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11-25-2005, 11:21 AM

Steelers Notebook: Hoke's plunge earns cold cash

Friday, November 25, 2005
By Gerry Dulac, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Perhaps the Steelers will make it a Thanksgiving tradition. Or maybe it will become a ritual for one of the defensive linemen.

But Chris Hoke didn't seem to mind. He is accustomed to water colder than the Monongahela River. And he has an extra $1,000 in his pocket for his stunt.

On a dare from defensive ends Aaron Smith and Kimo von Oelhoffen, Hoke jumped into the Monongahela River yesterday after practice -- uniform and all -- delighting many of his teammates when he walked into the locker room dripping mud and weeds.

"That's Christmas money for me," said Hoke, a backup nose tackle.

When the Steelers finished their morning practice, Hoke walked down the bank of the river that runs alongside their South Side practice facility. After putting his foot in the water to test the temperature, he turned around and fell backward into the Monongahela, like the "Nestea Plunge."

"It didn't feel too bad," Hoke said.

"The water was warm. It was cold when I got out. I'm used to swimming in rivers in California in November and December that are colder than that."

Smith and von Oelhoffen each put up $500, daring Hoke to jump into the river.

"I was sitting in the meeting room and I looked outside and saw how cold it was and I figured I would see what Hokie's price was to go in there," Smith said. "I knew Hokie would do it."

Steelers protect Nua

The Steelers signed rookie defensive end Shaun Nua from their practice squad because the San Francisco 49ers wanted to sign him to their 53-man roster.

Teams can sign a player from another team's practice squad, but only if they put him on the active roster.

The Steelers released tight end Matt Kranchick to make room for Nua, a seventh-round draft choice.

Essex returns to backup role

Lol I love hearing stuff like this. Maybe they'll start doing this to new DL starters. or new DL players. I love the Steelers DL, I think they're one of the best in the business, and they're definately my favorite section o the Snteelers roster right ofw.

You know the Steelers draft well when someone's going after your Rookie 7th round pick. I'm sure there are players out on other peoples PS that have 1-2 years experiance and to know people are gunning for our 7th round rookie makes me very excited about our Steelers future.

There's also a little bit on there about Essex's first start, and how Charlie's progressing faster than expected. He could be the Number 2 QB against Cincy, which I would love to see. I hate having this chance that Maddox will play against in a Steelers Uniform.

Nothing really earthshaking in the news department, I just thought I''d share it with you...