View Full Version : RAVENS monday night 9/29

09-22-2008, 08:26 AM
Okay, IMO.. first BIG tailgating game of the year.... (well, first one I've been too.. and a division rival)

I'll be in Blue 7G... getting there when the lots open, which should be 3:30 PM.. (5 hours before game time)

Will be bringing my Steelers Fan Van.

I know Stlrs4Life on here will likely be in Blue7F right across the street. Stop by & say hi, I"ll be in a White Farrior Jersey. Or if you want to hang out & chip in for food or beer, or bring something, PM me.. I am imagining Stlrs4Life is doing the same...


09-23-2008, 02:45 PM
Yeah we will be doing the same. I'll have to remember and to stop by.