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Hammer Of The GODS
10-22-2008, 07:01 PM
It's clear that there is a division amongst the American public as to who should be the leader of the "free" world. I hold NO allegience to any party. I believe they are equally corrupt and only really look out for themselves and each other. The only prez to serve in my lifetime that I have any respect for was President Reagan. And even he had his faults ie the "failed drug war". My point is I am not left or right. What I am, is a concerned American that is really worried about the financial future and safety of this country. This thread is directed to anyone undecided or even more so those who I feel are ignoring the obvious warning signs and voting democratic(obama). The eagerness to dismiss all the "shady" things about obama are dumbfounding to say the least. This is not an attack, it's merely an attempt to share my doubt about two issues that are VITAL to our future. Economy and Safety!

Please do not post the typical pot shots that seem to come when any intelligent post differs from the left. The following ARE legitimate concerns so please post legitimate responses. And please do not post the same old rhetoric and spin that we are accustomed to from politicians. Respond as an American who has to live with the descisions the politicians make.

MOTIVATION..........( Economy )

obama wants to "spread the wealth" by uber taxing those who make 250k or more. The dems arguement is that it doesn't effect the middle class. Who the hell employs the middle class? That's right, the people making 250k or more. Where is the "motivation" to strive for that bussiness of your own or to go that extra mile in order to live the American dream? Once you get there you will be taxed aggressively to "spread the wealth" to those who know they don't need to put any effort towards the money they are GIVEN! Honestly, would you put in 10 hours of overtime just to have it given to the slob who watches tv all day? This policy ENABLES lazyness! Neccesity is the mother of invention right? Well where is the "motivation" to invent the next big thing when any profit gained will be taken away to give to those who don't NEED to be motivated because they are sucking on Uncle Sams teet!? THIS POLICY IS A TROJAN HORSE PEOPLE! The ramifications to "spreading the wealth" are monumental. Think about it.

SACRIFICE........( Safety )

Biden himself has said that there will be an attept to test the obama administration and that the decisions made by obama will "seem" like the wrong ones. 9/11 was a sobering moment in our history. We are at war with unconventional people who use unconventional tactics. The attack can happen anywhere at anytime. WHY WOULD YOU KNOWINGLY ELECT AN ADMINISTRATION THAT ADMITS THE ATTACK IS COMING AND THEY ARE ILL-EQUIPED TO HANDLE IT PROPERLY? You dismiss Bidens comments now, but someone somewhere will be grieving over the "sacrifice" of thier loved ones in that attempt to "test" obama. Are you willing to "sacrifice" a loved one? Will you be able to live with the "sacrifice" that others pay for your decision on Nov. 4th? We live day to day in regards to an attack, it can come from anywhere at anytime. Why place a vote that ensures an attack? Spin it if it allows you to sleep at night , but the chances of an attack against an inexperienced administration with a track record of waffleing are far greater than one against a guy who looked death and torture in the eye and said FA Q! The potential "sacrifice" is too great to ignore.

So there it is, two BIG concerns that should have everybody questioning obama and his motives. But somehow they are ignored and written off as GOP rhetoric when they are actually real concerns. WHY? If its party line then no intelligent arguemet can be made. If its a vote because the republicans are responsible for the nations problems so lets vote the other side, well thats just naive. LOOK at the issues at hand, the shady side of obama has been illuminated so don't shade your eyes with a blindfold.

Again I'm not left or right and I certainly don't agree with all the things republicans stand for ( like banning stem cell research ) but in this election there is too much at stake to place a vote for anyone but McCain. Maybe he can't fix all our problems but I'm confident he won't compound them because of inexperience and softness.