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10-03-2008, 08:51 PM
troysbaddog reminded me of another condom joke...here goes.

A hillbilly from back in the woods had been married to his wife for 15 years. They had managed to have 15 children. The wife tired of taking care of all these children and read up on condoms.

She tells her husband "you better take your behind to town and get you some condoms, or we aint gonna do it no more, I'm tired of having all these youngens"

So the hillbilly gets in his truck and takes off to town. He stops a a store where a lady was working behind the counter. He says "I need to get me some condoms, do yaw have any"? The lady say's sure, but what size do you need? The hillbilly replies "well I don't rightly know, I never put one on before".

The lady says "ok you go around back, theres a fence there with 3 holes in it, you put it in each hole and tell me which one fits the best" The hillbilly say "well, allright then"

He goes around back to the first hole, were the clerk had secretly slipped out the back door and was waiting. He goes into the first hole, and she starts to give a little (lets say oral pleasure). He goes to the 2nd hole, same thing happens, then the 3rd hole, again the same thing.

So the man walks back inside, meanwhile the clerk had rushed back in. The clerk asks, "well what size fits the best"

The hillbilly replies "to hell with them condoms, tell me were I can buy about 100 yards of that fence"!!!!!

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I'll take 200 yards