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10-10-2008, 03:54 AM
OK Im in a 12 team standard scoring league:

My record is currently that of the Chiefs....last week I lost due to Hixon being tackled on the 1yrd line and my opposition having Jacobs run the ball in for the score....lost by 10!

So here is my team:
Jake Delhomme
Ryan Grant
Deuce McCallister
Braylon Edwards
Devery Henderson
Calvin Johnson
Tony Scheffler
John Casey

JT O'Sullivan
Chris Johnson
Brian Westbrook
Tony Gonzalez

I offered Braylon Edwards, Deuce McCallister and Tony Scheffler for Santana Moss this was rejected then the offer I received was

Santana Moss + Michael Pittman
Braylon Edwards + Chris Johnson + Tony Scheffler

Could really do with some advise, at the moment Im thinking of doing it as I will normally start Westbrook and Grant (hoping he will improve)

Thanks for any help!

Lock Down
10-12-2008, 04:25 AM
Hi leon, it's two days since you posted the thread, wandering whether or not you made the trade?

I would probably reject the trade in hope Edwards starts catching a few balls & Johnson continues to make big plays.

Johnson has obviously done well so far & should continue to do well as Titans are commited to the run (White takes a few TD's away from Johnson but he has still put up considerably nice numbers) & with Westbrook being banged up a bit at the moment & Grant isn't at the same level as last season at this stage in the season, the third option in Johnson might prove very valuable.

Whatever move you made i hope it turns in your favour, i have both Edwards & Johnson so how they fair will certainly play a factor in determining my fortunes in fantasy this season.

10-13-2008, 09:20 AM
I decided to turn down the trade as I felt that Pittman wouldnt bring enough fantasy value in place of Johnson.

I am going to try and trade up for a good QB with some of my players but I doubt I will achieve anything with this team, we drafted way too early.....just before the pre-season, with Grant banged up for most of it I wouldnt have touched him at all!

Good luck with yours