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Three couples decide to join a local church, an elderly couple, a middle aged couple, and young newly weds. The priest told them that they would be happy to have them, but they had to pass the celibacy test first. " Go home" he said " abstain from sex for two weeks, and come back."
After two weeks had past the three couples came back to see the priest. He asked the elderly couple if they here successful. " Oh yes the '",husband said " no problem at all." The priest welcomed them to the church.
He then turned to the middle aged couple, the wife answered. " Well after a week my husband had to sleep in the other room, but we made it. " The priest welcomed them to the church as well.
The young newly weds looked a little down when he got to them, the husband answer, " Well we went 4 days, and was doing fine until she dropped that can of corn." The priest looked a little confused and asked him to explain. The husband answered, " She dropped the can and when she bent over to pick it up, I just lost all control, and I took her right then and there."
The priest said he was sorry, but that they would be banned from the church. The husband replied. " Thats o.k. sir, we can't go back to that grocery store either.

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I thought you might appreciate this one Mongol.

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Manny Mota.

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