View Full Version : Steelers VS eagles poem codename: nothing else matters

09-17-2008, 04:09 PM
there was a time in 1943
a merging of the two
existed for a war reason
they were known as
the Steagles for
that shortened season

but make no mistake about it
no merging this Sunday
it's all about who is
the best football team
in PA

45Win 27Loss and ties three
so obviously the Eagles
hold the edge in
head to head history

but with no SB wins for them
I will take our 5 trophies
over the latter
because in the end
does anything else matter?

a good test for the Steelers
against a team coming
off a close loss to the cowboys
they'll be hungry we'll be hungry
the winner will be the team
that better keeps its poise

Deshea will be back
good because McNabb
can throw it
and he can scramble too
in case you didn't know it

so maintain the lanes
and mix in the blitz
thats what makes sense
when talking about what to do
on defense

their a blitzing team
but better this year
at stopping the run
so the Steelers
might need to pass
to get this game won

A Sunday evening game
we are in for a fight
but to be the best
you have to beat the best

So lets back our team up !
with the LARGEST group of fans
it's the Steeler Nation !
if football =d economists
we would be inflation

so now i end with
a oh hell yeah
and a here here we go
it's slashsteel
approving this message
if u
didn't f-in know