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11-09-2008, 12:57 PM
Camp "Ruff & Tuff" Tomlin

Well,well,well. lookie what we got here. Let me tell you somethin ladies.
You get your butts off that bench and git out there and give me some work!
This is Camp Tomlin and let me tell you somthin there boy. We aint time for sleepin, we aint time for eattin. We got time for work! At Camp Tomlin we gonna be workin Ruf, we gonna be workin Tuff. Cause I aint your Mamma, I surely aint your Daddy and you're gonna give more than you ever gave in life. You wanna be a champion?
Oh you wanna be a champion? Let me tell you somethin. You gotta work! You gotta work hard and you're gonna work harder that ever. Gimme some sweat. Gimme some sweat. COME ON!

Workin harder everyday. Running drills and learning plays. My feet are burnin, churnin and its hot outside. Put my body to the test. My body's bangin,:banging: bangin. I aint cryin. I feel like dyin, but only the strong survive. When the sweat is pourin down. So much sweat that you could drown. I push it harder and hotter. I gotta melt the steel inside. When I'm feelin beaten down. I pick myself up off the ground. I aint spittin, trippin. I'm talkin Steeler pride.

Steeler fans are everywhere. Anticipation in the air. Waitin, hopin, prayin, to see the champion that I will be. Reporters all around me stare. Tell us , tell us Casey. how you doin, how you feelin. I cannot tell a lie.

Camp Tomin's Tuff! So Tuff!
We like it Ruff! So Ruff!

Terrible Towels up in the air. :tt03:Swingem high like you don't care. Steeler fans surround me. Black and Gold is all that i can see. We are here we are the best. The best at giving one thing. DETERMINATION as a Steeler Nation. We fight we do or die! Hold those towels up in the air. :tt02:Swingem high like you don't care. If you believe in Pittsburgh, give me a Pittsburgh YOI! Now its time to play our game. We work that way. Morning, noon, night and day. When I heard somebody say.

Camp Tomlin's Tuff! So Tuff!
We like it Ruff! So Ruff!


Big Ben! Yeah? Hows it gonna be? Ruff & Tuff.
Hey Pittsburgh! Yeah? How we gonna be? RUFF & TUFF!

Written by Mark Gibson
Performed by Moonlite37
Copyright 2008 Mark Gibson