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09-17-2008, 05:33 PM
Forget Browns angst: Go with Steelers

By Patrick McManamon
Beacon Journal sports columnist

Published on Tuesday, Sep 16, 2008

Adopt the Steelers.

Embrace them. Mentally, at least. Bring them into the family and accept them and deal with them as part of your life.

Because the Browns have not given anyone a reason to embrace them, not since their return in 1999.

The Browns have had two good seasons. They reached the playoffs once, then a month later they blew up the team and that was the end of that.

Last season, the Browns went 10-6 and raised hopes for this year. Contract extensions were given out like Halloween candy.

Now, self-adoring ''stars,'' injuries, poor play, lack of depth and some downright inexplicable in-game decisions have the Browns losers of two games in a row at home.

This team that wanted to be an elite team?

It got embarrassed, twice, and showed an amazingly shallow recognition of some fundamental facts.

Let's consider one play and yes, there are many from which to pick and that's the fake onside/bloop kickoff following the field goal that made the deficit Sunday night against the Steelers 10-6.

The Browns did not line up properly. League rules call for at least four guys on each side of the ball. It's a safety thing.

The Browns didn't have the correct number.

This had to be something they practiced, prepared and planned on using.

Which means they didn't line up right through their preparations.

The Steelers, meanwhile, showed a clear understanding of the rules. When the Steelers saw the bloop kick, they signaled for a fair catch, a smart play that takes away the possibility of the kickoff team blowing up the receiver and recovering a fumble.

Adopt the Steelers.

Make them . . . ahem . . . ummm . . . yours? Heck, they do play the game the way the team in Cleveland played it a decade or two or three ago.

Just adopt the Steelers. It will eliminate all this angst about personnel and coaching decisions.
We always hear that teams lose as a team. Well, the Browns have lost twice as a team. The decisions were odd. There were stupid penalties. The secondary is bereft, as is receiving depth. (The Steelers bring in Santonio Holmes, the Browns, Syndric Steptoe). The offensive line has not played up to last season's standard. The quarterback is uncertain. And the (alleged) standout wide receiver is too busy hosting celebrities and driving 120 mph to catch passes.

Enough of trying to push this rock up the hill. The Browns simply have not given anyone from the guy watching TV in the living room to the people paying for all those club seats anything on which to hang their hats.

It's time to adopt a team that plays hard, plays well and plays smart. A team that competes and understands the league and conducts itself like a real NFL team.

Adopt the Steelers.


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