high regard for his homecoming foe.

''He [Cantafio] definitely is wide open. He gives you a mouthful to try to prepare for. Hey try to spread it around and get you out of position,'' Barton said.

The Colts also possess excellent size up front. Barton felt it was similar to what the Tigers faced the last two weeks against Central Mountain and Washington, D.C., Wilson.

That would bode well for Hollidaysburg, which has been on a roll. In its last four games, the Tigers have outscored their opponents by 157 points.

Last week, they beat Wilson, 33-7, even when holding out starting quarterback Brandyn Ott. Justin Gildea and Luke Rhodes combined for 150 yards rushing, while the defense allowed just 125 yards.

''We're not trying to add anything new or do anything different,'' Barton said. ''We haven't played a perfect game yet. There's still room for improvement.''

10-18-2008, 05:23 PM
WE WIN!!!!! Hollidaysburg Golden Tigers are now 7-1. NEXT WEEK:Home for Sr. Night against Williamsport
Cliff hanger
Tigers pull out win in final seconds
By Scott Franco sfranco@altoonamirror.com

HOLLIDAYSBURG - With a 6-1 record going into Friday night's homecoming game with Cedar Cliff, Hollidaysburg coach John Barton knew his club could win, and by the looks of some of the previous scores, could win rather easily.

At 7-1 now, Barton found out his team could win with its back to the wall, too.

Trailing 17-7 going into the fourth quarter, the Golden Tigers scored twice in the final frame, including a 12-play, 92-yard drive that culminated with a Scott Hammond 1-yard run with 28 seconds left in a 21-17 victory.

"Give them credit ...92 yards in 3:30 (3:45) to go in the game. They won the football game. They wanted it more than we did," Cedar Cliff coach Jim Cantafio said.

After a punt pinned the Tigers at their 8 with 3:45 to go, a relieved Barton knew it wasn't the best situation to be in, but it was a situation that his team handled in the end.

"We had to win a game like this. We needed to win a game like this," he said. "We needed to be in a game where our backs were against the wall and we had to find a way to win. I am extremely proud of our guys."

Statistically, the big play on the drive was a 36-yard run by quarterback Brandyn Ott on third-and-2 from his team's 31. Ott hit Ben Pramuk with an 18-yard pass that got the Tigers down to the 19. Three straight runs from Hammond, the final a 1-yarder, put the ball in the end zone with 28 seconds to go in the game. Jason Boland's PAT made it 21-17.

"It was just a run up the middle," Hammond said of the winning score on second-and-goal from the 1. "The hole opened, I got the initial hit and then I just went with the surge and pushed past it because I knew I had to get into the end zone."

Cedar Cliff had one last chance after the kickoff with the ball at its 22. Quarterback Tim Kelly found his brother, Sean, with a pass that went to the Tigers' 46. However, two Hail Mary-type passes in the final seconds fell incomplete as the horn sounded.

"Every play was a big play on that last drive," Barton said. "There were guys making big runs, making big blocks ... I am just really proud of our guys."

Hollidaysburg's first drive of the game was a 16-play, 75-yarder that ended with a Hammond 4-yard run. That was it for the Hollidaysburg offense until the fourth.

Meanwhile, Cedar Cliff took advantage of a muffed punt by Hammond at the 9:24 mark of the second to set up the tying score at 7-7.

"I was running back behind the ball, to see if I could get a good bounce, and it probably bounced a foot near me, so I just ran out of the way because I didn't want it to touch me," Hammond said. "But [the officials] said it touched me. Things happen sometimes."

Four plays later, on fourth down, Tim Kelly passed to to his brother, Sean, who was behind the line of scrimmage. He then launched one to Jordan Soutner for a 25-yard score.

"We come into every game with two gadget plays," Cantafio said.

Up 10-7 to start the third - courtesy of a 30-yard Renny Partemore field goal late in the second quarter - Cedar Cliff used another gadget play to set up its final touchdown. This time, Quinn Bower took a pass from Tim Kelly, stepped back and hit Soutner for a 55-yard gain down to the 6-yard line. Two plays later, A.D. Huff scored on a 1-yard run, and with 3:51 to go in the third, the Tigers trailed 17-7.

"This is the most frustrating thing because we worked on that garbage all week and then we bit on it," Barton said. "We need to be smart and more composed. We knew it was coming."

Hollidaysburg cut the lead to 17-14 at the outset of the fourth when Ott scored on a 5-yard run at the 10:54 mark.

"Our guys have a lot of faith in each other, and they found a way to get it done," Barton said.


Cedar Cliff0 10 7 0 - 17

Hollidaysburg7 0 0 14 - 21

First quarter

H-Hammond 4 run (Boland kick), 4:01

Second quarter

CC-Soutner 25 pass from S. Kelly (Parthemore kick), 8:00

CC-Parthemore 30 FG, :43

Third quarter

CC-T. Kelly 1 run (Parthemore kick), 3:51

Fourth quarter

H-Ott 5 run (Boland kick) 10:54

H-Hammond 1 run (Boland kick), :28


RUSHING: Cedar Cliff-Huff 16-73, Shafner 1-0, T. Kelly 8-24, TEAM 0-4, Bower, 1-(-5). Hollidaysburg-Ott 18-73, Hammond 17-98, Jackson 7-33, Bettwy 2-3.

PASSING: Cedar Cliff-T. Kelly 6-16-0-64, S. Kelly 1-1-0-25, Bower 1-1-0-55. Hollidaysburg-Ott 14-22-0-134.

RECEIVING: Cedar Cliff-S. Kelly 4-55, Bower 1-6, Soutner 2-80, Jacobs 1-3. Hollidaysburg-Pramuk 3-32, Boland 7-60, Hammond 3-34, Griffith 1-8.

INTERCEPTIONS: Cedar Cliff-None. Hollidaysburg-None.


First downs8-20

Yards rushing26-96-44-207

Passing (comp.-att.-int.)8-18-0-14-22-0

Yards passing144-134

Total yards240-341

Fumbles lost1-0-2-1



10-25-2008, 07:34 PM
What was said before the game

Barton, too, is trying to guard against his team looking past Williamsport.

''They have playmakers,'' Barton said. ''They have a sophomore tailback [Nahshon Braggs] who is pretty good. Their quarterback [Michael Person] is pretty good.''

Hollidaysburg, though, might enjoy a big advantage in the trenches.

''We feel that [is key] every time we play,'' Barton said.

With the top spot in the playoffs already clinched, Hollidaysburg could use the opportunity to heal up a bit before the postseason run. Both Justin Gildea and Luke Rhodes sat out last week's last-minute win over Cedar Cliff with injuries and were termed ''questionable'' for tonight.

''I think it's important they get back to playing,'' Barton said. ''But we want to be smart. We don't have to play them. We won't if we don't feel they're ready. I'd feel better if they were able to shake the rust off before playoffs, though.''

The 21-17 come-from-behind win over Cedar Cliff was something Barton was glad to get under his team's belt before playoffs.

''I think the win was a good win. The way we did it made it better,'' Barton said. ''We hadn't had our backs against the wall all year.''

10-25-2008, 07:37 PM
WE WIN!!!!!! Hollidaysburg Golden Tigers are now 8-1 NEXT WEEK: Next Friday at DuBois

Tigers cruise to 8-1
Ott goes 19-of-23 for 218 yards, 2 TDs.
By Scott Franco sfranco@altoonamirror.com

HOLLIDAYSBURG - The 2-6 Williamsport Millionaires jumped out to a 7-0 lead on 7-1 Hollidaysburg Friday night on the Tigers' final home game of the year.

The visitors used a no-huddle offense after a Hollidaysburg fumble to secure the lead.

"We didn't know about that," Hollidaysburg defender Joe Hargis said of the no-huddle. "They must have just put that in. They also had a new formation we weren't accustomed to, but I felt after that, we didn't have too many problems making adjustments."

No they didn't.

The Tigers used a bend-but-don't-break defense, coupled with the passing and running of Brandyn Ott, en route to a 53-28 victory in a game that started 15-minutes late because of bus trouble suffered by Williamsport en route to the game.

"We thought anything was possible with them, that they would do anything," Tiger coach John Barton said. "We hadn't seen that before, but our kids still have to settle down and be able to adjust to that."

Hollidaysburg finished the first quarter up 13-7, thanks to a 1-yard touchdown run by Scott Hammond and a 29-yard touchdown pass from Ott to Justin Gildea. Ott accounted for two more scores in the second quarter for a 26-7 halftime lead. He kept the ball on an option run for a 25-yard score, and hit Jake Bickley for a 9-yard touchdown pass.

"I knew he would have a good year throwing the ball because [Ott] did such a good job preparing over the summer," Barton said of Ott, who completed 19-of-23 passes for 218 yards, two scores and no picks. "We knew he could run, but he has developed into a complete quarterback."

Hollidaysburg led 39-14 after three quarters, thanks to a 5-yard scoring run by Hammond and a 45-yard interception return by Ott off a gadget-play pass by Williamsport tailback Drae Lewis.

Lewis scored on a 73-yard run in the third and finished with 145 yards rushing on 14 carries. He also added a fourth-quarter touchdown run of 10 yards.

"We thought No. 22 [Nahshon Braggs] was their guy from what we saw. We hadn't seen enough of No. 17. He was like their backup," Barton said.

"Yes, No. 22 has been our main tailback, but [Lewis] has been practicing all week. They both play and both will continue to play," Williamsport coach Tom Gravish said. "We're not ready to turn the keys over to just one player."

The Tigers, who got fourth-quarter scores from Hammond (9-yard run) and Alain Crevecoeur (24-yard run), close out the regular season at DuBois next week.


Williamsport7 0 7 14 - 28

Hollidaysburg13 13 13 14 - 53

First quarter

W-Fagnano 4 pass from Person (Fredo kick), 8:12

H-Hammond 1 run (Boland kick), 5:09

H-Gildea 9 pass from Ott (kick failed), :23

Second quarter

H-Ott 25 run (run failed), 8:01

H-Bickley 9 pass from Ott (Boland kick), :23

Third quarter

H-Hammond 5 run (Boland kick), 9:36

W-Lewis 73 run (Fredo kick), 9:16

H-Ott 45 interception return (pass failed), 4:27

Fourth quarter

H-Hammond 9 run (Boland kick) 11:20

W-Harris 57 pass from Person (Fredo kick), 10:18

H-Crevecoeur 24 run (Boland kick) 7:17

W-Lewis 10 run (Fredo kick), 1:16


RUSHING: Williamsport-Lewis 14-145, Braggs 8-17, Nolan 4-10, Person 9-37, Keiser 1-5, TEAM 0-3. Hollidaysburg-Ott 8-50, Gildea 1-8, Jackson 5-35, Hammond 12-89, Rhodes 6-23, Griffith 4-4, Muir 2-9, TEAM 2-0, Barton 2-4, Crevecoeur 3-51.

PASSING: Williamsport-Person 10-20-0-143, Lewis 0-1-1-0. Hollidaysburg-Ott 19-23-0-218.

RECEIVING: Williamsport-Harris 3-75, Fagnano 2-15, Burk 1-16, Lewis 2-17, Nolan 1-8, Fredo 1-15. Hollidaysburg-Hammond 6-84, Gildea 3-51, Boland 3-31, Pramuk 4-26, Griffith 2-17, Bickley 1-9.

INTERCEPTIONS: Williamsport-None. Hollidaysburg-Ott.


First downs18-24


Passing (comp.-att.-int.)10-21-1-19-23-0

Yards passing143-218

Total yards360-491




11-01-2008, 02:24 PM
What was said before the game
Tigers go for title

In pro football, it's not uncommon to see a team that has wrapped up a playoff berth to rest its starters much of the last regular season game, either to heal up injuries or to avoid them.

Although his Golden Tigers have wrapped up the top seed in the upcoming District 6 Class AAA playoffs, Hollidaysburg coach John Barton won't be following their example when he takes his team to DuBois tonight.

''For us, this is a championship game, so we'd like to win that. We missed out on the [Mountain Athletic Conference Seven Mountains Division] championship last year because we lost to Indian Valley head to head,'' Barton said. ''Plus, I've always believed you want to go in on a positive note.''

Also at stake is the Tigers' best regular-season finish since they went 9-1 in Barton's first year of 1999. Hollidaysburg enters tonight 8-1 overall and 3-0 in the division. DuBois is 5-4 and 2-1.

Barton could have limited the playing time of a couple of key players who are just getting over injuries, but backs Justin Gildea and Luke Rhodes both played in last week's win over Williamsport and should be fine for DuBois.

The Beavers are led by running back Garrett Malmgren, who has run for 989 yards and averages 6.6 yards per carry.

''He jumps out at me. He's a heck of an athlete on both sides of the ball. He can run. He's physical. He's just a good football player,'' Barton said. ''You have to be careful of [Kyle] Bish, too. He's a running back they moved to quarterback. He can run around you or over you.''

11-01-2008, 02:35 PM
WE WIN!!!!!! The Hollidaysburg Golden Tigers Finish the Regular Season at 9-1. NEXT WEEK: Bye Week. The team returns to action on November 14th or 15th Pending the final of the game between Johnstown and Indian Valley
Golden Tigers wrap up stellar 9-1 regular season
By Nate Foreman,sports@altoonamirror.com

DUBOIS - Momentum was a key factor in Friday night's regular-season finale between Hollidaysburg and DuBois at E.J. Mansell Stadium.

Once the Golden Tigers grabbed it, though, they never let go.

Hollidaysburg scored just before halftime, rode the wave into the locker room, and dominated the second half in a 26-13 win to clinch the Seven Mountains Division championship of the Mountain Athletic Football Conference.

"I'm really proud of what we did in the second half,'' Hollidaysburg coach John Barton said. "We just had to sure some things up and get a little more consistency, and I think the big thing in the second half was getting those big stops. Those were huge.

"We showed we could move the ball, we just needed to get some opportunities on offense. We weren't on offense very much the first half. They were the ones chewing up the clock.''

After the Hollidaysburg defense - who was challenged much of the first half - opened the third quarter with a three-and-out, the offense took the field, drove the ball 78 yards in 7:45, and took a 20-13 lead after Luke Rhodes scored from a yard out.

The Golden Tigers (9-1, 4-0 Seven Mountains) sealed the deal with a 90-yard drive in the fourth quarter. Justin Gildea scored the second of his two touchdowns on a 3-yard run with 5:04 remaining, but it was what he did on the defensive side of the ball that set up the scoring drive.

DuBois was gift-wrapped an extended drive on a Hollidaysburg penalty after the Tigers were flagged for 12 men on the field. The Beavers (5-5, 2-2) failed to capitalize though, as Joe Hargis pressured Kyle Bish later in the drive, forcing the senior quarterback into bad throw that Gildea picked at his own 10.

"Mistakes are going to kill you in a big football game,'' DuBois coach Jason Shalala said. "Hollidaysburg didn't turn the ball over and we did. That was the difference in the game, really - the interception.''

"When we went into the locker room at halftime, we said we wanted to come out and punch them in the mouth in the second half,'' Gildea said. "That's what we did. We came out and stopped them on defense and got the job done.''

Gildea had 78 yards on 13 carries, six catches for 116 yards, two touchdowns, and the game-clinching interception - reasons the senior will suit up for Temple next fall.

"Justin is an outstanding football player,'' Barton said. "He's a guy we turn to and we expect big plays out of him. He usually steps up and makes them.''

But the play that had the Tigers riding high heading into the locker room was a 37-yard run by quarterback Brandyn Ott just before halftime.

The Beavers took a 13-7 lead with 34 seconds left in the second, but Hargis returned a squib kick to the Hollidaysburg 41. Ott found Gildea on a 22-yard strike, then two plays later, broke several tackles before sprinting down the left sideline for the tying score.

Ott was 8-for-10 for 143 yards. He also picked up 77 yards on the ground on 13 carries.

"He does that all the time,'' Barton said of Ott's touchdown run. "He has great vision. He has tailback-type vision and he always seems to find creases. That's just what Brandyn does.''

"That kinda put a damper on a good mood,'' Shalala said. "You can't hang your head on something like that. You've just got to keep playing. They've got a couple of good athletes and they stepped up to make the big play. That's what the game is all about.''

Garrett Malmgren had a memorable night for the Beavers, reaching the 1,000-yard milestone on his fourth carry of the night. He finished with 62 yards on 18 touches and has 1,051 yards heading into the playoffs.

"He's been a great kid. You're not going to find a harder working kid,'' Shalala said. "If anybody deserves 1,000 yards, it's him. He's just a phenomenal kid and a phenomenal running back for us.''


Hollidaysburg7 6 7 6 - 26

DuBois6 7 0 0 - 13

First quarter

H-Gildea 21 pass from Ott (Boland kick), 9:57.

D-Bish 10 run (kick failed), 1:09.

Second quarter

D-Malmgren 3 run (Bish kick), 0:34.

H-Ott 37 run (kick failed), 0:03.

Third quarter

H-Rhodes 1 run (Boland kick), 2:07.

Fourth quarter

H-Gildea 3 run (kick failed), 5:04.


RUSHING: Hollidaysburg-Rhodes 15-80, Gildea 13-78, Ott 13-77, Hammond 1-3. DuBois-Bish 15-83, Malmgren 18-62, Miller 3-15, Sunealitis 3-11, Kelly 2-1.

PASSING: Hollidaysburg-Ott 8-10-0-143. DuBois-Bish 5-8-1-43.

RECEIVING: Hollidaysburg-Gildea 6-116, Hammond 1-14, Boland 1-13. DuBois-Malmgren 2-16, Kelly 1-15, Miller 1-12, Spicher 1-0.

INTERCEPTIONS: Hollidaysburg-Gildea. DuBois-none.


First downs17-13

Yards rushing42-238-41-172

Passing (comp.-att.-int.)8-10-0-5-8-1

Yards passing143-43

Total yards381-215




11-08-2008, 01:39 PM
BYE WEEK! The Hollidaysburg Golden Tigers are still at 9-1. NEXT WEEK:District 6 AAA Championship Game vs. Johnstown

11-15-2008, 12:39 PM
What was said before the game
Bye-ing into it
Barton likes week off to prep team
By Philip Cmor,pcmor@altoonamirror.com

The Hollidaysburg Area High School football team has survived a lot in the 2008 season.

The Golden Tigers weathered a first-game rout at the hands of State College. They came back from early deficits to beat South Western and Woodson. They lived to tell about trips to Lock Haven and Washington, D.C. They pulled out the Cedar Cliff game in the last minute and the DuBois game with a strong second half.

It even looks like they might have made it through the bye week unscathed.

''It can make you rusty, but we had a positive week of practice,'' Hollidaysburg coach John Barton said. ''We were a little dinged up, too, so it might have actually worked to our advantage.''

Barton had been dreading the possibility of having a week off for the last month of the season, when it became apparent only three of the four Class AAA teams in District 6 were going to enter the playoffs. Barton worried the bye would stunt the surge of momentum the Tigers had been building.

However, the Tigers are now right where most people expected them to be at the start of the season: the favorite in the 6-AAA championship game.

Hollidaysburg will get a chance to live up to the billing Friday night at Mansion Park when it meets Johnstown. Kickoff is at 7 p.m.

''I'd rather be the underdog. It's easier to get the kids fired up,'' Barton said. ''But there's also something to be said for confidence.

''We have to stay humble and stay hungry.''

If they don't, Johnstown is just the kind of team that could give the Tigers problems and become the eighth non-No. 1 seed to win 6-AAA in the last 12 years. The Trojans (8-3) have a huge offensive line spearheaded by 6-foot-5, 280-pound right tackle David Istanich and a group of speedy, elusive skill players like receiver Laquinn Stephens-Howling, running back Quadir Christian and quarterback John Siciliano they use in a spread offense.

Basically, this is a team that can match up with the Tigers in terms of size and speed.

''Defensively, they do a lot of things and give a lot of different looks. That's a challenge,'' Barton said. ''Offensively, when they drop to throw, you teach your kids to drop back, and Siciliano will take off. If your pressure him, he can tuck it and go, too.''

Quarterback was one of the big question marks facing Trojans coach Kevin Marabito entering the season, but Siciliano, a 5-foot-9, 160-pound junior, has turned that into a strength as the campaign has progressed. He enters the district final with 1,131 yards passing and 815 more on the ground. He's had a hand in 17 touchdowns.

Perhaps the bigger indicator of Siciliano's maturation is that, since a 38-7 loss to Bishop McCort, the Trojans have scored 49, 36, 32 and 35 points in going on a four-game winning streak.

''Now, Siciliano is really starting to see some things. His running ability is a big plus,'' Marabito said.

Johnstown fell behind Indian Valley, 7-0, in last week's 6-AAA semifinal game. Then the Trojans turned on the juice to win, 35-7.

In critiquing Hollidaysburg, Marabito, though, sounded almost like Barton did in sizing up Johnstown. That shouldn't be surprising, though, because the Tigers also have a quarterback in Brandyn Ott who is just as likely to hurt you with his feet as with his arm, a good, balanced corp of ball carriers highlighted by Temple recruit Justin Gildea and a big line bolstered by 6-5, 280-pound Ryan McGrath.

The biggest difference is that Hollidaysburg has been more consistent in its performances.

''We're not going to be able to make mistakes,'' Marabito said. ''It's a solid team. We're going to have to control the ball.''

This is Hollidaysburg's third straight trip to the finals. The Golden Tigers edged Johnstown, 13-12, on their way to 6-AAA gold in 2006, but Barton's veteran squad is trying to attone for 7-0 loss to Indian Valley in last year's district final.

''Our kids from last year were frustrated,'' Barton said. ''The seniors this year were on a district championship team two years ago. They want to redeem themselves.''

11-15-2008, 12:44 PM
WE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!Hollidaysburg Golden Tigers are now 10-1 NEXT WEEK: First Round of the AAA State Playoffs against Selinsgrove
Title for Tigers
Hollidaysburg cruises in final
By Jim Lane, For the Mirror

You can use many words to describe the Hollidaysburg Golden Tigers. Start

with efficiency. Both offensively and defensively.

The Tigers scored on six of seven possessions, and held Johnstown to just 29

yards and one first down in the second half en route to a 39-14 victory in the

District 6 Class AAA championship game Friday night at Mansion Park.

"I was really proud of our kids offensively," Hollidaysburg coach John Barton

said. "Offensively, we've really gotten into a rhythm where we think that

sooner or later we can figure out what people are doing [defensively].

"And, I can't emphasize enough how proud I am of our offensive line," Barton

said. "We've got a lot of skill kids who make great plays, but our offensive

line has stepped up again and again."

The Tigers overcame 6-0 and 14-6 deficits to post their 10th straight win

since a season-opening loss to State College. Justin Gildea's 23-yard TD scamper tied the game at 14-all with only one minute remaining in the first half, and that propelled the Tigers to a dominating second-half performance in which they put four scores on the board while completely shackling the Trojans.

Gildea returned the second-half kickoff 41 yards to the Johnstown 47, and,

six plays later, Brandyn Ott darted 9 yards to put the Tigers on top, 21-14.

Following that score, the Hollidaysburg defense quickly forced a Johnstown punt, and momentum stayed with the Tigers the rest of the night.

"We made a couple of adjusts [defensively] at halftime," Barton said. "That's

something we've gotten into this season. Sometimes it takes our kids the

first half to figure things out.

"We wanted to structure the defense so we could dictate where [Quadir

Christian] was going," Barton said.

Christian scored twice and rushed for 63 yards in the first half. The Tigers

held him to 3 yards on three carries in the second.

"I think the key to the second half was coming out hard on defense, and doing good," defensive end Conor Brinkhoff said.

He was right.

Ott and Gildea were practically unstoppable in pushing the Tigers over the

top. Gildea's 1-yard run made it 27-14 after three quarters, and Ott finished

things off with a 5-yard scoring pass to tight end Jake Bickley and a 2-yard

run. Meanwhile, the Tiger "D" was shutting down the speedy Trojans, who had

scored 49, 36, 32 and 35 points in winning their last four games.

"We were a little shaky on defense the first half, but we got a big pep talk

from [assistant coach] Toby Dick at halftime," Ott said. "We knew if we

scored, and shut them down on defense that first drive and scored again, we knew we'd go away with this game."

Quarterback Ott rushed for 123 yards and three TDs on 20 carries. He also

completed 11-of-13 passes for 96 yards and the 5-yard TD pass to Bickley. He intercepted a pass, too.

"It was a good night," Ott said. "I had to pick it up, and be a leader on the

team. The line did a heckuva job opening holes to help with the big runs."

"We expected a tough game," said tight end-linebacker Bickley. "We really

didn't change a lot of things defensively. The [coaches'] speeches really got us motivated, and we played a lot better."

Bickley and defensive back Joe Hargis said the Tigers have been a second-half team most of the season.

"The coaches give us great speeches," Hargis said. "They really pump us up,

the whole team gets together and it's like we're unstoppable on defense the

second half."

The Tigers lost to Indian Valley in last year's title game.

"It feels really good," Hargis said of the win. "We had a lot of motivation

coming into this game."

"You've got to give a lot of credit to Hollidaysburg," Johnstown coach Kevin

Marabito said. "They just took it to us on offense. We couldn't stop them

defensively, and that's a credit to them.

"They got us in positions we didn't want to be in," Marabito said. "They

block the perimeter well. The had a good game plan, and executed well."

Game notes: It was the second D6-AAA title in three tries for the Tigers, who

also won six district titles in AAAA. ... Tigers (10-1) face District 4

champion Selinsgrove at Shamokin next Friday. ... Johnstown finished with an 8-4 mark.


Johnstown 6 8 0 0 - 14

Hollidaysburg 0 14 13 12 - 39

First quarter

J-Christian 5 run (kick failed), 4:26.

Second quarter

H-Ott 7 run (Boland kick), 10:43.

J-Christian 2 run (Stephens-Howling pass from Siciliano), 3:34.

H-Gildea 23 run (Boland kick), 1:00.

Third quarter

H-Ott 9 run (Boland kick), 9:22.

H-Gildea 1 run (kick failed), 2:04.

Fourth quarter

H-Bickley 5 pass from Ott (run failed), 6:10.

H-Ott 2 run (kick failed), 1:05.


RUSHING: Johnstown-Siciliano 17-85, Christian 15-66, Jefferson 1-(-2). Hollida

ysburg-Ott 20-123, Gildea 8-70, Hammond 8-40, Rhodes 6-12, Griffith 1-8.

PASSING: Johnstown-Siciliano 4-11-0-24, Jefferson 0-1-1-0. Hollidaysburg-Ott

11-13-0-96, Hammond 0-1-0-0.

RECEIVING: Johnstown-Jefferson 1-7, Agurs 1-6, Stephens-Howling 2-11.

Hollidaysburg-Gildea 6-67, Hammond 3-17, Pramuk 1-7, Bickley 1-5.

INTERCEPTIONS: Hollidaysburg-Ott.


First downs 12-19

Rushes-yards 33-149-43-253

Passing (comp.-att.-int.) 4-12-1-11-14-96

Yards passing 24-96

Total yards 173-349

Fumbles-lost 3-0-1-0

Penalties-yards 4-18-3-26

Punts-avg. 3-33.7-1-24

11-18-2008, 10:48 PM
WOOOHOOO! You guys are coming to my stadium! I'll be there to see you play!

Name and # I should look for?

Look out... The Seals are TOUGH They ripped us apart. They lost first game to Mt. Carmel, but I think that if they played again, Selinsgrove would demolish them.

11-22-2008, 09:48 PM
The 2008 Season of Hollidaysburg Golden Tiger Football is now in the Books. The Tigers fall 35-10 against Selinsgrove. The team ends the year 10-2.

11-22-2008, 10:49 PM
Carmel won over Penn high school so we are now going to be playing in Lucas Oil Stadium next saturday for the state championship against Center Grove!

12-20-2008, 09:53 AM
Carmel lost to Center Grove on what people are calling the best comeback in Indiana State Champioship history with a 19 point comeback with around 5 minutes left in the game

Carmel QB Morgan Newton was picked as the states Mr. Football

12-20-2008, 10:53 AM
Basketball is upon us now.

Shamokin Area has one of the best teams in PA at class AA. Should be a fun season!

12-20-2008, 11:52 AM
Hollidaysburg's Boys Basketball team is 4-0 and the Girls Basketball team is 3-1. Both teams in action today in the championship of the Golden Tiger Roundball Classic. The Boys team plays Central Cambria and the girls play Altoona.

07-30-2009, 04:01 PM
Thought it would be a good time to bring this thread back to life as Football season now is around the corner.(Almost 1 Month until game 1 in Pennsylvania)

Hollidaysburg Golden Tigers
Conference: Mountain Athletic Football Conference-Seven Mountains Division
Class: AAA
Last Year: 10-2 Lost to Selinsgrove in First Round of PIAA AAA East Regional Quaterfinal 35-10

August 22nd @ Altoona 10:00 AM (Scrimmage)
August 28th Huntingdon 6:00 PM (Scrimmage)
September 4th @ State College
September 11th @ South Western
September 18th @ West Chester Henderson
September 25th Bellefonte
October 2nd @ Indian Valley
October 9th Central Mountain
October 16th Woodrow Wilson (DC)
October 23rd @ Cedar Cliff
October 30th @ Williamsport
November 6th DuBois

We enter the 2009 season as the defending 2008 District 6 AAA Champion having defeated Johnstown 39-14 and won the 2008 Mountain Athletic Football Conference and the Mountain Athletic Football Conference Seven Mountains Division Championship by virtue of our victory last year against DuBois 26-13. This will be the last year we compete in District 6 AAA because like our rivals across town the Altoona Mountain Lions, we will be joining the Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League (AKA: WPIAL) beginning in 2010 pending no hurdles needing to be cleared.

07-30-2009, 04:12 PM
Good luck with your football season man. I had to quit my team. I get chronic migraines and headaches everyday, which pretty much disabled me to play. Best of luck to you 786!

07-30-2009, 10:34 PM
I remember playing High School football. We won 8 games in my 3 years of playing. Great times.

07-30-2009, 10:53 PM
Good luck with your football season man. I had to quit my team. I get chronic migraines and headaches everyday, which pretty much disabled me to play. Best of luck to you 786!

That Sucks. Thanks.

07-30-2009, 11:09 PM
I envy you guys that are still playing. I graduated this year and miss football so much, and i can't believe im saying this but i miss the two-a-days also. Last year we went 6-4 and got screwed in the first game of the year that would have put us at 7-3 and maybe better . The year before that we were 10-0 but lost in the first round of the playoffs.

07-31-2009, 12:43 AM
I envy you guys that are still playing. I graduated this year and miss football so much, and i can't believe im saying this but i miss the two-a-days also. Last year we went 6-4 and got screwed in the first game of the year that would have put us at 7-3 and maybe better . The year before that we were 10-0 but lost in the first round of the playoffs.

I will soon know your pain. I will be a Senior this year.

07-31-2009, 12:50 AM
I will soon know your pain. I will be a Senior this year.

Trust me, enjoy everything and go 100%. You will remember any play or practice where you didn't.

07-31-2009, 09:27 AM
Good luck with your football season man. I had to quit my team. I get chronic migraines and headaches everyday, which pretty much disabled me to play. Best of luck to you 786!

I know how you are feeling, I had to quit because I tore catilage in my wrist and have been in a cast all summer after having surgery on it. I already miss being on my team, the first week of two-a-days start on Monday. Good luck to everyone this season!

07-31-2009, 10:33 AM
September 5th. My Alma Mater and my new school square off in the first game of the season.

Shamokin Area v. Southern Columbia.

It's gonna be the toughest night of my life.

07-31-2009, 11:11 AM
Trust me, enjoy everything and go 100%. You will remember any play or practice where you didn't.

I've been enjoying it.

Monday we officially start our night practices.

09-03-2009, 11:11 PM
Well it's here. Opening Night 2009.

Good Luck to all teams in the season

First Stop for The Hollidaysburg Golden Tigers:State College.

09-04-2009, 10:06 PM
Well it's here. Opening Night 2009.

Good Luck to all teams in the season

First Stop for The Hollidaysburg Golden Tigers:State College.

Wow you guys just started, we have just had our third game. Carmel high is 2-1 and beat Center Grove tonight in a rematch of last years Indiana state championship.

09-05-2009, 09:06 AM
So how did we do Hollidaysburg?

I saw Selinsgrove DESTROY Mount Carmel last night, 41-0. Could have been MUCH uglier. Seals look really good... should win AAA.

No 'us' game for me tonight. My Alma Mater vs. my employer. Should be fun.

09-05-2009, 09:10 AM
The Hollidaysburg Golden Tigers Open up at 0-1. NEXT WEEK: @ South Western
QBs give big boost to State
By Todd Irwin

STATE COLLEGE - Worry about State College star and Penn State recruit Alex Kenney too much, and quarterback Dom Mills will burn you on the option.

Mills and the three other QBs the Little Lions used Friday night in the season opener left Hollidaysburg with second-degree burns.

Kenney got his 120 yards on six carries and had three touchdowns, including two 54-yard runs, but the State College QBs amassed 246 of the the Little Lions' 401 rushing yards and scored three touchdowns in a 57-6 rout of the Golden Tigers at Memorial Field.

"They ran tough. Both of them [Mills and second-stringer Matt Mazzara] did a nice job," State College coach Al Wolski said. "Even the younger kids, when they got in, did a nice job carrying the ball and making some things happen. It was an opportunity to get a lot of people a chance to play.

"We didn't expect it to be this lopsided. We were hoping we would be able to win convincingly. Our younger kids were hungry. You wish sometimes they wouldn't score. We didn't try to run up the score. They just played hard."

The Tigers were opportunistic early after the Lions fumbled on two of their first three plays. They got the ball at the State College 38 after the first fumble, and on third-and-2, QB James Muir scampered 28 yards to the 2. On the next play, Luke Rhodes scored.

Nick Shrift recovered a Bryan Schmidt fumble on the Little Lion 40 on State's next play, but the drive stalled when Muir was sacked on fourth down.

"We thought we could create some turnovers," Hollidaysburg coach John Barton said, "and we thought they would turn it over from what we saw in their scrimmages. We only had six points out of those, and with four turnovers in the first half, you have to come away with more than six."

It was all State College after that. Kenney scored on a 4-yard run with 2:56 left in the first quarter, and Zak Khayat, one of three kickers used by the Little Lions, kicked the extra point.

Mills, who ran for 109 yards in the first half, showed off his running ability on the next series, gaining 32 yards on a 48-yard drive that was helped by a Tiger personal foul. The 6-foot-3, 235-pounder finished off by sneaking in from the 1.

He didn't have to run on the next possession as Kenney took the end around on the first play 54 yards to the end zone, getting a key block receiver Ben Sallade near the Tiger sideline.

"I thought our kids did a lot of good things in the first half, made a couple mistakes," Barton said. "In the second half, we got a little bit worn down, and their playmakers made some plays."

The Lions took a 21-6 lead into the locker room at halftime, but before all the State College band members could get seated from their tribute to the late Michael Jackson, it was 28-6 as Kenney took the end around again 54 yards to the end zone.

"He does a nice job," Wolski said. "The way he runs, it's tough for people to catch him."

After a Schmidt TD, Jeff Moyer picked off a Muir pass and returned it 50 yards for a touchdown to put the mercy rule in effect.

After QB Josh Weakland scored on a 10-yard run, the Lions added a safety when the ball was snapped over Muir's head and he was tackled in the end zone. Maurice Allen, the Lions' fourth QB, finished off the scoring with a 9-yard run with 1:44 left.

"Overall, there were some positives," Barton said, "but there are some things that we need to correct."


Hollidaysburg6 0 0 0 -6

State College7 14 21 15 -57

First Quarter

H-Rhodes 2 run (kick failed), 8:36.

SC-Kenney 4 run (Khayat kick), 2:56.

Second quarter

SC-Mills 1 run (Khayat kick), 10:00.

SC-Kenney 54 run (Khayat kick), 7:32.

Third quarter

SC-Kenney 54 run (Disanto kick), 10:07.

SC-Schmidt 10 run (Disanto kick), 5:33.

SC-Moyer 50 int. return (Disanto kick), 3:45.

Fourth quarter

SC-Weakland 10 run (Nicholson kick), 7:32.

SC-Muir tackled in end zone, 6:32.

SC-Allen 9 run (kick failed), 1:44.


RUSHING: Hollidaysburg-Muir 16-61, Rhodes 12-26, Stern 1-10, Gallagher 1-6, Barton 2-5, Team 1-(-14). State College-Kenney 6-120, Mills 11-109, Mazzara 5-69, Weakland 3-42, Allen 3-26, Schmidt 3-16, Dorner 1-13, Haffner 1-5, Breakall 1-1, Bown 1-0, Albro 1-0.

PASSING: Hollidaysburg-Muir 2-9-1-10; Barton 0-2-0. State College-Mills 2-4-1-44; Mazzara 2-2-0-18.

RECEIVING: Hollidaysburg-Fagans 1-8, Barton 1-2. State College-Sallade 1-41, Schmidt 3-21.

Interceptions: Hollidaysburg-Rentz. State College-Moyer.


First downs6 17

Yards rushing33-94 36-401

Passing (comp.-att.-int)2-11-1 4-6-1

Passing yards10 62

Total yards104 463

Fumbles lost4-1 3-3

Penalties-yards4-30 11-65

Punts-avg.7-29.2 0-0

09-12-2009, 09:37 AM
Hollidaysburg Golden Tigers are 0-2 NEXT WEEK: Next Friday at West Chester Henderson
Tigers go scoreless after half
By Brian Shea, For the Mirror

HANOVER - When Hollidaysburg senior John Muir intercepted a desperation pass by South Western on the final play of the first half Friday night, the Tigers looked poised to take a 14-0 lead into halftime.

But on a rainy night in York County, nothing was for certain.

Muir coughed up the ball trying to return the pick, and South Western's Kyle King scooped up the loose ball on the 15-yard line and scooted in for the touchdown.

The play only cut Hollidaysburg's lead in half, but that was all South Western needed to get the ball rolling toward a 34-14 win.

"The big thing we tried to emphasize was that we felt we had played a really a great first half and we were still in the lead. It was one mistake,'' Tigers coach John Barton said. "We did a couple of dumb things on that drive. If we don't do some of those things, we'll be OK. Eliminate those mistakes, play smart, play confident and let's go out and get it done.''

Halfway through the third quarter, the game was tied. Less than three minutes later, South Western had a lead it wouldn't relinquish as the Tigers headed toward an 0-2 start.

"You get a penalty. You drop passes. Where we needed a spark, we couldn't get that spark from someone or something. That kind of stuff just wears on you, and it came back to bite us,'' Barton said.

The roles had been reversed in the opening two quarters. Muir sprinted 17 yards for a touchdown in the first quarter to cap a 65-yard drive which started when a blitz forced South Western quarterback Ian Smith to fumble. Muir also had a 16-yard run on a key third-down play on that drive.

On the opening drive of the second quarter, South Western muffed the snap on a punt attempt, setting Hollidaysburg up on the Mustang 10-yard line. Three plays later, Luke Rhodes, who finished with 71 yards rushing, bowled through the line for the score. Muir scored the two-point conversion for a 14-0 lead.

Then disaster struck. The two teams traded punts before South Western tried one last drive to score. The Mustangs only gained three positive yards by themselves, but were helped by a pass interference call and a late hit against Hollidaysburg.

That set the scene for King's touchdown. The Tigers could not grab the momentum back in the second half and started to fall victim to big plays by South Western, which scored four times after the break. The home team racked up 231 of its 300 yards of total offense after the half with four plays of 30 yards or more.

Even with the loss, Barton said he would try and keep his players focused on what they accomplished.

"The thing we talk about is, let's see improvement. Winning is what we want, but in the same vein, we want to look at it and see something positive,'' he said. "I think there is improvement. I think we were better than we were a week ago.''


Hollidaysburg6 8 0 0 - 14

South Western0 7 14 13 - 34

First quarter

H-Muir 17 run (kick blocked), 3:22

Second quarter

H-Rhodes 3 run (Muir run), 7:36

SW-King 15 fumble return (Smith kick), 0:00

Third quarter

SW-Mummert 2 run (Smith kick), 6:13

SW-Smith 2 run (Smith kick), 3:51

Fourth quarter

SW-Shipley 52 pass from Smith (Smith kick), 6:07

SW-Sager 40 run (kick failed), 2:13


RUSHING: Hollidaysburg - Rhodes 18-71, Muir 14-51, Barton 2-3, Keefer, 1-1. South Western - Shipley, 7-76, Sager 8-71, Mummert 11-20, McCleary 1-5, Smith 8-0, Myers 1-(-12).

PASSING: Hollidaysburg - Muir 7-20-1-50, Barton 0-1-1-0; South Western - Smith 7-18-2-140.

RECEIVING: Hollidaysburg - Keefer 4-40, Redfoot 1-7, Foreman 1-6, Rhodes, 1-(-3); South Western - Mahorney 2-79, Shipley 3-55, Felton 2-6.

INTERCEPTIONS: Hollidaysburg -Keefer, Muir. South Western - Kyle King.


First downs1011


Passing (comp.-att.-int.)7-21-17-18-2

Yards passing50140

Total yards176300