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10-01-2008, 09:37 PM
So far the steelers have played 3 tough, taxing, physical games, and one blowout against the waning Houston Texans.

Game One showed us the Steelers DO have a running game, and a strong one at that. The line showed us it has some promise as far as the running game. Ben was right back in Pro Bowl form from the season prior.

Game Two began the exposure of Bruce Arians and his inability to adapt his offensive scheme. The steelers won, but it was an arduous task. You can blame the elements, but the next two games show us the the offensive ineptitude against the Browns was more about offensive scheming than anything else. The defense showed that it is truly elite, shutting down the Browns and allowing 10 points to win it. The resurgence of Troy Polamalu as an impact player was becoming evident at this point.

Game Three brought the Steelers their first loss in the form of a backhand across the face. Ben Roethlisberger's face, to be exact. The O-line and offensive coaching both proved that they can't cope with pressure and begin to wilt after making a few mistakes in a row. Ben was rattled, and I don't blame him. As grotesque as a month old Primanti's sand which, the offensive side of the ball was completely unable to come up with an answer throughout the entire game. At that point, Ben going in the no-huddle wouldn't have helped as he had no focus other than saving himself, and rightfully so. Again, the defense kept the game close, and again proved it has a place among the top 5 in the league.

Game Four was as taxing to watch as it was for the players to participate in. The absence of multiple pro bowl players on both sides of the ball made it easy to predict doom for the Pittsburgh Steelers. By halftime, the ineptitude of the offense caused the fans to boo and Big Ben to scream at his teammates in extreme frustration. The defense wasn't holding like it should, but it was stopping the run.
Come the second half, the talent on the offensive side of the ball finally showed through. Santonio and Ben had big halves. NO sacks and I think that can be directly attributed to Ben calling his own plays and going the no huddle. I truly believe Ben has a better feel for the calls needed to counter any said defense than his coordinator. Woodley and Harrison ARE the best lb tandem in the league, and again prove it with sacks and a defensive touchdown. Simmons goes yet his replacement could be an upgrade. Jeff Reed, as he has many times before, proves his is clutch and probably the best in the league.
The steelers brush off 2-2.

Game Five. I can see our defense having trouble here. The large, physical prowess of the Jaguar's receivers may give our CBs trouble, particularly Deshea Townsend if he is starting over McFadden. Their run game shouldn't be much of a threat, but I can see short passes and slants, high passes out of the reach of our receivers, may prove a problem. If Gerrard gets in a rhythm, we have to match it offensively or its game over. Gerrard will scramble for big gains on a few broken plays. Expect another big game from Woodley.
On the offensive side of the ball, I expect trouble. This patchwork offensive line may prove to be better, but it may prove to be even worse. The Jaguars aren't an exclusively blitzing team, but if it is shown that the O-Line can't stop it, they will come.
Mewelde Moore and Najeh Davenport aren't starters on any team barring injury, don't expect much out of either of them. Moore will be more productive in our passing game than he will be in our running game, expect to see some passes to him to avoid the blitz, especially if Ben goes no-huddle and begins calling his own plays.

My prediction -
21-17 Steelers
Ben gets sacked a few times, but the no huddle proves effective as Ben uses his feet elude the rush and hit Hines for key 1st downs and Santonio for a deep bomb. Gerrard has 2 TD and an int.

10-01-2008, 09:47 PM
Their run game shouldn't be much of a threat, ...

Their run game has always been THE threat. Fred Taylor has figured out how to read the gaps in the DL 3-4 and he taught Maurice Jones Drew. The difference for them however will be the speed of our LB's now. We are a lot faster there so the cutbacks will have to be faster.

10-01-2008, 09:50 PM
Traditionally, yes. It seems though that they have lost a great deal of their run-blocking ability with the injuries of a few starters on their line. That along with the better LB corps of the Steelers than recent years, should limit their run game. They will still run, probably average 2.5-3 yards per carry, but I think we should be more worried about their receivers and Gerrard.

The Duke
10-01-2008, 10:01 PM
Simmons goes yet his replacement could be an upgrade.

I keep hearing this, yet I doubt it's true

if Ben goes no-huddle and begins calling his own plays.

the no huddle is imo the key for the offense to win the game. that was the difference maker against the ravens

I actually expect the jags to run it, a lot. the D line made of backups and smith seems solid so far, but taylor and MJD could exploit them. hope I'm wrong though

10-01-2008, 10:12 PM
well the running game for the jags hasn't rly been there all yr....

Galax Steeler
10-02-2008, 03:27 AM
well the running game for the jags hasn't rly been there all yr....

I hope they don't start this week with a good running game.

Blonde Bomber
10-02-2008, 06:00 AM
I believe this game can be won a lot easier with Ben calling the plays. Let Arians script his first series or so, and then let Ben take over.

I definitely think passing over the middle, right behind the linebackers will force them off of our run game, and open Holmes up deeper. I say send Miller, and Moore over the middle early and often in both halfs, let them worry about the 5 to 6 yard passes, then run, then go deep.

Football was great to watch when Bradshaw, Tarkenton, Staubach, The Snake, Plunkett, Griese, and even dumb dumb Jaworski were calling their own plays, and I don't see why Ben can't do the same thing.

Steelers 34 Jags 20 :tt03:

10-02-2008, 10:09 AM
No matter if they struggle or not the Jags will run the ball, its their style of play.
The no huddle works and is the key to success becuase the plays are Ben's, him and Arians wrote them out and he can make those plays in and out.
Ben can short passed and screens which will open the deep ball and the run play will as well.

10-02-2008, 03:38 PM
the jags can run all they want.. but it should be hopeless.. w/o the main part of there interior line it's very hard to run the ball effectivily

steel striker
10-03-2008, 06:34 PM
The other point about the jags so far this year is they have not been playing that well. It took OT to beat the texans and, we beat the texans by a bunch. I know are oline has been bad but, with the no huddle we have a chance. Plus are defense is playing pretty well.

10-03-2008, 06:51 PM
If the D can force turn overs (which I think they can) this could turn out to be a cake walk. We need to score early hopefully on our first series.

I agree with the no huddle approach as well. I'm just not all that impressed with the Jags this year, but on the other hand they allways play us tough. The key will be defence and giving Ben time to make his reads.