08-27-2008, 11:10 AM
Bill Belichick´s Cheat Sheet
The New England Patriots´ coach made cheating the hot topic of 2007. But why stop at football?

How to cheat on your taxes
Hey, Bill, everyone knows you pull in $4.2 million, so underreporting your income won’t work. Instead, tweak the little things on your tax return. That ex-wife? Report her as a dependent! Your son Stephen? Conveniently ignore his partial lacrosse scholarship to Rutgers! Liquid lunch at Hooters? You were coming up with a scheme for the Dolphins game! It all adds up.

How to cheat in Monopoly
With a reputation like yours, Bill, no one is going to let you be the banker. Go to Hasbro.com, download some PDFs of Monopoly money (they’re there to replace lost or damaged bills), print them in color, and stash ’em in your pocket for that next big rent payment.

How to cheat on your lady
Extra work is a great excuse, so pick one night a week when you have to stay late to study “game film.” Missing, stained, or sex-scented clothes are giveaways, so if you must bone wearing your headset, just get a second one to wear home. But you already knew all that, didn’t you?

How to cheat in World of Warcraft
Want all the WoW glory without putting in any actual effort? Bill, the answer is bots. For 15 to 30 bucks, you can download bots that automatically perform the game’s menial tasks that help you rake in piles of gold and reach a higher level that you don’t really deserve. Sound familiar?

How to cheat death
Changing your diet helps, but the key here is to chill, Bill. Men who respond to stress with high levels of anger are three times more prone to develop premature heart disease! Great friendships have been proven to help people live 4.5 years longer, but let’s quit while we’re ahead.



08-27-2008, 11:51 AM

great post. Love it so much I'm going to forward it to a few patriots* fans in the office.