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09-30-2008, 01:22 AM
1:04 left in the 4th quarter, Ravens on their final drive of the game...and bam my power goes out for two hours.

Just thought I'd see what some of your all's worst power outages have been. This was certainly the most infuriating, but I can remember being around 8 years old, at home with my brother (11) and sister (15), and seeing a tornado a quarter of a mile away and then our power going completely dark. Certainly the most frightening!

Thankfully we won tonight, or else I would've been very suspicious (I immediately took my Roethlisberger jersey off for fear it was an omen :tt02:)

Share your worst power outages!

10-01-2008, 02:31 AM
Share your worst power outages!

The night before Thanksgiving, 1996. In Spokane, there was what will ever after be known as THE Ice Storm. Up here, a scant 1,500 feet higher, it started snowing. Well, to be perfectly honest with you, it had started snowing on November 15th, and hadn't let up for a week and a half. But we were all managing; no power outages.

And then, the night before Thanksgiving, while Spokane was getting covered in ice four inches thick, it started snowing. And not just "snowing-snowing," but REALLY snowing. I mean, flakes that were two inches in diameter, so thick you couldn't see 15 feet in front of you.

Well, I was getting ready for a family get-together the next day. I was in the shower, my hair all soaped up, when the power went out. I had exactly enough water left to rinse my hair, and then I had to stumble around in the dark and find candles and flashlights and whatnot.

We got 3 feet of snow in that one snow storm. The whole town was without power for 24 hours; some people (like my parents, who live even higher in the hills) were without power for almost a week. I got my power back about 36 hours after it went out. No heat, that whole time, either, as the house I was renting had baseboards and an electric-powered oil heater. It was FREEZING.

The house had two huge picture windows (one in the front and one in the back), and I couldn't see out of either one by the time it finally stopped snowing and started raining sometime in March. We got almost 6 feet of snow that winter; the piles where it got plowed up were ENORMOUS.

This last winter was almost as bad, but we never did lose power from the snow.