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09-07-2008, 08:28 PM
As it is presidential campaign season and the election is less than two months away, naturally there have been an influx of threads debating the merits and strengths and weaknesses of the candidates. This in itself is all well and good, but as folks tend to be passionate and strongly opinionated about this subject, we have noticed a marked increase in attacks on posters as opposed to ideas represented by individual posts themselves. At this time, we'd like to remind folks of the general Code of Conduct (http://forums.steelersfever.com/showthread.php?t=354)rules towards inflammatory posts:

1. Do not post topics or replies containing:

-Flames directed towards other users (possible temporary ban).

This rule will be very strictly enforced with these threads as election time draws closer with a "two-strike" rule - one strike for breaking this rule earns an official warning, a second strike earns a temporary 30-day ban. At this time, we ask that disagreements in the political threads not be carried over into the other forums.

As we want to avoid closing threads for getting out of hand, we'd like to ask for everybody participating in these political threads for their help in keeping these threads full of civil debate and not letting them devolve into "flamethrowing matches" between members. We would also ask that if you wish to post a topic where there is already an existing thread on the subject matter of your topic, that you not post a separate thread, as this congests the Locker Room forum and causes members who are not interested in discussing political topics to have to scroll through a number of threads to get to their topic of interest, which really isn't fair to them. Thank you.


Steelers Fever Management Team